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Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon – Success Coach & Author

Once Upon A Time … I Thought Dreams Were Just For Kids Too …

By the time you’re grown up, you’ve given up on all those “silly” romantic dreams, right?

Then what?

Knuckle down, work hard, (at something you probably don’t enjoy), limp from paycheck to paycheck, watch your kids do the same and keep marking time until the Grim Reaper shows up!

Happiness and success, when and if they come, tend to be in short bursts and regarded as strokes of good luck.

But those things are not for most of us, are they?


My name is Trevor Emdon – I’m a success coach. And I’m pretty successful – these days. I have a gorgeous wife of five years, we live in a beautiful rural setting and I have a Mercedes C Class Kompressor – fully paid for – parked outside.

Perhaps most important of all, I have peace of mind and I’m happy pretty much every day.

But – my life used to be very different.

I struggled with every bill. I spent years either lonely or having my heart broken time and again. I found most aspects of life very, very difficult. And I didn’t like myself too much either.

I could go into all the details, but not only would that take too long, but you’d find yourself making comparisons. One of the discoveries I made along the way was that thinking, “It’s alright for so-and-so – they had this lucky break or that kind of help…” was a self destructive thought process.

It held me back.

But eventually I found my way to freedom.

The first step is acknowledging that it may be similar fears holding YOU back. Essentially, you’ve done that – you wouldn’t still be reading this otherwise!

The second step is to take action.

Read my report – it’s free – called, “Fear Control – How To Take Risks & Win At Life.” You will find some life changing ideas in there.

Simply click the button below to reveal how to get my report emailed to you in the next few minutes.

Do it now – your life is waiting!

I’ll see you on the way to the top.

All good things,

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