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You Don’t Have To Be Young, Free & Single to Find Real, Lasting Love

With 67% of second marriages and an astounding 73% of third marriages in the US ending in divorce* – you’re RIGHT to be scared. Broken hearts hurt – and time may heal but that doesn’t make it easy to forget, does it?

Nevertheless, we all yearn for love. The vast majority of us would rather have love, fun, companionship and a good ol’ sex life than face the prospect of a lonely old age – and worst of all – dying alone.

To give you back your love life – not to mention a love OF life – we at Wizard Of Wisdom have created the “Love Recovery Newsletter.”

My Un-Love Story

Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon – Success Coach & Author

I’m Trevor Emdon, and as well as creating this newsletter, (and many other self help programs), I also got the T-shirt on heartbreak.

For the best part of two decades – twenty odd pain-filled years – I lived either lonely or heartbroken.  Of course, there were glimpses of love in between – but they only led to another painful ending.

By the time I was 45 I’d had enough of love. I decided – quite consciously – to quit it.  I chose to live the single life.  For me the alternative was just too painful.

For five years I lived this way.  But when I hit my 50th birthday, something changed inside.  I didn’t want to grow old alone.

Fortunately, the five bachelor years had not been empty.  I’d discovered a great deal about myself – and about what love and relationships really mean.  And how to really “do” them successfully!

It was time to put my discoveries to the test.  A test that could change my life forever.

Just before Christmas 2006 I met my beautiful new wife and lifelong companion.  You hardly need me to tell you that there was – and still is – a fairy tale ending.

Trevor Emdon & wife get a cookery lesson

But even the very meeting itself would not have been possible without my five year journey of discovery.

Out of my pain and then my learning I have created “Love Recovery Newsletter” – for you.

In short, it’s for anyone and everyone who has ever loved and, for whatever reason, lost – but who now would like to find love again. It will help to answer those difficult questions that come up every day.

It doesn’t matter what age you are – if you’ve been heartbroken and you’re afraid to let love back into your life again, this top notch content we’ve put together will lift you, renew your hope and faith in life and love … each and every month.

The Love Recovery Newsletter is your trusted guide to making the best choices for yourself and – when you’re ready – to help you find a new partner. In addition, it’s crammed full of simple, yet overlooked tips & wisdom that will help you not only to find new love but also to keep it alive.

Perhaps the best way to describe The Love In Mid Years Newsletter for you is to list the kinds of articles it prints:

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  • The 7 Things You Must Know To Build Trust In Relationships
  • What Every Man Should Know About Keeping A Woman Happy
  • What To Do If You’re Still In Love With Your Ex
  • The KEY To Being Loved – How to Love Yourself!
  • PLUS … Interviews with EXPERTS in the dating scene – women!  This is top advice straight from the people who KNOW what they want!  (And they’ll tell you how to give it to them!)


515fdf40e39327ef9a14f03637a904c358aab_640Watch your single friends turn green with envy as you find your way back to happiness, love and fun – the way life is supposed to be!  (Did you know it’s okay to have a sex life at any age?) Just kidding – but there are plenty of people who live without it – and kid themselves into believing that’s alright!

It isn’t – as you’ll be able to tell by the jealous faces of your friends!

Imagine how freeing and joyful you will feel holding the hand of someone you truly cherish again – and who cherishes and loves you in return.

Let your mind wander for a moment to the joys of having no more doubt and of letting love back into your life.

It’s not as hard as you may think – no matter how badly hurt you’ve been before.  (There ARE good men and good women out there – of course there are!)

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$17 a Month –

Introductory price is just $7 a month.  
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[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]Speaking of guarantees, there is always the slight chance that Love Recovery Newsletter isn’t right for you – which is why you’ll have a full 30 days to read issue 1 without any risk to you whatsoever – because if you don’t like it, simply cancel your guarantee and you will have your first payment immediately refunded – no questions asked. We’re sure you’ll find the quality and standard superb, but in case you don’t, the risk is all on us.  (Just to be clear, after you’ve made your second payment and beyond, the refund option will expire – but by then you’ll be an avid reader anyway!)[/guarantee_box_1]

In summary, The Love Recovery Newsletter is a reliable, trustworthy love and dating mentor for men and women of all ages who have had some experience of heartbreak – but now want to find love again.

In fact, every tip, trick & piece of advice is written by an expert team and vetted by a seasoned counsellor and therapist! So you know the information you’re reading is high quality and practical. Each month your issue of the Love Recovery Newsletter will be sent to you with a handful of trustworthy, clever tips you can use right now.

The Love Recovery Newsletter is available by subscription only. The price is $17 a month.

However, right now you can register for the special introductory offer of ONLY $7! Less than half the price of the cover sticker! 

To subscribe simply click the button below & enter your payment details into the secure PayPal payment system. Once you do all you have to do is enter your name & email on the next page and you’ll instantly receive your very first issue of the Love Recovery Newsletter. Don’t wait, subscribe today & ensure your love life is restored to the happy, healthy state it was always meant to be!

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findinglove_keepinglove_ecover1Inside issue 1! “Finding Love – Keeping Love” – this powerful book will restore not only your faith in love, but also set you back on the road to having the courage to love.

Here’s just some of what’s inside:

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  • The Power Of Your Subconscious! (Yes, love starts there!)
  • The How’s, Why’s and even Where’s of today’s dating scene!
  • 5 Relationship Rules You’ve Probably Never Thought Of, (and at least one you probably never dared to!)
  • 6 Keys to Keeping Love.  (And what that vow really means!
  • PLUS much more!


It’s yours – FREE with issue 1.  If you don’t want to stay with the newsletter, you have a full 30 days to unsubscribe – and you’ll get your first month’s subscription back – plus you still get to keep the book!  (Although you’ll no longer have access to the newsletter content itself)

You can’t lose.  Your love life is waiting.  Subscribe now and get your FREE copy of “Finding Love – Keeping Love.” 

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My FREE, instantly downloadable copy of “Finding Love – Keeping Love” which is mine to keep even if I choose to end my subscription.


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P.P.S.  You will be charged $7 immediately, and a further $7 each month.  You may unsubscribe at any time without penalty.  Money back offer is only for first payment.

*Ref: Psychology Today.com – February 6th 2012

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