From: Trevor Emdon

To: You – If you want to really turn your dreams into your reality within 12 short months.

Are you one of the 88% of people who dislikes or even hates their job?

Is your love life not what you know it could – or should -be?  Or missing altogether?

Are your finances even close to where you’d hoped they’d be by your time of life?

In short, why hasn’t life delivered to you?

I’m not one for wallowing in self pity, but if any of those questions strike a chord with you, I understand.  For thirty plus years I suffered all of the above – with often very painful and sometimes scary consequences.

I went through two painful divorces, (with many heartbreaks in between), and I was constantly fighting to get free of debt – with all the threatening letters and phone calls that come along with that.

My life was a nightmare.

And the plain truth is, finding fixes was taking up all my time and energy.  If you don’t know where to look for answers, you spend all your time just spinning your wheels, don’t you?  Just hoping the next thing to come along will solve it all  – like a fairy godmother with a magic wand!

What ELSE is keeping YOU and the life you dream of apart?

You see, in the end, I had to face one stark fact.  The only person responsible for my situation – and therefore the only one who could change it – was me!

Perhaps you’ve been struggling to find a job you like, (or any job at all!)  Maybe you’ve been a date-hunter on or offline.  (I did that for five frustrating years).

You may even have tried some more spiritual practices like Yoga or meditation to bring you some peace of mind.

It’s quite feasible that you’ve figured out that you are the one who must change, but just what about you do you change?  And how?

More to the point, if you do make some change, however big or small, how soon will you see results show up in your life?

I mean, for all the work you’ve put in and all the life experience you’ve had, isn’t it time you had a breakthrough? Don’t you deserve that?

My guess is that it’s either that you don’t know where to look, or what to look for, or worst of all, how to use what you discover when you do look that stops the changes you want in your life from happening.

That’s where I was until I was in my mid-thirties – even beyond.

Let’s see.  I made endless attempts to save money – but the bills always ate my savings.  I went without holidays for decades.  Many times I’d even decline invitations to dinner with friends, knowing I couldn’t afford to reciprocate.

I was so embarrassed – but I never told anyone.

As far as love went, well, I had my moments, but that’s all they were.  I was dumped more times than I can count, and other times I felt I just didn’t have enough to offer – and I broke a few hearts too.

It was like living in the shadows.

On the outside, I looked and sounded successful.  I’d mastered “keeping up appearances!”  But inside, I was a wreck – a nervous wreck at that.  I lived in constant fear.

I feared more failure, of course.  The one thing I had that I thought was my saving grace was my friends.

But one day it dawned on me that if I made it out of my “hole” I’d probably lose most of them too.  All we had in common was our misery!

So I was afraid of success too!

And you’ll never achieve your goals if you’re operating from fear.

As soon as you allow the thought in that you might fail, you run away from your dreams.

You begin listening to all the naysayers, even the well meaning ones.  (Who else has their mother’s or father’s voices in their heads telling them to “Be Careful”?)

You start thinking of all the things that have gone wrong for others and bit by bit, you create a “scary movie” about your own future in your head. Worse, you believe it could all come true!

But I was determined I was not going to live the rest of my life frightened, next-to-broke and unloved.

It took a while, but in time I figured out that if I could make a “scary movie” in my own head, I could make one with a happy ending too!  The real trick was believing in it!

I went on training courses.  I bought books, seminars, went to lectures, even got some qualifications.  It cost me many thousands of dollars and pounds, (I went to the USA 3 times – and I live in the UK!)

I studied hard.  I applied what I learned.

And I was still stuck.

Ever feel that way?

I won’t say that all I learned was a waste of time.  Some of it has proved invaluable as time has passed.  But it took a very long time to get there.

Then One Day, I Discovered A HUGE Secret.

A secret that knocked all the fears into a manageable place.  Where they were no longer a threat to my dreams.

Gradually, I built my own system of success and living fully around my idea.

As I applied my secret, my life began to change for the better – and the results were fast!

  • I walked out of a job I hated – and money and opportunities poured in
  • I met and married a gorgeous woman at the end of 2006.
  • When I needed a new car, a shiny Mercedes and all of the cash to buy it showed up on the same day!
  • Once, on returning from a trip to the USA, with my bank balance completely emptied, a woman I hardly knew offered me a 10 day teaching assignment – and paid me over $12,000 in cash to do it!

What I’m telling you is that since discovering my secret, success seems to follow me around.

I have been using my idea for around two decades now and I’ve tested it in every area of life.  All I can say is, it works.  And it will work for you.

I’ve looked and looked, and as far as I can find, no other “self help guru” or expert is teaching this.  Maybe they don’t want you to know, (it sells a lot of books and online courses if they leave you hungry for more), or maybe they just haven’t figured it out.

But I’m willing to reveal it all.  Every last bit of it.


Frankly, because I can.

