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Whatever your issue, this is the foundation of success and positive change - watch first!
Training Information
Difficulty: Beginner
Video time: 33:59
This is the building block of success! Revisit this page often until you've got this in your head, heart and guts!

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Additional Quick Tips
  • Notice how rapidly your feelings change when you apply the process in the video!
  • Every decision you ever make will have an emotional element to it - no exceptions. Once you know that you can alter your emotional response you command your decisions - and hence your DESTINY!
  • This will feel strange at first - that's because we're never taught how to use our minds. Strange doesn't mean difficult! And the rewards are HUGE.
  • Nobody - not even the most successful people in the world - ever has 100% certainty all the time. They've simply learned to be aware of doubts or fears and to make a CHOICE about how to move forward. That's FREEDOM!
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I make a mistake?
What's a mistake? You will either get the outcome you want or you'll have a learning experience. You'll always get a result! Labelling your choices as "mistakes" or "wrong" perpetuates fear.

How long does it take for this to work? It feels awkward.
So did learning to walk at first. Listen, we live in an age where immediate results are the expected norm. Everyone is different, but you'll notice internal changes - in the way you feel - immediately. Daily practice quickly makes you more effective and powerful and that's pretty compelling ... you'll WANT to keep going! Awkward, schmawkard ... who cares?

I've tried this kind of thing before and it just doesn't work for me.

Sometimes it feels safer not to change - but you came here for something, so go get it and you'll find out how easily you handle any fallout.

There is no "it" that works or doesn't work - there is only you and a technique that you can use or choose to walk away from.

Choose now. (We'll deal with the fears in future modules ... or ask in the Facebook group.)

I can't visualise
No problem.

What matters is that you feel some change. Use sounds, patterns ... it doesn't matter. We all have some way of processing what we believe we can do versus what we think we can't ... it's just a case of becoming aware of what you do inside your own head. It's a fascinating journey of self discovery in there!
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