Dear Warrior

Not selling enough?  It’s not your product or service.  (Unless it stinks!)  It’s the way you say it!

Listen.  Let me ask you a couple of questions:

How do you feel about selling?

Right! How do you suppose that attitude impacts on your sales figures?

You have a decent product or service, right?  And you’ve got a few eyeballs on it, let us say.

But sales are pitiful – or even non-existent.

You’re faced with a stark choice.  You either have to conclude that your product or service isn’t as desirable as you thought it was or …

That maybe something about your marketing message is lousy!

Now, it is just possible that you’ve written the world’s first book on “Teaching Your Poodle To Blow Up Balloons,” in which case you may have to face the naked truth.  There just isn’t much of a demand for that.  (And poodles don’t have their own money as a rule.)

This Will NOT Sell!

This Will NOT Sell!

But let’s assume you’ve actually got something you know will sell.  There are Facebook groups and forums and websites on your topic and people spend money on it.

So why don’t they buy your offer?

The answer lies in the message.

I’ve been there and got the T-shirt on that.

About four years ago I created a product.  I wrote it, made some bonus recordings for it and bought a domain name to match my title.

Then I spent a couple of days finding some gorgeous graphics and paid some money to make my product and brand new sales page on my new website sparkle.

I sat back when it was finished and mentally patted myself on the back.  That was a good job!  Nope.  Actually, it was a great job.  Even my price was mouth-watering.  There was a good niche market for this and I was about to make a killing.

So I set about driving some traffic to my lovely new site.

What happened?

Nothing!  I sold less than a copy a week.  After 3 sales and a miserable month I stopped driving traffic.

When the domain came up for renewal a year later, I let it expire.

What a waste of time and energy!

Fast forward three and a half years …

I mentioned that product in a conversation with my new business coach.  He wanted to take a look at it, so I sent him over the files.

He liked the product!  He was sure it had a market.  We agreed that this was worth a relaunch.

So what did we change?

The name of the product?


The content of the product?

Well, we added in a new, modern bonus, but otherwise no.

What we changed was the sales copy.

By just tweaking the message – nothing more – it sold and sold … and still sells to this day.

(No, I’m not going to reveal my niche, so don’t ask me!)

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Just take a moment to consider the power of this lesson![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

What I learned is that it’s not the product or service so much as the way the sales copy delivers the message that counts.

Seriously, what’s on that landing page could well be the difference right now between you struggling to make money online and quitting your day job.


If you have something to sell – even an affiliate offer – knowing the right way to deliver your message can make your business – overnight!

Not knowing how to do that can break it.

And remember – it’s not just landing pages!

Emails are sales copy.

Your Linkedin profile is sales copy.

Book covers are sales copy.

Even Facebook posts and Tweets – if you’re selling at the end of it – are sales copy.

In short, if you’re in business online, everything you write or record on the web is  sales copy.  Knowing how to say it is KING.

Which is where Paul Rhines comes in.

Introducing …

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Fast Marketing Magic[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


Now, you may never have heard of Paul Rhines – I hadn’t either.

But somehow I got on Paul’s radar, (because I started selling products!) and he sent me a manuscript to review.  A PDF file.  It didn’t even have a proper title, but the content was BEYOND ASTONISHING.

Paul Rhines

Paul Rhines

It turns out that Paul, who lives in California, has been advising everyone from Hollywood stars to high flying entrepreneurs on how to deliver their sales message for decades.  Long before the internet was born.

Paul sold video marketing to companies when it was near impossible to play a video on a website because they loaded so darned slowly.  But he made a killing doing that one thing alone!

It would take too long to go into his history here, but suffice to say that when it comes to writing outstanding sales copy Paul is one of the best there is.  He just doesn’t happen to be “internet famous.”


I was so impressed with Paul’s document I got in touch with him and persuaded him to let me pick his brains and record the interview.

There was so much material that we ended up doing not one but two interviews.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]And Paul has agreed that these two interview videos can be released to the public for a limited time.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Paul taught me:

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • The ONE question you should ask yourself before you commit a single word to writing
  • How to adjust your message for different sales media, (sales letter, video, email and so on.  Paul even considers how to write his Linkedin profile – has it ever occurred to you that your profiles are sales messages too?)
  • The SECOND question you should know the answer to before you write a word!
  • How to influence the reader to naturally want to buy your offer – immediately.
  • The single question that instantly turns obstacles and objections on their head!
  • Considering offline marketing? Discover how, using a simple and witty tactic, you can bypass the “gatekeeper” (like the receptionist or the secretary), so she insists the boss takes your call!  (Yes, even phone calls are sales copy, right?)
  • The BIGGEST  sales copy “no-no” of them all – and you’ll see and hear this everywhere.  (N.B. Don’t even think of writing another tweet, never mind sales letter, until you know about this!)
  • The one thing that can make all your hard work creating copy worthless.


