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Walk Away Free – Full Program

Congratulations! boot-jpg 

You have made a hugely important decision – and one which will not only change your life for the better forever, but is quite likely to have a positive influence on others as you become a role model for making smoking a thing of the past in your life.

Okay, I’m sure you’re nervous – as well as sceptical, so let’s get started.

There are six videos for you to watch – total watching time is just a little over 2 hours.  You need to watch them all and in sequence.

Please do NOT watch if you are very tired or have had alcohol.  Clear your head and come back tomorrow … but no later, okay?  (You’ve made the investment, so keep the commitment!)

Other than that, there really are no other instructions!  It’s that simple!  If you want to smoke while you watch, feel free!  In fact, I’d almost advise that you DO smoke – or at least have your smokes to hand – because there’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate when all you want is another smoke!

Don’t worry – you will, literally, walk away free by the end.  All the claims about it working are MY responsibility, not yours to worry about!

Relax.  Grab a coffee.  Light up if you want to.  And press “PLAY” …

Note: Please give the videos time to load!  They can take a minute or two…

boot-png-75x75Video 1

boot-png-75x75Video 2

boot-png-75x75Video 3

boot-png-75x75Video 4

boot-png-75x75Video 5

boot-png-75x75Video 6