Q. I’ve tried positive thinking and affirmations until I’m blue in the face but nothing seems to work for me. I’ve almost given up believing in the law of attraction.  How do I make it work?
A. Well, first of all, you can’t make the law of attraction work any more than you could make gravity work!  And that’s the big clue … the energy you’re putting out by trying to make something happen is the energy of near desperation and frustration! What you’ll attract is more reasons to be desperate and frustrated!  That’s why I teach that manifesting your dreams and desires comes from your being – how you are – not from what you do.  In short, the law of attraction isn’t a technique – it’s a way of life.
Q. I want someone to come into my life.  If I imagine that person falling in love with me will that attract them to me?
A. In a word, no.  I hate to be a party pooper, but you can’t decide someone else’s life by wishing they’d do something you’d like them to!  (Imagine how complicated our lives would be.  Mind you, there are a handful of politicians who sort of work this way … but we won’t go there!)
The key, once again, is to figure out what’s missing in you that you feel the person you long for would replace … and then as you fill that gap yourself you’ll be amazed at how easily you do attract love into your life.  It may or may not turn out to be the same person … but often you’ll realise that if there wasn’t mutual attraction to begin with you’d have imprisoned each other – and love is about freedom.  I do a whole masterclass on relationships – sign up to my mailing list for details of the schedule.
Q. How do I attract more money?
A. This is probably the most frequently asked question in one form or another regarding the law of attraction.  The answer is very simple, (although it took me about fifteen years to figure it out!)  The answer is … you don’t attract money.  You attract prosperity and lucrative opportunities by appealing to the people who will pay you for whatever it is you wish to be paid for.
The only source of money is other people – regardless of whether that’s your employer, your bank or your customers.  (Or many others too numerous to mention).  When you figure out how to make yourself attractive to other people you will be showered with money.  The best way to do this is to ask yourself how you can make people feel good!  The highest paid group of people in our world aren’t doctors or politicians or teachers … they’re entertainers.  (And notice that in a recession comedians, musicals and light-hearted movies flourish – even though people have to struggle for the money for tickets!)
Of course, I’m not saying you need to be an entertainer to attract money, but you add value to people’s lives when you leave them feeling good, acknowledged, helped, praised and that you were kind to them.  Your reputation as someone who does those things is worth countless millions!
Q. I don’t believe in the law of attraction, but parts of my life suck.  What can I do?
This is what it’s all about!  The law of attraction is only about energy and how you affect it.  You ARE energy, your life force is energy, your emotions are energy in motion (“e-motion”), so belief has nothing to do with whether you are successful or happy.  It’s all to do with how you show up.
My WoW! Factor training will equip you with a complete “tool kit” for ensuring your success and happiness.  I believe it’s the first program of its kind because I’ve supplied step by step instructions for how to get your life into the shape you want it.
You don’t need to believe in, or understand, the physics of a combustion engine to drive a car!  There’s been a lot of smoke blown about the law of attraction because people do feel they want to know why it works and if it exists at all, but now we’ve got so hooked into the science and the metaphysics behind it that we’ve almost overlooked the fact that all we really care about is getting results!  That’s what the WoW! Factor training program is there to deliver!