Dear Friend,

Does it sometimes feel as though your life keeps hitting the same brick wall?

You know what I mean – it’s not everything, just some things.

For me, it was business.  I just couldn’t seem to get cash flowing in.  (There was never a problem with out!)

Other things – like solving people’s emotional problems – came easily to me.  (I was a psychiatric nurse for over 30 years, and I’m a qualified NLP practitioner, life coach … all round helper – or busybody as some may think of it!)

One day, during a meditation, it occurred to me why.

It was all to do with what I’d been told as a child.  Whereas I’d heard that I was intelligent and sensitive to people’s needs from an early age, I’d also heard that “it wasn’t what you knew, it was who you knew” when it came to being successful financially.

And since we didn’t know any rich or successful people, (as far as I knew), we were never going to make it in that department!

At least, that’s how I put it together in my child’s mind.

But once I hit that insight, things began to change.

You see, those early messages get taken on board as gospel truths.  They’re very significant in how we form our sense of identity.  For me saying things such as, “I’m just not lucky with money,” tripped off my tongue and just felt true.

On the other hand, I could just as truthfully say, “Oh I can help you with that” when someone presented an emotional problem – and I could.

My insight helped me to see that believing I was good at one thing and not another was absurd.  There was no reason why I couldn’t get good at business – or anything else I wanted!

I set about using some of my self hypnosis and NLP training and pretty soon I devised a process – and things began to change!

Here are just a few of the changes I noticed:

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  • Increased confidence in areas where it was lacking before!
  • Things just seemed to “work out” – including money coming in, often unexpectedly!
  • An expansion of “comfort zone” – a willingness to try more things I’d previously avoid.


After a while, I wrote it all down and recorded the hypnosis session so I could play it back whenever I wanted it.

And now I’m making it available to you.

I called it “The Core Image Process”


Quite simply, it frees you to “reset your self image.”

All those childhood beliefs – conscious or otherwise – can be “rewritten.”  Just read the manual, then listen to the hypnosis for a few days … and watch as things start to change … as if by magic!


I’m also including some other uplifting material to ensure those negative beliefs have somewhere else to go!

Imagine what it would cost you to uncover those negative beliefs and pay for sessions with a private psychotherapist! (Which I am.)

Several hundred dollars … at least.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Right now, you can download this entire program complete with 2 surprise bonuses, for a special introductory price of just $27.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

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I’m just letting it go at this price until I’ve collected a handful of testimonials – then the price will be at least $47 – or maybe considerably more.

It’s time to stop believing that there are dreams and goals beyond your reach!  If you want them, you can have them.  I’m living proof!

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See you on the way to the top!

Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon – Success Coach & Author