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This Is For YOU If ...

  • Your job feels like a treadmill existence
  • You're too exhausted to do the things you really want to do
  • You're suffering from stress
  • Your relationships are suffering
  • Your health is cracking up
  • You can't remember when you last had a really good sleep
  • You spend too much time worrying about the bills and other people ... and never have anything left over for yourself

Could there really be a FORMULA for Success that works for everyone, every time? It seems there is - and in this video I explain how its existence has been hiding in plain sight. We've just been looking in the wrong place!

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Most People Would Love To Answer "YES" To These Questions - But Think It's Impossible...

  • Could I live my life entirely on my own terms?
  • Is there any way I could do only things I love doing (and never have any concerns about money?)
  • How could I be just truly myself all of the time?
  • How could I make a difference to anyone else (outside of my own family)?

I Know How It Feels - This Was ME Too!

I Finally, REALLY Figured It Out

I'm Trevor Emdon, International Success Coach.

After 30+ years of trial - and many errors - I have at last understood what it takes to turn any dream into your reality...

...Without fear of failure and with TOTAL CERTAINTY that I, you and all of us can live the life we truly want to live.

This Is NOT ...

  • It's NOT the "law of attraction." (Too hit and miss)
  • It's NOT NLP, Hypnotherapy or any kind of "therapy."
  • There are NO techniques to learn
  • In Fact, there's nothing that doesn't come completely NATURALLY!

Here Are The Details Of The EPS Formula 4 Week Program:

The program runs 4 weeks on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting June 20th 2018

A live webinar including Q & A time followed by live interactive Q & A on Thursdays.

* Week 1: Your Uniqueness Is Why You're Here!
* Week 2: The 5 I's. (Ideas Don't Come From Thinking Hard!)
* Week 3: Action Should Be Effortless (How To Stop TRYING!)
* Week 4: Letting Go & Letting Life Happen FROM You

Earlybird Discount: Only $197 Until June 13th