To make the most of the precious traffic you’re going to get from “Traffic Looter”  you need a good “funnel.”  

 It’s a well researched fact that the best time to get people to spend money is when they’ve just spent some … but there’s an art, (and a science), to get them to do that.

 Do it wrong, and they’ll click away.

But get it right, and they’ll buy … and buy … and buy again if that’s your fancy.

Introducing – “Traffic Looter Funnels”



You may know what a squeeze page is, (and I’ve got you covered if you don’t), but do you know what to put on it?

How much you should say … and what you should leave out?

Would you have the first idea why so many opt in offers drive traffic away from the page?

Get this wrong, and all that traffic you’ve worked so hard for will be blowing in the wind like leaves in an autumn storm.

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  • If you’re going to offer a free report, what can you do to make it irresistible?  (I’ll tell you).
  • How can you use blog content to lure even more buyers?  (Once again, you’re about to find out!)
  • I’ll even reveal how to turn curated content – that’s stuff from other people’s blogs – to your sales advantage.


And just in case you’re still wondering exactly what to put in your offer or your funnel, I’ve added yet another report so you really can’t fail:

“Traffic Looter’s Top 5 Evergreen Niches”


Each niche carefully broken down and analysed for you, including: 

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  • 5 Evergreen niches you can plunder endlessly – so rich and ripe are they with sub-niches and endless products – both tangible and digital.
  • How to find keywords for highly sought after products and services related to them
  • How to plunder Amazon for even more ideas – and things to sell
  • Amazing 3 step brainstorming formula that will have your head teeming with ideas for years to come!


This is the ultimate “icing on the cake” for your “Traffic Looter” library.

This isn’t just a report about Evergreen niches – it’s an Evergreen Report in itself.

 Each of these reports would easily sell for $47 each, but for this WSO as a special deal, take both these marketing gems for a mere …  

Of course, “Traffic Looter Funnels” plus the bonus “Evergreen Niches” reports come with the same 30 day money back guarantee as “Traffic Looter” itself. 

Don’t pass this up.  You’ll kick yourself if you do. These reports are gems – if I do say so myself!

Grab them now – and complete your Traffic and Marketing blueprint set!

No thanks. I’ll figure out how to present offers and work my fingers to the bone finding niche markets myself.  Just take me to my download.