And that’s just in video 1!

In the second video, you can literally watch over my shoulder as Paul critiques a piece of my sales copy – with astonishing laser-like precision!

Here’s a sample of what we covered in this second session:

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • How to evoke emotion through your sales copy.  (Do you realise that ALL buying decisions are ultimately emotional decisions, not logical ones?  Imagine how much this single golden nugget alone is going to boost your sales figures!)
  • How to harness the power of “universal experiences” to captivate even the broadest audiences.  (The POWER of this is immense – no more need to narrow down to micro-niche markets! Instead you can appeal to everyone.  This is truly amazing – and all can be done through the power of writing or speaking the language of sales copy!)
  • Is asking questions in copy a good thing?  (Finally, a definitive answer on this old chestnut!)
  • Paul’s “big yellow construction signs with flashing lights of copy writing” that too many writers use – and narrow the response possibilities from their prospects every time they do it!
  • The one word that moves people AWAY from buying that you should NEVER use in your sales copy – (but almost everyone does!) Hint: This is COPY DEATH!
  • Why Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP) asked hippies to join the army!
  • How to persuade your readers to sell to themselves!


[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#cc0000″]Bonuses![/headline_cufon_font_left]

There is so much in them that I’ve turned my own notes into a PDF so you can have at-a-glance memory joggers when you sit down to write or edit sales copy yourself.

As an additional bonus, you’ll get the mp3 audios of the video interviews so you can listen to Paul’s wise words on the move too.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]How Much For This Unique Material?[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

What will it mean to you and your business when you can …

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • Save a fortune on hiring copywriters and produce powerful, effective sales copy yourself?
  • Express yourself in ways that reach far wider, broader markets than you ever considered possible before?
  • Avoid costly, stupid mistakes in your sales copy?
  • Get prospect after prospect telling themselves they desperately want your product or service?


Paul Rhines’ gentle, charming teaching is easy to follow and a joy to listen to.  But don’t be fooled – “easy listening” he may be, but Paul’s messages pack a powerful punch.

More to the point – he knows how to sell.


And so will you once you’ve heard these recordings.

Here’s what you get:

  • The 2 interviews.  (Over an hour and a half in total)
  • The mp3 audios so you’re not tied to the computer screen.
  • My “memory jogger” notes so you can print them and have it beside you as you create copy that sells … and sells … and sells again.

Now Paul charges $290 an hour for his coaching.  Which means you’d have to pay him around $440 for the time you’ll have him to yourself, (virtually), through these videos.

You are fortunate that right now Paul is wanting to get better known online, because he’s agreed that this material can go out for a limited time for just…

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]$27[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


[guarantee_bar_30Day]guarantee bar [/guarantee_bar_30Day]

Frankly, you shouldn’t need a guarantee because you’re definitely going to learn a lot about writing outstanding sales copy and how to boost your sales from this material.

But, given that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, if, for any reason, you don’t find Paul’s ideas useful or to your liking within 30 days of purchase, simply email for a full and courteous refund.  The bonus memory jogger will be yours to keep in any case.

[headline_cufon_font_left color=”#cc0000″]PLUS … SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUS![/headline_cufon_font_left]

Paul grew up – and still lives in – the Hollywood neighbourhood.  Stars and hugely successful men and women are everywhere around him.

Since he was prompted by a smart uncle when he was ten years old to ask a film starlette to what she attributed her success, Paul has interviewed literally hundreds of the world’s most successful and respected people – not just in the movie industry, but from all walks of life.

Paul’s understanding of how people rise above “average” and “ordinary” to extraordinary, happy and fulfilled at every level is world class.

He has taught this masterclass exclusively to groups of high flying business folk in and around California … until now.

Realising that so many people are struggling to make it online, Paul has kindly agreed to deliver his powerful “Success Secrets Of The Superstars” training as a FREE webinar for buyers of “Fast Marketing Magic.”

Of course, you will need to act fast if you want to be there … this is an absolute MUST … and it’s completely free.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Now Is The Time To Buy.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Paul’s name will become well known around the internet very fast.  (You know how quickly news travels online these days!)  Once it does, opportunities to get your hands on his material for a tiny handful of dollars will be gone for good.

The information you’re about to get your hands on is dynamite – and will never go out of date either.

Delay no more – grab this opportunity with both hands.  Click the button and buy now.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]$27[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


I know you won’t regret it.  I was there!

Enjoy your new selling power!

Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon – Success Coach & Author

Trevor Emdon.

P.S. These interviews with a top copywriter are pure gold.  Neither the videos nor the offer will be open long.  If you have anything to sell – even an affiliate offer, (you still need to tell people about that don’t you?), you MUST get your hands on this material today.