Dear Friend,manifestation on steroids

You’ve heard about the Law Of Attraction, right?

Sometimes you get results.  Sometimes not.

But suppose you have a “must have”?  Something that just can’t wait any longer.  A bill needs paying now.  Your car needs fixing or your family vacation is doomed.

It was for those kinds of emergencies that I conceived …

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Manifestation On Steroids![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

You see, the energy which causes manifestation to occur comes from your thoughts.  (You knew that already, didn’t you?)

So you can visualise for a while, maybe meditate … do all the right things that the Law Of Attraction gurus have told you.

But then what happens?  You go about your day and forget about it.  You get stressed.  Life takes over.  Someone hogs the road and you need to get home for your kid’s birthday party.

Things happen.

And all that good energy gets diffused, dissipates … and vanishes like smoke in the upper atmosphere.

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#000000″]But what if you could laser focus that thought energy in one astounding burst of power?  What if the Universe was left in no doubt that you meant business?[/headline_cufon_font_left]

That’s what “Manifestation On Steroids” does.

I’ve had astonishing results using it. Results like these …

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  • Sudden surges in sales of my online work.
  • Opportunities to network with people I’d considered way above my station.
  • Many “minor miracles” too personal – but important to me – to mention.


This is likely to be, quite simply, the most powerful fast manifestation process you’ve ever come across.

Here’s why …

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  • Annihilates negative thoughts that have built up over time
  • Instantly changes the “polarity” of your energy to positive.
  • Creates irresistible personal “super-magnetism” – forcing the universe to fling wide doors of opportunity and abundance for you
  • Engages your body as well as the power of your imagination to produce streamlined, congruent energy patterns


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