Attention Self Doubters: Are You Sick & Tired Of Always Taking The Back Seat In Life?
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Is Self Doubt Crippling Your Life?
“… astounding [how] Trevor was able to transform my state …” - Dr. Meenal Galal
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Confidence Is SEXY! Want Some?
Feel Your Confidence Grow From The Moment You Put This System Into Action
Discover How To Think & Feel Like The Top 10% Of High Achievers
Gentle Hypnosis Sessions (Included) To Bypass Conscious Resistance To Change
Get Yourself A Helping Of Bold, Sexy, Assertive Self Confidence Today With This Unique System
Dear Friend,

Yes, it’s true. Confidence is sexy!

Bring to mind the last time you were in the presence of a self confident person and you’ll immediately get my point.
Confident people get their own way more often. They’re the ones who can light up a room just by walking in.

They get the hot dates, the best jobs … life seems to have a way of delivering the breaks and the opportunities right into their laps too.

But what if your confidence has taken some serious knocks? (As mine did through a painful breakup.)

Suppose you feel you weren’t dealt a good hand when it comes to the confidence suit? Being a wallflower is sort of your “thing.”

Except, it’s beginning to hurt, right? Other people always seem to get what you want and you’re the one who graciously caves in … and then goes home and cries yourself to sleep.

(I’m a man, but I did that on a few occasions - I don’t mind admitting that now.)

Of course, you won’t always get your own way. That would be dull in any case.

But knowing that you have a reserve tank of self-esteem is enough sometimes. You can walk away with dignity if need be.

This isn’t arrogance. Oh no.

We’re talking about feeling good about who you are - knowing that you matter - always.

My name is Trevor Emdon and with my years of experience as a psychotherapist and NLP practitioner, these days I help people like you overcome crippling self doubt and low self esteem - instantly.

(Of course, I had to help myself first - so I’ve done all the hard grind for you!)

I’ve carefully crafted a self help program that rapidly transforms self doubt into poised and permanent confidence. Because it’s so fast, I nicknamed it my “Esteem Engine.”

Here's Exactly What I've Put Inside
  • 32 page ebook to walk you step by step through the process.

    Leaves you clear and in no doubt about how to install ASTONISHING SELF CONFIDENCE almost immediately & shows you exactly why you got stuck where you are - so you never need to go there again!
  • Not one but 2 gentle yet powerful hypnosis audios (mp3) - The first fully engages your subconscious mind to install powerful new beliefs about your level of confidence...
  • The second takes you on a journey to eliminate old self-sabotaging beliefs and any negative thought patterns to ensure you never repeat the painful mistakes of your past!
  • RESULT? A new, sexy, confident you to boldly stride into a brand new future ... a future YOU desire and feel utterly IN COMMAND of!
3 Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I’m Saying
confident woman w balloons
Reason One: The “Esteem Engine” system is based on NLP...
... which has been used by millions since its beginnings in the 1970s to help with confidence issues. Celebrities such as Cheryl (Fernandez-Versini previously Cole, previously Tweedy), used NLP to rebuild her confidence after her marriage broke down and she was dropped as an X Factor judge.

And the supermodel Abbey Clancy used hypnosis, (on which NLP is based), to help her overcome nerves when she entered the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” contest in 2013. She went on to win the contest.
Reason Two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 100% Guarantee.
(You’ll be stunned when I reveal the full details in a few moments). For the moment, let’s just say I’ve made it so you can’t fail or lose.
people silhouettes under colourful umbrella
Reason Three: I have an arsenal of testimonials from satisfied clients
... who were able to do everything from restore trust in their relationships to building businesses they’d hardly dare even dream of before meeting me.

By the way, these are NOT made up. Every single one of them - and plenty more like them - are on file at my office.
My “Esteem Engine” system reveals how you can be assertive without being pushy, get your own way more often and still be liked and respected for who you are.
Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside...

A simple “life hack” that will put you in the top 10% of achievers
You'll discover how easily you can begin thinking, feeling and acting like a true success!

Never Repeat The Mistakes Of The Past
A powerful strategy ensures you will never repeat the self sabotaging patterns of the past … including the ones that have kept you trapped and stuck for years.

A fun way to eliminate old limiting beliefs...
... and adopt empowering new ones. (Your limiting beliefs are what’s keeping you down right now … and you’ll finally be free of them!)

Never Let Life Overwhelm You Again...
Discover how to achieve peace of mind in ten seconds flat! (No matter WHAT’s happening in your life or even the world!)
In addition to the complete “Esteem Engine System” and the empowering, life-altering confidence it will bring you you’re also going to receive …
These 2 Special Bonus Gifts…
Mind Sweeper
mind sweeper 3D ecover-S
Inside this unusual book are 100 “thought tweaks” designed to shift your perspective, so whenever you feel down or have the blues, or just for fun, you can open up “Mind Sweeper” and get a completely new take on life.
How To Trust Everything Will Be Alright
No matter if you’re religious or atheist or somewhere in between, we all need something to hold onto when life gets rough.

