There Are Only A FEW Places Left!

 – In Just 6 Weeks Coaching With Me You Will Get At LEAST All Of This …

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  • I will review your  idea, or help you to find a HOT idea that is guaranteed to sell, help you with marketing and promotion, and ALL your marketing materials, critique your  promotional material, and help you re-write them to maximize their effectiveness. 
  • I will give you FULL weekly coaching, training videos, including audio and pdf’s which will turbo-boost your development as a writer. 
  • I will fully advise you on how to prepare for and execute product launches, including how to find traffic, affiliates and even the best time and date to set. 
  • I’ll show you how to build your reputation as the go-to expert where the “hot” markets are and how you can have them eating out of the palm of your hand whenever you launch a product, promote someone else’s product or put on a training event.
  • I will help you with any marketing related issues that come up during our 6 weeks together.
  • UNIQUE “NO FAILURE GUARANTEE” If you are unable to complete any part of the project I will do it for you – including hosting a training event to promote your work.  (NOTE: In this event we would enter into a partnership agreement where I would take 50% of sales, and I reserve the right to choose the niche to promote)
  • And, perhaps most importantly: I will help you structure your online business so that it creates more MONEY and more FREEDOM for you. 


Got that? 

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]This is for people who are SERIOUS about not just getting their online business hugely profitable, but ALSO experiencing huge increases in FREEDOM and PERSONAL FULFILLMENT. [/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Maximum profits. Maximum free time. Maximum personal fulfillment for you.