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Knowing Where To Knock Program

"Everyone Has Self-Limiting Beliefs. So Why Don't We Just Stop Believing In Them?"

"As It Turns Out, There Are Just 4 Doors To Success - Open Any One Of Them, Walk Through & Win At Life..."

Dear Friend,

In the 2016 Olympics, Sir Mo Farah fell during a race - and still went on to win the gold.

Of course, he's one of the greatest athletes of all time, but ... when you fall over against the world's best competitors you need incredible self-belief to not only pick yourself up but to go on and win!

Remember, he was in a situation where 1000ths of a second mattered!  And whilst most of us will never win Olympic medals of any colour, we can still learn a lot from how Sir Mo trained his mind.

Mo Farah wins gold after fall

More about Sir Mo later - but let me clue you into what this is all about.

I’ve believed all my life that we’re MEANT to be happy and successful

Time is too precious to waste it doing dull jobs year on year, or clinging to loveless relationships or running like a rat on a treadmill to keep paying the bills.

It’s also too short to live without some creature comforts, happiness, personal fulfilment, love and whatever success means for you, too.

For me, that means having the freedom to do what I want when I want to do it.  It means going to bed each night with a sense of a day well lived and waking each morning excited at the prospect of another day to play.

It took me a few years, but eventually, I figured it out.

It boils down to a simple formula anyone can learn in a few hours and use to bring yourself success and fulfilment in any area of life you choose - for the rest of your life.

The key lies in knowing how to knock out your limiting beliefs.

What If It's All Deep In My Subconscious?

Look, your subconscious isn't your enemy - it wants you to be happy just like the conscious part of you does!  Simply put, when you change the way you use your conscious mind, your subconscious will follow like an eager puppy!

Does My Formula Work?

I'm glad you asked!  I called it "Knowing Where To Knock" after the old joke where an engineer charges a cargo ship ten thousand dollars after getting the engine started with a single hammer knock when their own engineer couldn't get the thing going.

When the captain questioned the bill, the cheeky reply was that for the work done, the charge was just $1.  But for "knowing where to knock" it was $9,999.

Once you know where to "knock" in life, doors will open for you, happiness will come naturally and success will become almost inevitable in all your endeavours.


Here are some of the results I've achieved so far since I rid myself of self-limiting beliefs and applied the principles you'll discover in "Knowing Where To Knock" :

I have a beautiful wife and a delightful loving marriage - since 2006.  (But I had a series of disastrous relationships and long lonely periods before.  Also, when I met my lovely wife I proposed to her the next day ... because I had inner conviction I would never have had before).

I drive a C Class Mercedes - bought with the "windfall" that showed up on the same day as the car.  (I previously drove cars that fell apart because I couldn't afford better ones).

I Quit My Job - Brave Or Stupid?

When I decided my job was no longer fulfilling, I quit.  In the midst of the worst recession in living memory! (I'm not advising you to do this, by the way - but I had no self-limiting beliefs - so failure wasn't an option!)

I had no plan other than to step up the marketing of my own coaching products and services.  Within weeks, literally, I was showered with offers to do things I love ... writing about psychotherapy, and then ... out of the blue ... a dream job coaching mental health professionals.

I sought NONE of this!  It came to me! In fact, the job offer came from an agency I'd completely forgotten about and who I'd never heard from in ten years.

Want to know the even more amazing part?

Then I nearly turned down a better job offer!

I almost turned the job down because by the time the offer came I was already establishing myself with my online and offline coaching services.  I told my erstwhile employer as much at interview ... and they offered me an adapted contract enabling me to do both!

It was an embarrassment of riches! 

It all came without effort too!

I was determined to follow my dreams but I didn't need to ... because my dreams followed ME!

“It's not about the goal. It's about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal.”  - Anthony Robbins

How I Stumbled On The Formula

I must have walked past these ideas a thousand times before I noticed them ... and figured out how to put them together!

They look simple - but that's where their power lies - and what will give you the edge over 90% of the competition!  (Most people are NEVER going to figure this out! They just won't look at what's right under their noses!)

For example, does being able to take a compliment well sound like it could change your life?

Well it can.

Think about it.  When you cringe inside because somebody pays you a compliment you should pay attention.  You've just felt a self-limiting belief.

Accepting compliments is a sign that you're aware of your strengths.  You're going to learn how to fine-tune your inner strengths like Arnie (Schwarzenegger) built his muscles ... until he became Mr. Universe.

Except you won't need to put in the effort!  In fact, the beauty of my "Knowing Where To Knock" system is that it's about as effortless as it gets.

Okay, sure, you have a little reading to do, and some audios to listen to ... but that's hardly going to break you into a sweat, is it?

Better Than Half Price Deal - Usual Price: $27.00 ***Today ONLY $12.00.*** (N.B. Rises With Every Sale - The More You Delay, The More You'll Pay)

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get

"Knowing Where To Knock" has a book at its heart.  I've cut out all the fluff so you get straight to the meat of this life changing material.

The book is designed to put you ahead of the game  ... that's the Game of Life!  Self limiting beliefs become a thing of the past.

Here is just a little of what that means ...


  • You will naturally start to become the "go-to wise person" in your peer group ... or wherever you go.  You will be the one who is always centred, always cool.  Doors will begin to open for you, just as they did for me.  Doors of opportunity, doors of love ... whatever you want.
  • You'll find solutions where before you saw only problems.  Obstacles that used to stand between you and your dreams begin to dissolve - or even get removed.
  • As you feel better and better about yourself, you'll attract more and more "good luck."  (It's inevitable!)
  • You'll take more risks and have more fun.


