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Thank you very much for your interest in promoting “Words From Thin Air” WSO.

This is what the program consists of:

  • Main pdf – 50 pages
  • 2 Bonus Videos (“How To Always Be Creative” and “Walkthrough of the program”)
  • Editable mindmap
  • WP Theme for authors

That will be the front end product priced at $7.  The bonuses alone should massively drive sales – this is a real mega-package.

Sales copy will be heavily angled towards writing for – and being able to profit from – Kindle.

Commission will be 100% on front end sales.


  • Done for you report of hot/trending topics on Amazon and Kindle.

This is a virtual “no-brainer.”  Of course, it isn’t necessary to use the main product but the incentive is high since the motive is to profit quickly.

Sales price will be $27.

Commission will be 50% on the back end.

Your profit per sale will be at least $7. 

For all backend sales, this will add a further $13.50 – making total revenue $20.50 for you. (Minus usual commissions of course – out of our control).

Please note this is a joint launch between me, (WF ID “Wizardofwisdom” and Coach Comeback – who recently had WSO of the Day)

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Please feel free to use or adapt these emails for promotional use:

Email 1:

Subject: Your Never Ending Wellspring Of Wealth


Not long ago, over a coffee, a friend asked my advice about something. I gave her the first idea that sprang to mind and she seemed to find it genuinely helpful.

The other day, I got involved in a conversation about internet marketing on Facebook and one of my remarks got a lot of those “thumbs up” likes.

You’ve probably done similar things. New ideas pop into our heads and we just say them (or type them out) without a second thought.

Now I’ve just been shown something that I think you should give a second thought and more than a passing glance to – because it’s really opened my eyes to how, by letting those little passing thoughts get away, we’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

It’s a brand new WSO that’s been created by two coaches – Trevor Emdon and P. James Holland – aka “Wizard of Wisdom” and “Coach Comeback.”

“Words From Thin Air” as it’s called, is frankly inspiring.


Dive in, and you’ll never be lost for ideas you can sell on Kindle (or any other digital format you like.)

I won’t call it a “how to” program – there are a ton of those. What makes “Words From Thin Air” stand out from the crowd is that it opens up your belief in your own creativity – and turns any resistance to writing and creating your own product into a joy.



P.S. I’m sure it’s not going to stay at the WSO price for long, so if you’ve ever wondered how to go about getting ideas or creating your own product, grab “Words From Thin Air” before it’s gone or ten times the price at least. [LINK]


Email 2: 

Subject: What Your Ideas Are Worth?


Have you ever considered that the words that tumble out of your mouth every time you have a conversation could be worth a small – or even a large – fortune?

Stop. Think about that for a moment.

If what I just said is even a little bit true, there’s a veritable gold mine inside you.

A brand new and truly unique WSO just opened my eyes to that very idea.

It’s called “Words From Thin Air”. Let me explain.


You see, it isn’t WHAT you say so much as the fact that you CAN say things at a moment’s notice. “Words From Thin Air” actually shows you how to tap into that natural creativity and capture it.

Then you can sell it!

On Kindle – or anywhere you like.

You have a never ending supply of ingenuity that can be cashed in – starting now.

There’s never been a WSO quite like this one. In my humble opinion you should get your hands on it while you can. Which really means now.




P.S. If you’ve ever thought you can’t write, “Words From Thin Air” will blow that out of the water. It’s inspiring – and you’ll always be able to create a product whenever you want – or need – to. Grab this with both hands – you’ll be sorry if you don’t.