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[testimonial2 author="Eibhlin Morey MacIntosh" + pic=""]“This isn't your usual "how to write a Kindle book" course. It's rich with Trevor's unique understanding of the foundations necessary for successful writing... or success in any field. If you're a fan of self-help material or need a good pep talk to get past your "writer's block," this course is for you.”[/testimonial2]
[testimonial2 author="Michelle Lord" + pic=""]“I have been struggling for the past year trying to write fiction, but after using the … techniques described in this course, I feel like I can actually break down thebarriers that have been stopping me from finally finishing my first book.”[/testimonial2]salespage-image7
[testimonial2 author="Maureen Cudmore" + pic=""]“As an older person with Adult ADHD and a FLIP phone I found Trevor's writing and videos refreshingly easy to understand and his NLP tips so easy to do, and they actually work.Thank you so much Trevor for showing me there is an easier and better way to writing your book and getting it out there.”[/testimonial2%sqe[text_bar_2 + width="100%"]Just to be clear! I don't want you to just learn techniques -  I will personally coach you - in a FREE webinar - step by step to ensure you get real results fast!   Be sure to register when you buy![/text_bar_2]salespage-image9[testimonial2 author="Gavin Burrows" + pic=""]“Kindlecraft is an informative and very easy read and excellent video content. Crammed with great tips and techniques. I am now confident that I can and will write and market a best selling book!!! A real mind opener but such a clever and easy step by step process.”[/testimonial2%sqe[headline_arial_small_left color="#D4D0D6"]FAQ[/headline_arial_small_left%sqe[two_columns_1]q-iconDo you have a question before you buy, or need support?Just email kindlecraft [at] I will usually answer within 24 hours (& often much sooner)q-icon How much do I need to invest to make this program work?None! All you need is an open mind & the passion to write for fun and profit. q-iconWhat is your refund policy?You have 30 days to try Kindlecraft, risk-free or your money back… provided you request your refund directly through our support email. If you file a dispute on PayPal directly instead of asking for a refund via email, then our refund offer is null-and-void and we will fight the dispute. q-icon Is there an upsell, OTO or Downsell?Yes, we are offering a mega bundle of Mike Balmaceda's (aka MikeyLighting) Kindle products at a phenomenal discount which is only for buyers of Kindlecraft.  However, Kindlecraft is a stand-alone program and you do not need the OTO for it to work.  It just depends how much Kindle and writing mastery you want!q-icon I am a non-technical person, can I still do this?Absolutely! There is zero technical work involved, if any at all! If you can type on a computer, you're good to go![/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]q-icon What tips do you have on downloading/opening the course? The course will come in a .zip file. Use WinZIP or WinRar to extract the files to your desktop or another folder on your local computer. Once you do that, you can then open the .PDF with Adobe Reader, and the videos open with VLC Media Player  or Quicktime on a mac. If you have any trouble opening these files, you can use Google Docs to open any of these files formats if you upload them to your personal documents (don’t share!). You shouldn’t have any problems if you follow these instructions. q-icon How/Where Can I Access My Download? What if access was never mailed to me?First, look for an email from WarriorPlus, the system that manages your payment and sends you the download files. Check in spam! In very rare cases, WarriorPlus sometimes will not send an email telling you where you can access your download. If you haven’t received access to your product(s) you purchased, sent to you in your email, within 30 minutes or more, just simply email me at the support email above and I’ll send you access as soon as I can!q-icon I am a newbie, will this work for me?Yes, absolutely! Following the steps and the videos inside this program will not only unleash your writing creativity and ability to find & write for profitable Kindle niches - you will find them useful in almost every area of succeeding online - and in life!q-iconHow can I receive support/what support will I get?You can receive support via email at kindlecraft [at] wizardofwisdom.comI will answer your question AS SOON as I am able. Usually within 12-24 hours![/two_columns_2]