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How To Attract Money Using Mind Power

How To Attract Money Using Mind Power (Without The Law Of Attraction)

How To Attract Money Using Mind Power

You could be forgiven for believing that in a piece called “How to attract money using mind power” you were going to learn a lot about visualisation perhaps, and maybe there’ll be another lecture-in-print about letting go of limiting beliefs.

You’d be wrong.

I’m not even going to tell you to trawl your memories to discover what your early money lessons were.

Not a bit of it.

Because I’ve discovered that none of that is necessary.

In fact, you don’t even need to “attract” money because it’s already here.  (I know.  I know your bank statement shows something different right now, but that’s irrelevant.)

Let me explain.  We’ll start by taking a less than orthodox view of what money is.

What Money Really Is

raining money

Money, as everyone knows, has taken many forms down the years, from goat skins to beads, to salt, precious metals, our more familiar coins and notes and nowadays electronic blips on a computer – which isn’t even a physical form!

The reason humankind has been able to invent many different forms of money over time is because it’s nothing more than tokens to represent something we call value.

Value, in itself, is another construct of human imagination.  If I ask you what your car is worth you probably have a rough idea or you could look it up.  But if I ask you what your love for your wife or husband or children is worth, you’d be forgiven for looking at me very strangely.

You can’t put a value on things like that, although for most of us, people we love would take priority over any article you can buy for money.  Love, which we value most highly, is priceless.

However, in the realm of tangible objects, other than people, we have ascribed value to things.

How do we arrive at our valuations?

Well, I don’t want to go into a lesson in economics and fortunately we don’t need to head in that direction.

Value Equals Difference

A great deal of how we decide on the value of a thing is based on the way it makes us feel – another intangible factor you can’t put a price on!

Yet it’s true.

A can of beans can end hunger and provide a bit of nutrition.  Beans, however, are plentiful and there are plenty of other choices of things we can eat to get those results.

For most of us living in the Westernised world, hunger is, mercifully, not a big issue and so the “value” of a can of beans isn’t very much.

So, what about a Ferrari?

Why can’t we be satisfied with any old car?

Here we begin to see the power of emotion in our buying decisions.  The practical and most obvious use of a car is having the convenience of being able to get from A to B whenever we want to, without having to rely on or wait for public transport.

But any car can do that.  A cheap Ford can get you across town where there are speed limits and traffic lights in the same amount of time as a top of the range Ferrari.

So why do Ferrari owners want their car?

Now, I don’t dispute that a Ferrari is probably better engineered than a cheap Ford, but I’d wager that a good deal of the sticker price is in fact for its prestige factor.  Nobody needs a Ferrari.  But plenty of people want one.

There’s very little practical difference between a “prestige car” and a low price family vehicle, but the feeling of luxury and status are worth a lot of money.  In fact, the high price is, for many owners of such vehicles, part of the experience.  They’re proud to be in the elite percentage of the population that can afford one.

It’s the same with works of art and jewels, (although rarity also carries some weight here too, of course).

Where is all of this going?

In a nutshell, it’s so that you can see that:

  1. We pay for things to make a difference to our lives, in a way that makes us feel better.
  2. A large percentage of the “value” of an item can be made up of intangibles such as prestige, pride and luxury – none of which can really be given a monetary value.

All of which adds up to the fact that one way or another we ultimately pay to feel better than we do or anticipate that we otherwise would!

That’s what constitutes value!

In case you didn’t see that, let me run it by you one more time.

A can of beans has value because it staves off hunger, and probably the anticipation of hunger, since most of us would buy beans to keep in stock in the larder.  (“I won’t be hungry in the future because I have this can of beans to satisfy my appetite.”)

“Want” can supersede “need.”  A person may have a need for a car, but prestige cars, such as Ferraris, are sold almost solely on “want.”

What Does This Have To Do With Using Your Mind Power To Attract Money?

I’m glad you asked.  Because I realise you probably don’t have any spare Ferraris laying around.  And beans aren’t going to fetch you any money.

No, but you do have something unique which can make a massive difference to people in a way that makes them feel better than they do now!

What is it?

Why, YOU, of course!

You already make people feel good and you already make a difference!

(Ask anyone who loves you.  And quite possibly anyone who knows you.)

