Your Application & Payment Has Been Received – Thank You!

Please read the following instructions VERY carefully.  Failure to follow them may result in your work being lost!

  1. Send an email to me: trev [at] wizardofwisdom [dot] com with the subject line: Text For Editing.  THIS IS VITAL AS I WILL HAVE A FILTER TO ENSURE THOSE EMAILS ARE SEEN AS PRIORITY.
  2. MakE sure you include your full name, Skype name if you have one and a phone number would be helpful in case I need to ask you anything about your work urgently.  (I won’t use this under normal circumstances & I promise to keep it private).
  3. Include your receipt or PayPal transaction ID.  (I will NOT start any work without this, so don’t skip this step!)
  4. Attach the piece of writing you want me to review and edit either as a .txt or a .doc or a .docx file ONLY.  Do NOT send me pdf’s!  I can’t edit those.  Do not send photos, videos or anything other than text.
  5. One more thing – I shouldn’t need to ask but I will.  Please do NOT pass on my email address to third parties.  I would ask you to respect my privacy as I respect yours. If I have reason to believe anyone has done this your work will be returned unedited, and, depending on the disruption caused to my work and life, your fee may be forfeited.  I know … I hate even saying it, but it’s the age we live in!  I hope you understand.

Looking forward to working with you.  Thanks again.


Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon – Success Coach & Author