Why Does Gratitude Matter?

“Say ‘Thank you!'”  I’m sure every one of us was encouraged by our very polite parents to learn the accepted good manners of thanking anyone and everyone who ever gave us a candy.

Once we’ve grown up, it’s habit to say “please” and “thank you” but most of the time, it’s rarely more than that.

So what? 

You’re managing in life, aren’t you?  Nobody is going to accuse you of being rude or of forgetting your manners, are they?

Probably not, but that’s not the point.

Most people – and you may or may not be included in that percentage – go around with a head full of grumbles.  Sometimes they speak them aloud, but silent or spoken, they’re eating away at you – and actually deflecting the success you want away from you.

It’s so easy to see what’s wrong with the world – whether that’s your personal world or the world at large.  In fact, it’s been made even easier by the media who think we require a “drip-feed” of misery and things to worry about twenty four hours a day.


Take a moment.  Look around you at all the things that are right with your life and with the world.

If you really stopped to do this, you’d have to put your life on hold indefinitely – there is no end to the beauty and the wonder of things.

Do you know how to grow a fingernail?  Can you make a daisy?  Can you explain why a mountain scene or the sight of a beautiful woman or a Mozart symphony can take your breath away?

Have I just reminded you of a few things that feel good?

Are you beginning to understand why gratitude is important?

Shift your focus to what’s right in your life, what’s working for you, and at bedtime take a moment before you go to sleep to tiptoe back through your day and find three “magic moments”.

I’m going to make you a promise now.

If you do this – really, seriously do this – your life will change for the better in almost every conceivable way.

You’ll feel the difference instantly.  And you’ll see the results in the smiles, the thanks, the praise, the opportunities and the nice surprises that will show up for you all the time.

I rest my case!


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