And if you still don’t believe me, please do the following 2 exercises until what I’ve just said sinks in:

  1. Watch the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  Yes, again.  And again.
  2. Go to any funeral and listen to the speeches and eulogies.  What people refer to is always how the departed made them FEEL.

Now, we have a step or two still to take, but from this point alone, I hope you can see that you don’t need mind power to be of value to people.

We have a step or two to go because you aren’t about to start charging people for loving them!  That would indeed be crass!

How Your Mind Power Really Works To Attract Money

Since we’ve already established that there’s really no such thing as money, that alone should make the idea of attracting it absurd.

But there’s more.

Because you should consider that in order to “attract” anything, you first have to presume two basic notions:

  1. That the thing you desire – in this case, money – is somehow separate from and outside of you and …
  2. That you have correctly identified it as “missing” from your life.

Both, as it turns out, are false.

Now, when you’re short of money it certainly doesn’t look that way, so let’s dive deeper.

If somebody gets up on stage and performs a song, for example, the audience will applaud.  That’s a way of showing appreciation, and although you can’t spend applause, it comes from the same sentiment.  The performer made them feel good.

Of course, if they already know who the performer is, they’ll each have bought a ticket so in a sense, they pay twice.

But where is the singer’s money actually coming from?

Although at first glance it looks as though it came from ticket sales which were purchased by other people, in fact without her performance and talent to make people feel good, there would have been no performance at all, let alone tickets sold.

However, the talent did exist and so the money came as a direct result of that.  Had those people not bought tickets, others would have!

Now, I’m not telling you to become a performer unless you are one already, of course.  What I am saying is that your uniqueness has a value and it’s that which causes people to “applaud” you with money.

“Oh, but anyone can work a supermarket checkout, surely?  How does someone doing an everyday job like that “attract” more money?  My boss will pay me the hourly rate and that’s my limit.”

I hear you.

You’re probably right about your boss.  But not about attracting more money.

How Anyone Can Attract More Money – Right Now!

Okay, here we go.  This is the big one.

I’m going to teach you about thought and ideas.

Let’s paint the picture.

You’re in need of a cash injection.  You know that your income isn’t going to cover the bills.  Your boss won’t give you a raise and you emptied the cookie jar last month.

What to do?

I know!  Let’s worry!

worried about money

So you look, and think and think and look some more and the harder you look and the more you think the more impossible it seems that any more money could possibly come.

Maybe you buy a lottery ticket, but you know that the odds against you winning are extremely high.

Perhaps you find some old CDs to sell on eBay … but it’s not going to cover your expenses even if they sell.

Think, think, think!

What are you doing?

You’re thinking inside the box you know!

Now, everyone always tells you to think outside the box, but nobody really ever knows how to do that.

Because in fact, you can’t.

How could you think of something you’ve never thought of before … on purpose?

But leave your mind alone to do its thing, and as if by magic, it will come up with ideas!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the power of your mind.

No brow-furrowing or face-screwing intensity required.

Of course, as soon as it does come up with an idea, your brain will squash it like a wasp at a picnic!

“Oh, that’ll never work!”  Or, “Oh I tried that before and fell flat on my face.” 

Or, “I’ve got a friend who did that and never got anywhere.”

Yep, any or all of the above can nip your money making notion in the bud.

Worst of all is this one:

“Well, suppose I did X, what then?”

The old bugaboo of not knowing how!

Because when you do do “X” then “X + 1” will reveal itself as surely as your car’s GPS system tells you where to turn even if you’ve never been where you set it to go before.

None of those naysaying thoughts are relevant!  You should ignore them all.

And you can.

But sometimes that can be easier said than done, so I created a program, complete with hypnosis audio programming, so that you can literally stop worrying about money and grow rich.

Which is why I called the program, “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich.”

Stop Worrying & Grow Rich

(See how smart that thinking was?  Oh, okay.)

Now, I don’t know when you’ll be reading this, so in respect of what I’m about to say next, it may already be too late, but in case your luck’s in, I’ll tell you.

(You could do with a stroke of luck, I expect, am I right?)

Now, “Stop Worrying & Grow Rich” is a powerful program that automatically puts your mind into “prosperity mode.”  And its usual price is $47.

However … (and this is the part where you need a bit of luck) … I created a coupon code that will give you $20 off that price, BUT … it will only work for the first 50 people who use it.

To see if your luck’s in and to reveal the code, all you have to do is click HERE…

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