This is for those times - and it’s the perfect complement to “Esteem Engine” because it’s at those times especially that our confidence can take a knock.
Listen To What Some Of My Clients Have To Say …
“Whenever you’ve touched my life I’ve felt inspired… Thank you so much for this, Trevor”
Lyn SaundersNurse manager
Trevor knows his stuff ... He introduced me to many new & powerful ways to achieve anything I want in my life.
Dave CriddleFitness Trainer
Trevor says … it’s only when we feel better about ourselves that change can happen. It’s hard to resolve a conflict when we feel angry, for example. This was a real light bulb for me, but it was just the beginning
Nelly OdessaBest selling author & success coach
I had a session with Trevor which was astounding in the manner in which he was able to transform not just my state, but also to allow me to take the role of the observer and understand how certain thoughts were causing me to 'spin out'. This insight allowed me to look objectively instead of being at the mercy of my thinking ... Thank you Trevor, you do amazing work!
Dr. Meenal GalalAccident & Emergency Doctor
By Now You’re Probably Wondering, “How Much Does This Cost?”
A qualified hypnotherapist, (which I am), is going to charge you around $100 a session, and you can expect to spend some time raking over your past and to book a handful of visits - typically 4 to 6.
Trevor Emdon - International Success Coach
So let’s say - conservatively - you could expect to pay around $500 - not to mention the time investment you’ll need to make over several weeks. Plus, you have to overcome any embarrassment about exposing elements of your past you’d prefer not to disclose or discuss.

My “Esteem Engine System” not only has none of those inconveniences, but I have a BIG savings for you.

If I were to price my “Esteem Engine System” at $197 - less than half a typical hypnotherapist’s cost - I’m sure you’d agree that would be outstanding value.

But today you can pick up the entire program for just $97.

For a limited time, I’m offering “Esteem Engine” along with all bonuses for just $47 - but I won’t keep it at this price for long, so order now.
Get The Esteem Engine System Now for $97 Just $47
Secure Your Copy of The Esteem Engine System and Finally Take Control of Your Life …
One-Time Only Payment
Remember, You Have No Risk With My “Try On My Dime 60 Day-PLUS” Guarantee
Try The Esteem Engine System for 60-Days (Or MORE) Risk Free. Here's The Deal...

Here’s why I’m willing to offer you my “Esteem Engine System” at absolutely no risk to you…

Take the “Esteem Engine System.” Unpack it, take your time to go through the book and listen to the audios. (I tell you when to listen to each one in the book).

Read through the bonuses … let the material sink in.

Although it’s designed to give you the benefit of sexy, empowering inner confidence from the very first run through, repeated readings and listenings can reinforce new patterns of thinking and behaving as well as deepen your understanding of changes taking place within you.

Try it for 60 days - two full months.

If you can honestly say that you experienced no positive change at all by then, of course I don’t want to take your money. Simply drop me an email with your receipt number and you’ll get a prompt, courteous, no quibble refund.

In fact, I have such confidence in the powerful processes I’ve included inside the “Esteem Engine System” I’ll even give you an extension for A FURTHER 10 MONTHS. (This is the “+” part).

Here’s How It Works…

Keep “Esteem Engine” and go through the system as I’ve laid it out. If you can look me in the eye and tell me honestly that you tried the program and it made no difference to your feelings of inner confidence, I’ll ride with you for another 10 months … meaning you can purchase “Esteem Engine System” today and try it out for A FULL YEAR at absolutely no risk to you financially.

Just to be clear, once the 60 days has passed, I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so that I can understand what you tried and why it didn’t seem to work for you.

That way, I get a chance to improve the system. I hope you’d agree that some honest feedback would be helpful to both of us as well as future users of the system by that time.

All of that to say that you don’t have to decide now if the “Esteem Engine System” is for you.

Just get it and try it out.

Prove to yourself that the “Esteem Engine System” is all I say it is. Then decide whether it’s as life-changing as I say it is or you want 100% of your money back.

You have nothing to lose, a wonderful life to gain and zero risk.
How To Order
If you’re ready to fill yourself brimful with sexy, empowering self confidence without having to endure the embarrassment and hassle of psychotherapy, then simply click the button below to gain instant access to the entire program and bonuses.

To your growth & success, Trevor.

P.S. Thomas Leinberger from Frankfurt, Germany sent me the following in an email … I guarantee you’ll feel the same way:

“We have been facing what most people would not just call extreme challenges, but rather "insurmountable" exterior problems and circumstances.

Coming, as you put it, from a perspective of "being" happy, confident and resourceful as well as relaxed, however, has immensely helped us in moving forward and getting things under way constructively.

Thanks again, and I am happy to recommend your publications to anyone ready to improve their lives!”

P.P.S. There’s no time like the present! My “Esteem Engine System” is life changing - in the most positive ways. Click the “buy button” and download the entire program now.
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