• A step by step video tutorial series that shows you how to easily build and keep your …
  • Rapid Self Confidence
  • Transforms you into a virtual success magnet!
  • Knocks “law of attraction” nonsense – (like “subconscious beliefs”) out of the water!
  • Makes success and personal happiness and fulfilment practically a guaranteed way of life
  • Gives you the tools for success in all areas of life – wealth, health, love and romance … even your spiritual life will become clearer!

There has never been a course like this before.  Nobody else, (as far as I’m aware), gives you practical, simple processes and “tools” that you can put to work immediately so you’ll experience and feel the difference in your life from day one.

Nobody else has developed a simple and complete system for making the law of attraction work. Now you can learn how to apply the law of attraction like you learned to drive a car or learned to swim.  It’s a simple set of skills anyone can learn – in one complete system.

There are currently 12 videos in the series … but more may be added.

Each video is accompanied by summary sheets and workbook pages that build into a journal – so you can keep track of your progress – see how quickly your life changes!

The system is designed to be completed over about 6 months, but you may choose to take more or less time as your schedule permits.  (Hint: I recommend not more than a year – that’s one tutorial a month – you DO want your life to change, don’t you?)

Commit to this now – it’s an investment for the rest of your life.


What does it cost?

The real question, of course, is what will it cost you NOT to take action now?

Your life will not change unless you change, and, much as I’m uncomfortable bragging, I mastered self change a long time ago – my survival depended on it.  So you will be learning from a master and I will deliver in spades!

There’s far more to this course than meets the eye on this page!  Some of it I won’t tell you because that’s how life is too – you get to meet challenges as they show up – and the next thing you know, you’re dealing with them.  And some of it I haven’t told you about because, honestly, there are elements I add in as I go along – this is a living, breathing course, and how you and other participants react can determine what happens next.

So … let’s get to the bottom line. The cost is $388 – which is spread in 4 easy monthly payments of $97.

Now … notice your reaction.  You may think it’s expensive.  You may think it’s a bargain.  You may … it all depends where you are with your life.

If you think it’s too much, then ask yourself how much value you place on you and your changing?  (Because this can’t be about what I can deliver – you hardly know me!)

If you think you haven’t got that kind of spare cash, then I am genuinely sorry about that, but I would also ask you to consider what you have found cash for when you thought it was important enough?  I’ve met plenty of people who frequently talk about how poor they are but they still take three or four holidays a year, buy expensive cosmetics and fashion items … and so on.

I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t.  I’m just asking you to consider what you value most.

Is there a money back guarantee?

I’ve thought a long time about money back guarantees.  If I was selling widgets I’d happily give you a money back guarantee because there’s nothing worse than paying for a widget that doesn’t work.

But the answer in this case is, no.  It’s “I’m sorry, but no,” if you prefer … and I’ll tell you why.

I absolutely know – and can therefore guarantee – that what I’ll teach you works.  It will make a positive difference in your life – if you apply it consistently.

I will do everything in my power to motivate you to keep going – and I shouldn’t need to work too hard because you ought to be having such a good time that you’ll love keeping up the changes anyway.

But – I can’t, and wouldn’t want to, make you.  This is self help.  I’ll deliver the materials, you help yourself.  So, can I guarantee that YOU will perform?  Only you are in control of that!  So ask yourself, before you get your credit card out, if you guarantee to stay the course.

If you aren’t sure, then please don’t spend your money.  I want people who want to change – desperately.  Now.  Who may, if necessary, cut out some cappucinno’s or other unnecessary item to fit this into their budget because nothing matters more than getting your life in shape.

If that’s you – commit.  If not, thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

One final thought.  I was going to price this much higher, but after a little research, I discovered that four months membership of gyms is when people begin to stop going – although the gym makes them pay every month.

Think of this as a kind of mind gym.  You’ll have paid for your membership – even though the course will go on beyond four months – in full – in just 4 payments.  5 months from now, your money’s freed up again – and you’ll be having a ball!

Now, are you ready to commit?  Great to have you on board!  Here’s the button again: