How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Naturally

by Trevor

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Naturally

how to get rid of anxiety naturallyThe psychiatric professionals are overlooking something very simple and obvious when it comes to how to get rid of anxiety naturally.

I say that with all humility, because I was, for the best part of four decades, a psychiatric professional.

Anxiety states, along with its companions on a spectrum of distress, ranging from mild worry to severe depression, are supposed to be complex and difficult to treat.

But, what if there were something very simple at the heart of all of these?

Let’s take a bird’s eye view of life for a moment and hopefully you’ll see what I mean as we zoom in.

If you’re feeling anxious or worried about something, there are only two elements that could possibly change that would make any difference, or so it would seem.

Either the situation in the outside world somehow goes away or you somehow change the way you perceive matters so that whatever it is doesn’t matter any more.

In a nutshell: Either the world changes or you change.

how to get rid of anxiety naturallySince, in most cases, the world won’t bend to your will, psychologists and psychiatrists have turned their attention to finding ways to enable change to take place within you.

That seems logical, and even sufferers mostly agree that the problem with their uncomfortable thoughts is coming from within them.

In fact, most of us would probably say that, even if we weren’t diagnosed with some kind of anxiety disorder.

However, the truth is that we only pay lip service to that acknowledgement.

Because we still go about our business declaring that he or she makes me feel bad, that certain situations are scary – and so on.

We still live in a world view that is based upon the notion that the outside world impinges on me and “causes” a reaction of some kind within me.

We even have our own rationale, justifying our anxious thinking with phrases such as, “I can’t help it,” so that everyone understands that you have no choice.

Well, instead of combating that, (which is what most psychotherapies attempt to do – all with the best of intentions, it must be said), suppose we start from a premise of agreeing.

You can’t help it.  So what?

Suddenly, you don’t have to fight it either!

Too simple?

Hear me out.

Let’s stick with our bird’s eye view for a moment.

Never mind anxiety, where does any experience come from?

If you go to see a movie, you know that whatever’s happening on the screen is no actual threat to you, yet you can still get so caught up in the action that you can laugh, cry, scream in terror … a whole host of emotions can be evoked.  What’s more, if it’s a good movie, you’ll even say you enjoyed the experience!

What if all of life is like that?

What if you just got so caught up in your thoughts that you started to believe they were actually showing you reality?

Let’s test the theory that our thoughts show us reality.

We could begin with a movie.  So you go to see a movie with a friend.  You love it, your friend hated it.  Same movie and you both saw and heard the exact same scenes.

Okay, you say, that’s just opinion.

All right. 

Let’s test it with anxiety itself.

how to get rid of anxiety naturallyHave you ever noticed that your anxious thoughts wax and wane like the phases of the Moon?  Where do they go when you’re enjoying yourself or lost in concentration?

Aren’t some days better than others?  What’s changing?

Suppose that thoughts are no more than waves on the ocean.  If I asked you to describe the ocean to me and you proceed to tell me about a single wave, by the time I get there to check it for myself your description won’t make any sense!  That’s because waves come and go, but the ocean is constant.

Or we could talk about clouds in the sky.  Have you ever been out on a hot day, enjoying basking in the sunshine when out of nowhere a cloud floats across the face of the sun.  The temperature drops, light fades, shadows evaporate.

But you look up at the sky and you can see the cloud will only obscure the sun for a couple of minutes.  It will pass – and you know with absolute certainty that the sun will appear once again.

In fact, even on the cloudiest of days you know the sun is still there.  You just may not see or feel it today.  In fact, if you live in the UK as I do, you may not see it for weeks at a time!

But it’s still there!

The bright, warm sun is, if you like, the basic and natural state of the weather.  The deep, salty, wet water is the natural state of the ocean.

And happiness is the natural state of YOU.

You can’t help it.  You can’t help that any more than you can help gravity keeping you from floating around!

You were born that way, I guarantee it, and I don’t care what your genetic inheritance is or what’s happened to you in the past.

You have never seen an unhappy newborn baby – of any species!

Babies aren’t self conscious or anxious.  They simply get on with whatever there is, playing with their toes, crying if they’re uncomfortable, sleeping when they feel like it.

All that happens is that, as we grow, we become aware of awareness and we can detect thoughts.  And as people begin explaining and naming things and laying down all sorts of rules, we begin to construct a model inside our heads of how the world works and where we fit into it.

The problem is that nobody will give you a definitive model of how the world works and no one – not even you – really knows how you fit into anything.

(Which is nothing to worry about because none of us knows!)

But it’s here that we start to believe some thoughts and disregard or even reject others.  We start forming opinions about ourselves, telling ourselves, (based on what we’re learning), that we’re good, worthy, loveable … or not.

And so anxiety, for all the reasons I’ve just given, is born.

But here’s the kicker:

Leave those anxious thoughts alone and the “sun” of your innate happiness will reappear.  Instead of looking at the cloud and concluding that it means rain will always fall on your parade, you can merely wait for it to pass.

It’s no more valid than any other thought!  And some of those will be funny thoughts, sexy thoughts, creative thoughts … and so on.

So you’re asking – or at least expecting the answer to the question – just how do I get rid of anxiety naturally?

And the answer is: the question doesn’t even make sense because there’s nothing you need to get rid of!  There’s a perfect YOU having some anxious thoughts now and then.

Just as sometimes there’s a perfectly calm ocean having some big storm waves on the surface sometimes.

Or just as there’s a clear blue sky with a bright yellow sun that has a few clouds in it now and then.

All of which is perfectly okay.

Stop trying to change your thoughts and anxious feelings and they will dissolve all by themselves.

There’s no therapy here.  None is required because all you need to know is that you can walk away from anxious thoughts as easily as you can wait for the sun to come out from behind a cloud.

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