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Manifest Abundance: Why Can’t It Be Easy?

Manifest Abundance: Why Can’t It Be Easy?

Manifest abundance

Given that the Universe is abundant in everything, manifesting abundance for ourselves should be easy, shouldn’t it?

I mean, there are more stars in the heavens than anyone can count, more blades of grass on Earth than it’s possible to calculate and as the late Dr. Wayne Dyer challenged us: it’s easy to count the number of seeds in an apple, but can you calculate how many apples are in each seed?

So why does it seem to be such a challenge to manifest abundance?

It’s a paradox, but the answer – or most of it – lies in the fact that the harder you try to manifest abundance the more it will seem out of reach.

On the face of it, that sounds cruel, but it’s just a fact of nature.

The reason is that you already have abundance, so when you try to manifest what you already have, you’re like a cat chasing its own tail – the faster you turn in circles the more it seems to disappear around the corner!

What Do You Mean, I’m Already Abundant?

I realise that if you’re looking at an empty bank account, for example, you may not feel abundant in monetary terms.

But consider where money comes from.

The source of money isn’t the bank – it’s you!

And I’m not even talking about hard work – although that’s the most labour-intensive way to get some.

It’s your uniqueness that people want.  Your wit and wisdom, perhaps,  (Stephen Fry).  Or making people feel good in some way.  (Sir Paul McCartney.)

But what if you’re not blessed with a special talent?

Well, then you and I would have to have a conversation about how you’re under-valuing yourself.  No two of us are alike – which makes you rarer than the world’s most precious diamond!

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The Conversation

Imagine we’re having a conversation.  It could be about the weather, the state of the economy, what you had for breakfast – it doesn’t matter.

As long as we’re talking.

Are you ever in danger of running out of words?

No. Of course not!  Where do they come from?  Spontaneously, you simply speak.  There’s no rehearsal in your head, is there?

You think that’s a silly example?

(The only reason for that is because we take the accessibility of language and concepts so much for granted).

Let’s take another scenario.  I’ll admit in advance that nobody will ever be able to prove me right or wrong on this one, but I think you’ll sense the truth behind what I’m saying.

Okay, here’s the example.

Imagine it’s prehistoric times and the wheel hasn’t been invented yet.  The sun is rising and you’re standing outside the entrance to your cave taking in the fresh morning air and sipping your coffee, (I can’t imagine there was ever a time before coffee – how did civilisation come about otherwise?)

But I digress…

As you’re preparing for your day, some movement catches your eye.  A log is rolling down that nearby slope over there…

Rolling, rolling … over and over.

Now, do you think it’s even possible that sooner or later that it wouldn’t occur to you that that the rolling motion might be useful?

Okay, maybe you’d need to see it a couple more times.  Maybe your neighbour would get there ahead of you … but someone with a human brain couldn’t help but play with that idea!

I’ve often wondered about Darwinism.  It seems to me that it’s fine as far as it goes, but there are some things that don’t fit the “survival of the fittest” for me.

Who am I do argue with Darwin?

Well, I’m another human being with an enquiring mind, so I reckon that gives me the right …

For instance, what about the appreciation of beauty?  I seriously doubt that the cougars who live in mountains ever stop to appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

What about the creation of music, the desire to dance or paint pictures?

Indeed, what about leaving caves in the first place?  Monkeys haven’t left the trees, have they?  And goodness knows how many generations of them there’ve been!

We, for all our homo sapien faults, cannot NOT have ideas!  The mass production of the motor car, to pick just one example from countless millions, may or may not have been a good idea, but that is moot.

The idea was born and, as you may or may not know, everyone told Henry Ford at the time that it couldn’t be done.  I mean everyone.  The engineers he worked with said it was impossible and the financiers who were supposed to back him told him there was no market for it.

Even his wife gave him a hard time.

But Henry believed in something most of us have forgotten, overlooked or entirely dismissed.

You see, he didn’t actually know how to mass produce cars.  He just had the idea and then insisted that other people with greater knowledge than his own came up with the how – even though at first those people were the ones insisting that well, he’d lost his marbles.

As we all know, those ideas were born and they’re still working to this day.

That’s abundance!

How did those ideas come into being?  Where did they come from?

More importantly, why were they first dismissed as impossible?

The answer to that is very simple.

They were deemed impossible because they didn’t fit any of the prevailing ideas of the time.

Walt Disney was another one.  He turned swamp land in California into what was, at the time, the world’s largest theme park and its success rested on the fame of, ahem, a cartoon mouse.

Ford and Disney, you may argue, were exceptional.

And I’d say that you are too.

What really marked out Messrs. Ford and Disney, (and many other men and women), was their willingness to listen to their dreams and intuitions and follow them – even it meant risking bankruptcy, public ridicule and divorce, all of which were, I understand, on the cards for Henry Ford.

What keeps us from abundance is the notion that reality has been sorted, thanks very much, and if I want more stuff (including money), I’d better do a ton of work.

It IS Easy After All!

Ideas and dreams are free and will never run out as long as you live.

They’re not hard work to follow because they’re fun!

What they can be is a little scary, however.  We don’t know if they’ll work.  We don’t know what others will think or say about it or us.

And so we choose ordinariness and the nine-to-five treadmill of hard work, convincing ourselves it’s “the only way.”

Hopefully, I’ve shown you that it isn’t.

There is an alternative.  Your way.

Let’s Talk About It

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