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The Book Of Being by Trevor Emdon“You’ve heard it before: you can create your own reality. But don’t you have to visualize like crazy and believe in something called the law of attraction? Don’t you have to understand quantum physics too? Not any more!

Trevor Emdon, a British NLP practitioner whose own reality was a mess in the 1990s, discovered an effortless route to the same results almost by accident! As time went on he blended his understanding of psychotherapy with a growing knowledge of metaphysics, (which says we can – and do – create our reality) and found they met in the middle!

“The Book Of Being” is for anyone who’s ever heard of “The Secret” (aka the law of attraction) but who thinks it doesn’t work and would still like to get results.

Here at last is a down-to-earth practical approach that will get your life on track regardless of what you believe about that – and it’s as close to effortless as you can get! It’s all to do with how you ARE and not a whole set of rules you have to DO. The result is a freeing, fun way to live that makes you feel good from the moment you start and bring results by default! You’re not so much required to DO anything – but simply to change the way you ARE. Once you can do that, the reality you desire will virtually show up of its own accord. Here at last is effortless, belief-free reality creation that works for sceptics and cynics and believers alike. The worst case scenario is that you get to feel good most of the time. Big deal!  Available now from Amazon.com (click here)[/content_box_light_blue]