And secondly, if I was the student, (as I have been many times), I’d want the master to tell me all he knew.  That’s only fair, not just as business transaction, but as a human being.

I’ve told you a handful of things I’ve achieved since applying this idea in my life.  I don’t tell you to brag.

And I don’t tell you to promise you that you can achieve similar results.  Because I can’t do that.

Because I don’t know how hard you will work.  (I worked HARD – but I was desperate)

And I don’t know if you will use half my system and try to do the rest on your own because you think you’ve found a better way.

Look … I know that might’ve sounded a bit rude … but I’ve seen it time and time again.

People buy a system and think they can improve on it before they’ve got their feet wet testing the idea … and then fail.  Then they blame the system.  And that’s just not right, is it?

So I want you to promise me that if I reveal my secret … you PROMISE to either use my entire system the way I teach it, and send me a thank you letter or testimonial afterwards … or you just don’t try my system at all.  Fair enough?  Promise?

Ok – here it is.

And before I give it to you – let me warn you.

This is going to sound REALLY simple.

Like – why didn’t I think of that?

And there are a lot of details that frankly if you don’t get them right … my system won’t work.

Ok – here it is:

I have discovered that NO technique works when it comes to living happy, successful and fulfilled.  It isn’t what you DO that makes the difference, it’s how you ARE.

In other words, it’s being not doing that works.

The harder you try the more your dreams slip away from you.

Once you learn to let go and BE all you can be, everything falls into place.

Look, I know it sounds counter-intuitive. (And it is). I have to show you the steps to get to that place.  It’s like a maze – take just ONE wrong turn and you could get lost again for years – even forever!

And that’s the purpose of this letter.  And the video above.

Because I want to show you what you are missing … to show you how you can get it ALL right so that you can finally live the life you should probably have started living years – even decades – ago.

The bottom line is if you aren’t waking every morning filled with joyful anticipation for another day doing what you love and being all you can be, and if you don’t have peace of mind and a sense of a life well lived … you are simply marking time until the grave.

I want to help you fix the leak so you can start living life on your terms – living without fear.

So I have created a simple yet powerful coaching program that literally walks you through every step of the way.

For the next 12 months I am going to personally work with you to teach you EXACTLY how step out of the shadows of life and live in the virtual – and maybe the actual – sunshine.  I’ll give you tools, (a workbook and a guidebook) that you’ll have from the moment you enrol so that you can start getting some results almost straight away.

Not only that, but you’ll have direct access to me via our exclusive Facebook group as well as live monthly training and Q & A calls.

That’s right – I’ve created a complete step-by-step coaching program that is 12 modules long.  Each module comes with a video and audio, (which I’ve had professionally recorded) as well as assignments so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it.  You – and your life – will start to feel – AND BE – different almost immediately.

Now, you should know that YOU will be held accountable for each step you complete (or don’t complete).  Because all of these steps are  necessary for you not only to achieve a few goals, (anyone can do that), but for you to have sustained success and a permanent sense of fulfilment.

[headline_arial_small_centered color=”#cc0000″]So Here Is Everything You Are Going To Learn:[/headline_arial_small_centered]

[content_box_red width=”75%”]

Month 1: My secret formula for setting your vision & goals for the year

Month 2: Motivation!  Step by step directions so you can start seeing yourself
as a successful person – and you’ll learn a bunch of
skills to sail past or avoid obstacles and setbacks.
This is where you start to see yourself as a winner!

Month 3: My never before revealed approach to accountability.  Nothing keeps you motivated so much
as having someone to report to.  Using our members only private group, the plan is to get a “buddy” system going, so you’ll never be without support.

Month 4: Persistence! This is where my “secret” really starts to come into its own …you’ll learn how to keep going when the going gets tough!

Month 5: My brand new, personal formula for facing fear.  We’ll go into much greater depth and finally demolish those demons.  You will have total mastery – and from there, you can truly start to shape your own destiny.

Month 6: “Fake It ’Til You Make It!” My masterclass in “state management.”   I’ll show you how to have absolute confidence to deal with any situation life throws at you – ho fear, no panic, no stress … just total peace of mind and trust in yourself.

Month 7: Learning to Ask & Receive. I bet you’re much better at giving help than you are at asking for it, but we’re all one community.  You’ll be very surprised at how many ways you can both ask and receive it too!

Month 8: Effective time management.  Even if you have 7 kids and 4 jobs
there are still ways you can get more from each day.  (Do you realise that
if you could free up just 1 hour a day, you would have a spare fortnight every

Month 9: The confidence to speak in public!  This is a HUGE leap for many people.  (It’s why it’s nine months into the program!)  A lot of people have said they would rather die than speak in public.  Imagine how fantastic you’ll feel when you know you have the confidence to do it – even if you never have to!

Month 10: Keeping Score.  It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come, so this month you’ll learn how to keep track of your progress.  When was the last time you patted yourself on the back?

