If Quitting Smoking Was Easy, We Think You’d Have Done It By Now

Finally - A Quit Smoking Method That Doesn’t Insult Your Intelligence

There’s no point in telling you smoking’s bad for you.  Even if you didn’t know, it’s written on the packaging...!

So why do so many stop smoking methods try to get you to quit smoking by telling you about cancer statistics or showing you disgusting images of tar-soaked lungs?

Addiction Isn’t Physical!


Nicotine replacements are everywhere. Gum, patches, nasal sprays and now e-cigarettes, to name just a few.We’ve nothing against those if you want to try them. It’s just that, well, if you continue to put nicotine into your body then you aren’t going to get free of nicotine addiction, are you? It doesn’t really matter what the delivery system is!


But nicotine replacement “therapy” - as an idea to help you to quit smoking - assumes that your addiction is physical.However, you know from experience that the physical addiction itself isn’t that bad.You probably don’t smoke at the office. You don’t smoke on flights or in hospitals. You may not even smoke in your own home or in front of your children.If physical addiction was such a problem, those times would hurt.


The real reason is psychological. It’s simply this: You can’t imagine life without smoking. And when you try, it SCARES you! That FEAR is what’s keeping you trapped. You see, you fear the consequences of smoking. And you fear the consequences of NOT smoking!

Now What?

Let It Sink In: You Fear The Long Term Effects Of Smoking AND You Fear Never Smoking Again!

Is there a small nudge somewhere inside that’s telling you, “Yes.  That’s true”?

By starting with the psychology of nicotine addiction we think we stand a much better chance than most of getting you free of smoking - fast!

In fact, we can do it in around 2 hours!  All you have to do is watch a series of six short videos.  No revolting images of diseased lungs.  No cancer scares.

No Scare Tactics

It should be obvious - you're already SCARED TO DEATH, so how is more fear going to help?

One 2 Hour Sitting

You can even smoke while you watch! NO hypnosis or hocus pocus - pure insight will extinguish the desire to smoke permanently!

No Cravings - Ever

When you don't WANT something, you can't miss it. Nicotine withdrawal itself is fully dealt with - is completely painless and lasts around 2 days! (Yes, really - that's scientific fact! It simply CANNOT stay in your body)

Very Little Chance Of Weight Gain

Most weight gain in ex smokers comes from the sense of missing out and trying to substitute snacks. Since you won't be missing anything, there's no desire to snack either!

What's Inside?

6 Short Videos!

That's it! Total viewing time is around 2 hours - about the same time as it would take you to watch a movie ... except this WILL change your life!
(And in case it hadn't crossed your mind, it has the nice by-product of saving you a SMALL FORTUNE!)

So you'll live longer AND have more to spend while you do!

Simply set aside 2 hours. Watch on any device - all you need is an internet connection!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

By starting with the psychology of addiction, we think we stand a much better chance than most methods. Besides, what have you got to lose ... except a life-threatening habit?

Will You Guarantee It?

In a word, YES, with some tiny conditions. All we ask, in fairness to you and us, is that you go through the program at least once as instructed - that is, from start to finish in one 2 hour sitting - within 30 days of purchase. If you don't quit, we'll fully refund you on completion of a very brief questionnaire, which gives us the chance to improve the program for future users. Fair?

Has This Worked For Anyone Else?

Yes, thousands of people. (Approx 4,000 people in the UK and Eire who attended live presentations of the same program). In the following column you can read what some of them had to say...

Philip Hamilton, retired Managing Director of Wrigley's UK said...

It is now nearly two and a half years since you enabled me to stop smoking ...The extraordinary thing about this was that I suffered absolutely no withdrawal symptoms or any need for will power

Amanda Harley, journalist, said...

"The therapist did not wave a magic wand and make all thoughts of smoking disappear from my head ... But instead of feeling deprived, I congratulated myself on how far I had come already, and within days smoking had ceased to become an issue. 3 weeks later I am still a happy - and unbearably smug - non smoker."

Your Turn?

At this point it's to be expected that you're sceptical and scared ... in case it doesn't work and in case it DOES! You and I both know that making smoking a thing of your past is the best gift you could ever give yourself and your loved ones. Just DO IT - and do it now.
Disclaimer: The program offered here is offered in good faith and the information on this sales page is true to the best of the vendor's knowledge. However, the program is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological help. The vendor has no knowledge of you or your history, nor any way of determining how you may use or understand the material on offer here. Therefore, no claims for damage or negligence of any kind will be accepted by the vendor at any time.
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