Get “Esteem Engine” Today – Normally $77 – Today Only $37!

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If you’ve had your heart broken, or your confidence shattered, bruised or broken for any reason, you need to climb aboard the “Esteem Engine” now.

Here is just a fraction of what’s covered in the program:

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  • End “auto-pilot” negative self talk – once and for all!
  • Feel good about your strengths – perhaps for the first time ever!
  • Quit minding what others think of you – it’s your life!
  • Command absolute certainty about your decisions – at will
  • Finally end worry and fear of “getting it wrong”
  • PLUS much, much more…


[testimonial3 author=”Lyn Saunders, Nursing Home Manager, UK” + pic=””]“Whenever you’ve touched my life I’ve felt inspired… Thank you so much for this, Trevor”[/testimonial3]

Imagine what astonishing self confidence will mean to your life.  How good will it feel when you no longer worry that your heart will get broken again … or that your simply not good enough to be loved by the person you want?

N. B. This offer may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Can you afford to pass up on these secrets and be kicking yourself later for not taking action? Get the results you want now!

Normally $77 – Today Only $37!

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You Get All Of This …

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  • The “Esteem Engine” book itself.
  • Confidence hypnosis audio (mp3) – so you can gain confidence while you relax.  (I tell you in the book when to listen to it)
  • Negative self talk elimination process audio (mp3) – instructions also included in the book…
  • PLUS …


2 astounding bonuses – Limited Time Offer! …

1. Mind Sweeper!

Inside are 100 … yes a hundred ideas that will make you feel good instantly!  I call them “Thought Tweaks” – little tidbits of wisdom that make you look at life from another angle – and they’ll make you smile.

  • Discover what the “Even Odyssey” is…!
  • Enjoy “Stepping Back To Peace”!
  • and find out why life maybe “A Game With No Losers!”

… plus 97 more!

2. How To Trust Everything Will Be Alright!

When you come to think about it, worry and anxiety are kind of like having faith in things going wrong! This brief, elegant report will show you how to flip that over – so you have a bright, optimistic energy about you always – that in itself will add extra “oomph!” to your confidence! A real treasure!

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“Esteem Engine” is like having the software to re-format the “hard drive” of your mind. You won’t forget the past – you’ll just be able to smile about it – and move on with your life.

That’s freedom!

What more could you ask for?

[testimonial3 author=”Nelly Odessa – Best selling author & success coach.” + pic=””]“Trevor says … it’s only when we feel better about ourselves that change can happen.  It’s hard to resolve a conflict when we feel angry, for example. This was a real light bulb for me … but it was just the beginning.” –[/testimonial3]


  • How long will it take before I see results?
             A: Everyone is different and no two people will work through the material at the same speed.  Having said that, as long as you start applying the techniques outlined in the program you should notice that you will start to feel some positive changes straight away.
To ensure they last, some repetition is a good idea – the hypnotherapy mp3 will make this a lot easier as you don’t need to re-read the book so many times.
  • Will I need to spend more money on anything else?
             A: No.  The program is designed to be a complete mini-course in boosting, building or restoring self confidence.  However, I’ve never heard of anyone who owned only one self help book or program.  I’m just saying, nothing else is required for this program to get the results described.
  • Do you guarantee it?
             A: I’m going to be brutally honest here – this is self help.  I believe that every one of us has the ability and the inner resources to improve our own lives.  All it takes is a little knowledge – which I supply – and practice – which is what you supply.  If you seriously feel after purchasing the program that I have failed to deliver – even over-deliver – on knowledge and expertise, then by all means request a refund and I will happily give you your money back.  However, I can’t control whether you use the material or not.  My request is that you play fair with me and with yourself – and my promise is that I’ll play fair with you.
Fair enough?

Grab your copy now – these bonuses may not be here forever!

So What Will It Be? New Confidence or the same old same old…?

For a limited time only – price reduced!
Normally $77 – Today Only $37!

(N.B. I reserve the right to end this offer at any time without notice)

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