How To Get Over Breakups – 4 Professional Tips

by Trevor

How To Get Over Breakups – Easier Said Than Done?

Pretty much all of us at some time or other in our lives will have our hearts broken.

As suffering goes, well, as my American friends say, it sucks.

According to Google, “how to get over breakups” gets around 50,000 searches a month.  That’s more than half a million broken hearts a year – and those are just the people brave enough to search Google!

The truth, however, is that it isn’t your heart that’s actually broken.  It’s the shock to your mind that really causes all the hurt.

The psychotherapist in the video isn’t wrong – but I’m sure he knows as well as anybody that his four strategies aren’t quick fixes.  In fact, they’re more like aspirins – they’ll dull the pain a little, but the hurting goes on for a while – sometimes quite a while.

Sometimes, to get over a breakup, it helps to understand what your mind is doing.

Otherwise, there’s a danger you’ll get stuck.  The key when you’re attempting to find how to get over breakups, is knowing that you CAN move on – even if that’s not today.

If you don’t, the past can hold you prisoner, and that keeps you from having a life, finding love, or returning to peace of mind.

You’ll find a gentle system for moving on and healing from the mind outwards HERE…


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