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Dear Friend,
In 1993, I walked out on a well paid, secure job. It wasn’t that I didn’t love it. I just wanted more from life. My life. I survived more than 15 years without a contracted job. I didn’t lose my home, my shirt or my dignity. At the end of 2013, I did it again - and this time there’s no going back. The comments I had - especially at the beginning - people telling me I was crazy, irresponsible or even downright insane, I came to realise were born of deep envy. Every day folks just like you and me are desperate to quit their day jobs. 

So why doesn’t everyone quit? Of course, it feels scary to say the least. But if you have a burning desire - as I did (and still do) - to live out some dream, some fantasy life - then I’m here to tell you there IS a way.

Introducing…"Feel The Fear & Quit Your Day Job Anyway"

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- Trevor Emdon - Success Coach