Month 11: Your relationship with money. Do you believe you could be wealthy?  If not, why not?  This month, you’ll untangle all those practical and emotional aspects of this complex relationship.

Month 12: Giving Back.  The true spirit of Christmas time, (even if you don’t believe in Christmas).  Life, as someone once said, is for-giving, not for-getting.[/content_box_red]

[headline_arial_extra_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]But That’s Not All![/headline_arial_extra_large_centered]

[content_box_red width=”75%”]

  • Monthly Coaching Calls & Q & A Sessions – Live!
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group, (Wow Success)[/content_box_red]

So perhaps you are wondering, “is this for me?”

First let me say this … this is NOT for you if:

You are not willing to accept that you CAN change your life and that you and YOU alone will put in the work to bring about the changes you desire.

You are someone who quits early.

You are not willing to follow directions.

You want someone to hand you a free lunch.

If any of the above describes you, this program is NOT for you.

But if you are the kind of person:

Who is willing to work hard for one single year of your life to learn what works and become the successful, happy & fulfilled person you could be …

Who really wants change in their life and won’t stop until you get it.

Who really wants to get my secrets and formulas rather than stumbling around for years to come hoping to figure it out on your own …

Then this probably IS for you.

Of course, YOU have to make the decision.

In addition to my step by step system for personal success and happiness that works like clockwork and that is absolutely effortless to implement, you are also going to learn:

  1. How to know FOR SURE when you are implementing the “law of attraction.”  (It’s nothing like you’ve seen before!)
  2. How to create happiness in others.
  3. How to know exactly what to do or say to someone who’s suffered loss, pain or trauma.
  4. How to correctly use visualisation techniques.  This is my own blended system I personally developed after studying everything from hypnosis to metaphysics.  Prepare to be AMAZED!
  5. How to create the perfect balance between your work, family and personal life.
  6. Learn the BEST way to make life changing decisions.  Never be caught on the “horns of a dilemma” again!

Ok – are you ready now?  Would it change your life if you had a 100% complete system like the one I use to attract money, love – even a shiny silver Mercedes – into your life? 

How much better would it feel if you could have peace of mind and certainty that you were always making the right and best choices in life?

As you know, my core idea, (my “secret”), has brought me love, work I love, cash and abundance of the intangible kind too – a sense of personal fulfilment.

If such a system would change your life – I suggest you enrol in my new coaching program TODAY.

Let’s review everything you are going to get:

  • First, you are going to receive a guidebook and a workbook which will become your personal journal as you and your life change for the better forever. (Value $97)
  • Next, you will get a professionally recorded video and audio each month for 12 solid months. (Value $997)
  • In addition, you will get personal access to me through our monthly coaching and q & a sessions, (which will be recorded, by the way, in case you can’t make the dates). (Value approx $997)
  • You will also get access to our exclusive Facebook Mastermind group.  (This is NOT open to the public). (Value – priceless, but let’s call it $500 for a year’s membership.  You will get free access for LIFE – even after the program has ended)
  • PLUS … all kinds of JACKPOTS & SURPRISES along the way.  (Why am I keeping quiet about these?  Because I don’t know what they all are myself yet!! 🙂 ) (Value – UNKOWN)

The total value of this package is AT LEAST $2591!


Now, if you watched the video, you will have seen that I am massively discounting that today … to just $497. Today, however, I am discounting this entire training by more than 90% because I want to make it a no-brainer for you to take action and change your life today.

HOWEVER … you can try this amazing program for just $1 for 24 hours.  You’ll have full access to Module 1 …. 

[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#cc0000″]Try for just $1 – followed by 2 payments of just $97 spaced 30 days apart.  That’s IT – for this very time limited offer! Take advantage NOW![/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]

If you love what you find there, (and I know you will), you will get the entire package for just 2 more payments of $97 – the first tomorrow and the other in 30 days time.  

Which means you’re going to get a WHOLE YEAR’S COACHING for a TOTAL of $195 – the equivalent of just $16.25 a month!!

Frankly, this offer cannot stay up for long.  When the timer on this page reaches zero, the price will jump back to $497 or even $997 as I showed in the video.

So please, take action now, before you are locked out.

[text_bar_2 + width=”100%”]Yes! Sign Me Up For $1 Now![/text_bar_2]

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the way to the top!

All good things,


P.S. Perhaps you’re thinking that you need to think about it.  I understand why you might do that – but just ask yourself …

…how many others have procrastinated before?  How many times have you procrastinated and lost out?  This wavering can eat up your life – and this can be your first step to a new you.  Be decisive!  If you do nothing, you’ll do what you’ve always done – and get what you’ve always got.

And that’s exactly what you don’t want.  That’s why you’ve read this entire letter – to get something different.

Take control of your future by finally getting on a path that can take you to exactly where you want to go.

Go ahead – enrol now while you still can, (and lock in this ridiculous price):

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