But I didn't just stop at a book.

You see, I'm a success coach.  I love to teach and I want you to get the results I know are possible.

So, for each of the three "doors" I'll show you, I've created an audio (mp3) each with a powerful process to bring the idea to life ... your life!



You'll leave everyone else standing!  And the legacy you'll leave will be of living life as a great adventure - filled with fun, and yes, of course some hills - even mountains - to climb ... but who'd want a life without challenge?

That's what "Knowing Where To Knock" is designed to give you.  Contained within its pages and audio recordings are 3 BIG SECRETS - the exact "doors" you need to knock on to get life to virtually bend to your every whim and desire ... time and time again.

Here's just a taste of what's inside...

knowing where to knock success program* 3 Steps - Each one capable of ending self limiting beliefs & negative self talk.  Together, they'll skyrocket your personal success. 

* Finally knock out the number one reason you cling to those self limiting beliefs! (This is the real reason why you're not as rich or successful as you want to be - and the secret to unlock the door to living your dreams)

* How to prime your natural "positivity pump" to thwart naysayers and jealous types

*The little-known secret that almost ensures people will see you as the "go to expert" in virtually any field you choose - guaranteed to boost your self confidence!

* Finally put an end to the "victim mentality" myth - yes, myth!

* Stop others from manipulating you with their displeasure! (Hint: that's how they express their self-limiting beliefs!)

* Reignite your passion for life and finally turn your abandoned dreams into reality[/two_columns_2]

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Is This For Everyone?

Frankly, no.

Knowing where to knock  isn't scientific.  If you're looking for proof, the only kind you'll get is in the amazing results you'll start to see and feel inside yourself and in your life.  But there are no "empirical experiments."  This is all about experience - your experience.

It’s written for people with a sense of wonder and adventure who care about results.

To me, if something works, it works.  And if we share that mentality, you're going to love this program.

[testimonial1 author="Will Smith"]“Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there.”[/testimonial1]

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3 Incredible Bonuses - IF You Act Fast! 

Bonus 1: "5 Ways To Guarantee Success With The Law Of Attraction."

You don't have to believe in the Law of Attraction to take advantage of this powerful little report.  The 5 Tips it contains will make you more attractive to success and happiness - whether you like it or not!  (But only if you read them and apply them, of course!)

Bonus 2: "Tapping The Hammer."
This one nearly didn't make it into the package ... but it's very special!  Feeling low? Try idea #38! Someone commented on your waistline?  Idea #9 will sort you out in no time!

There are no fewer than 101 gorgeous, legal, moral, non-fattening and hugely enjoyable "word hugs" here to ensure you stay positive, love your life ... and above all ... yourself!

The ultimate self limiting belief antidote!

Bonus 3: MoBo "Winner's Mindset Cheat Sheet" 

Inspired by Sir Mo Farah's 2016 Olympic gold medal triumphs, (especially the one where he fell down and went on to win gold!), here are TEN ways you can immediately pep up your mindset whenever YOU stumble.  You may not win a gold medal, but they WILL empower you to win in your own life!

N.B. This bonus is strictly limited - and may be removed without notice at any time


Okay, I'm Interested. But Is It Worth It..?

I'm going to be brutally honest here.

I like to reward action takers like me.  When I see a new inspiring or motivational product on the market, I purchase it - and then I use it.  Life’s ticking by and I won’t get this moment again - and neither will you.

Procrastinators pay a high price - in life in general.  They tend to die with their music still in them.  They also pay more money for things when they don’t listen to what their gut instinct’s telling them - so they miss out.

If you've read this far, what are you waiting for...?

For those reasons, if you're a fast action taker you can get this program - including the MoBo Winner's Mindset Cheat Sheet Bonus -  for the low price starting at just $12.  But if you wait, the price will rise every time someone else takes action and buys a copy of "Knowing Where To Knock."

Why You Should Buy This Now ...

money back guaranteeThis is self-help … but I want you to succeed.  As long as you’re committed to trying the program, I assure you I’m committed to you getting the results you want.  If you feel for any reason that this program doesn’t deliver on its promise, send me an email within 60 days of purchase and I will refund your money in full.



So Let's Recap:

This is what you'll get inside "Knowing Where To Knock"


  • "Knowing Where To Knock" downloadable book - shows you which 3 doors to knock on to succeed in any area of life.
  • Three mp3 audios to accompany the book - each with an original powerful process to inspire and motivate you to take action and get life's doors to start opening for YOU!
  • "5 Ways to Guarantee Success With The Law Of Attraction" downloadable report.  Works whether you believe in the law of attraction or not!
  • "Tapping The Hammer" - heart, body, mind and soul warming resource to get you out of any bad mood, emotional tangle ... or just when you fancy a pamper!
  • $50 discount for the those lucky ones who make decisions fast!
  • The condensed wisdom of years of trial and a lot of errors ... this is a fast track, short circuit to success.
  • PLUS MoBo "Winner's Mindset Cheat Sheet" - for now!
I've done all I can - it's over to you now.  I look forward to seeing you on the way to the top!
All good things,
P.S. Considering you will have 60 days to fully review, test and use "Knowing Where To Knock" I couldn't think of anything else I could do to help you start to get your life in the shape you want it to be.  This could be your last chance to "get off the fence"  ... so why not get this unique program now while it's discounted?