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What If You Could Manifest Your Dreams WITHOUT Hocus Pocus Techniques? (Even If "The Secret" Never Worked For You)...

  • At Last - Manifest Even If You Can't Visualize!
  • Easily Detach From The Outcome - And Let It Flow!
  • The Law Of Attraction's Instruction They Left Out Of "The Secret"!
  • Simple, Fast & Effective
  • Works Even If You've Never "Manifested" A Bean In Your Life!

RE: Your Untapped Power To Manifest

From The Desk Of Trevor Emdon, Law Of Attraction Teacher, Success Coach & NLP Practitioner.
Dear Friend,

At Last! The Law Of Attraction Made Simple - (And It WORKS!)

Perhaps you’re frustrated that visualizing your dream just hasn’t worked out.

Maybe you’ve watched, read and listened to “The Secret” (as I have) until you practically know it by heart … but your life still is mostly the same old same old … except you’re getting older, but no wiser!

It’s even a strong possibility that you’ve all but given up on The Law Of Attraction even being real - whatever reality is!

(I say “all but” because you’re here, reading a web page about The Law Of Attraction, so I’m guessing you still have some hope that maybe … just maybe … someone has cracked the code!)

I intend to show you what that code is, but first let me tell you how I came to be so certain that I’d found what it seems so many others have missed.
"Trevor is a fantastic storyteller, and he is able to look behind the law and understand it in a way, other loa-teachers miss.."
Elisabeth from MunichFormer Law of Attraction student

The Day I Ran Out Of Money...

I mean, entirely ran out. So much so that my girlfriend at the time, whom I’d only met a week before, bought my groceries and even the fuel for my car.

(This was more than 20 years ago and I still cringe with embarrassment when I think about that.)

I knew about the Law Of Attraction, but I considered myself a novice - an amateur at best.

I desperately tried to believe I had money, even though every last penny was gone.

Nine long, scary days and nights passed … and nothing changed.

Then on the tenth day, out of the blue, I got a call from a woman I barely knew who needed my help to deliver some training in Dublin, Ireland, where she lived.

As I said, I barely knew this woman. For her to call me seemed random in the extreme.

She offered me ten thousand pounds (around $15,000 in those days), right there, on the phone if I could only help her out!

All I had to do once I was back home - and swimming in money - was figure out how I’d attracted that “money miracle.”

And THAT reverse engineering of just how I did that is the basis of “The Lazy Person’s Guide To Manifesting.”
"I have gone from strength to strength, my company now employs 5 members of permanent staff in addition to my self as well as another 7 extra flexible support staff during the summer months, we have won contracts with some of the most prestigious venues in the south west and guess what I even have more time with my family!!!"
Emma HemmingtonWedding Planner
"Dear Trevor, Thanks so much for you wonderful and inspiring message you have sent regarding how to be rich."
Michelle PardilloLover of life

Coincidence? Or Could I Do It Again ...?

The big question of course was, could I do it again?

And that’s when I fell into the trap that I now know so many people fall into when experimenting with the law of attraction.

I TRIED too hard!

It was to be almost a decade before I had another experience like that - and this time I did understand.

The “manifestation” that clinched it for me was when a huge amount of cash landed in my bank account one day without warning. I’m talking thousands of pounds - and it shouldn’t have been there.

It happened to be more than enough to buy a new car - which we desperately needed - and the very first showroom we visited had just one Mercedes - which was the very model and colour I’d dreamed of owning - and the price was now well inside my cash budget!

That day, I test drove and bought a Mercedes for cash!

Now It's YOUR Turn...

Now It’s Your Turn…

I hear you sigh … If only it was that simple!

Yes, this is where all the doubts creep in. All the skepticism born of years of disappointment comes to the surface like cream in hot coffee.

I understand. That’s exactly what happened to me in the almost ten years between manifesting the cash from Dublin and the Mercedes.

But a lot else happened in those years too - and my understanding of what makes the law of attraction work - or rather, what most of us do that prevents it from working for us - became crystal clear.

Read that last sentence again …

It’s not anything we DO that makes the law of attraction work - because it’s always working!

It’s what you do that prevents it from working for YOU!

That distinction, that turning on its head of the idea that we have to press some magic button when in fact all you have to do is “unblock the dam” will get the flow going in your life.

And you will come to trust The Law Of Attraction - just as you trust gravity.

Just as you trust your body knows how to grow your fingernails.

With you doing absolutely nothing!

This discovery makes having The Law Of Attraction working in your life the easiest, laziest idea ever.

