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"How To Increase Your Self Worth So People Will Pay You A Fortune In The Next 30 Days"

Tickets are $25 in advance. Price includes access to recording plus bonuses.

AFTER BROADCAST, the replay may be purchased for $49. (Price may rise without notice)

Friday, 25th September - 7pm UK Time

In this webinar workshop, you are going to discover:
Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon - Success Coach & Author

Trevor Emdon

how to use the law of attraction to quit your day job 

Author of Best Seller
How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Quit Your Day Job

  • Why lack of money isn't your fault!
  • How your past could be holding you back - and what you can do about it
  • How to believe in your self worth so that people will be QUEUING to pay for YOU!
  • Exactly what you can sell RIGHT now.
  • How to find HUNGRY buyers
  • The simple online technology my grandmother could use to get them buying from you.
WARNING: This webinar is a complete workshop in itself. The cost of attendance is $25. REGISTER NOW even if you cannot attend on the day - you will be sent the full recording plus bonuses. The recorded webinar will be available after the event when the cost to purchase will be $49 or more.

** NOTE: You are registering for a complete workshop. You will be able to take action and begin your enterprise immediately if you so wish. Cost of Attendance is $25 including access to the recording for life**

(Cost to purchase the recording AFTER broadcast will be $49 or more.)