Ten minutes (and 37 seconds) – just about the right amount of time for a coffee and a cigarette! Why don’t you go grab yourself those now and take up the challenge of the free trial?

10 minutes 37 secs is all it takes to watch Video 1.

Once you see how easy, fun and gentle the process is, we’re confident you’ll want to go ahead and download the entire 6 video program for just $197 $97. (How much is a pack of cigarettes? Right! So your total investment would be around the cost of 31 15 days of smoking.)

Of course, you might be one of those rare folks who just won’t get on with it, but it’s going to cost you nothing to find that out!

And if it really doesn’t work for you, (highly unlikely), even after you’ve bought the program, you can get your money back via our 30 day money back guarantee – although we do ask you to complete a very brief questionnaire because we like to figure out why we’ve missed one. (We have a success rate of over 97%) But we’re sure you won’t mind that because we know you’ll agree we’ve tried our VERY best to get you free.

In well over 4,000 cases we’ve already succeeded.

So you have nothing to lose – and a lifetime of freedom, health and extra cash to gain.

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All this for just $197! $97!

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[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]





Terms of the Guarantee.


We trust that you will appreciate that the nature of this product requires some trust on both sides. The quit smoking program has been tested and refined over a number of years and has helped the vast majority of smokers who have watched it to quit easily, as described.


We understand that you may be doubtful about this, and equally, since we cannot know you in person, we must trust that if you say that it has not worked for you that that is the case and that you have given the video course a fair chance, (i.e. that you have watched it in a single sitting of about 2 hours, and that you were fully awake and alert at the time).


For these reasons, we ask that you agree to the following simple terms:


You have a full 30 days from your date of purchase to review the program. In the event that it does not work for you, (i.e. that you continue to smoke after you have watched the videos according to the instructions), your money will be refunded in full. We will ask, in fairness to both parties, that you complete a brief questionnaire, (4 questions), which will be emailed to you which will help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and assist with future improvements.


Your refund will be forwarded on receipt of your completed questionnaire.


Thank you for understanding.




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