I’ve given you the secret, right here on this page.

But I know you’re screaming back at me,

“How The Heck Do You Imagine I’m Going To Do THAT?”

Fear not - I have you covered.

There Are Just 3 Steps In The Lazy Person System

  • Trust The Universe
  • Visualise & Be Steadfast
  • Let Go & Take Inspired Action

If you’re anything like me, your brain just piled on a heap of “but’s” and “what if’s” … but just for the moment, ignore that, would you?
The question is: Did you feel a little "kick" inside when you read them?
That's the TRUTH resonating deep within you!

"Trevor is very straightforward and his questions are deeper than you think. ... I'm seeing results that benefit me. In the end, that's all that matters."
Hans BrakkeCopywriter
happy dancing woman

Trust … Visualise … Let Go

I’ve just given you the entire formula.

Yet we both know that the reality is that once you click away from this page you'll carry on as if nothing had just happened.

And your mind will throw in a lifetime’s accumulation of doubts.

But suppose we could REMOVE those doubts?

You see, your doubts, (just like mine), are what’s kept you stuck where you are probably for years.

The GOOD NEWS is: They’re ALL that’s keeping you from having all you want in life!

Every Step In Depth - Here's What's Inside...

  • 3 mp3 audios - one for each step - so all you have to do is plug in your earbuds and listen!
  • The seat of your true POWER TO CREATE - and how to use it properly - perhaps for the first time EVER!
  • Visualisation instructions - including what you DON’T need to do!
  • How to truly LET GO and truly detach from the outcome. (Tip: This is VITAL for effective manifestation)
  • How to take inspired action, (and still be lazy - this is FUN!)
  • PLUS ...
  • Notes to accompany each recording to refresh your memory and deepen your understanding of the manifesting process.

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Let Me Sweeten The Pot Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...


Bonus #1: Design Your Destiny

This is a powerful audio program which will program your mind to put yourself in MANIFESTING STATE at will.

That’s right - when you’re manifesting, you have a very clear mind and that’s not easy to achieve in the pell-mell of life for most people, but this neat process means you’ll have access to it whenever the need arises.

Imagine the power you’ll have at your fingertips!

And there’s more …

This empowering program will also show you how to instantly shift your perspective when things don’t seem to go as planned.

Remember those “road blocks” I mentioned earlier?

On a road trip, your GPS would just find another route, but when it comes to life’s challenges many of us have a tendency to give up far too soon.

“Design Your Destiny” will shift your point of view in an instant so you’ll see things the way highly successful people do … which is almost certainly a key reason for their very success!

In addition, your coping skills in difficult times will be magnified, you’ll reduce your anxiety and worry will virtually become a thing of the past!

Value $17
3 ways to speed your manifesting report ecover 500px

Bonus #2: "3 Ways To Speed Your Manifesting"

Think of this as a kind of “cheat sheet” for manifesting.

There are 3 tips, but please don’t think of them like “cherry on top” - oh no!

This report packs a powerful punch - and I’ve deliberately kept it short so you’ll remember the 3 tips - and use them!

They really DO work - so print this off and put it where you’ll be able to refresh your memory until it becomes natural to you.

(You’ll know, because more and more things will start manifesting in your life according to your will).

Value $17

lazy person's lottery ticket

Bonus #3: "Lazy Dream Achiever’s Lottery Ticket"

Now, this one will NOT be around for long because you can win a FREE law of attraction consultation with me … (worth up to $500).

The ticket is free, rules of entry are simple … and there’s only one of me, so for obvious reasons, this may be withdrawn at any time!

Whatever questions you may have - whatever dream you want to achieve, I can help you PERSONALLY and CONFIDENTIALLY … but you’ll have to act fast to win.

Value up to $500

money back guarantee

Take A Full 30 days To Put "The Lazy Person's Guide To Dream Achievement" To The Test With My Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

I believe "The Lazy Person's Guide To Dream Achievement" is one of the most original and even powerful programs relating to The Law Of Attraction on the market today. It was almost 10 years in conceiving and understanding. However, I don't want to you to be disappointed, so if for any reason you feel that "The Lazy Person's Guide To Dream Achievement" doesn't deliver on every promise I've made here on this page, then simply contact me with a copy of your receipt within 30 days of purchase for a full and courteous refund. No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....

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To your prosperity and abundance,

P.S. - Every minute you delay is another minute stuck in the "same old same old." Take action now and start manifesting the life of your dreams today!

Usual Price: $47. Coupon Price Just $17

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