“How To Solve All Life’s ‘Impossible’ Problems & Stop Worrying (About Anything) From Today Onwards - Without Mindfulness, Meditating Or Any Kind Of Self Help Or Therapy…”

“… Even If You’ve Tried Everything From Tony Robbins To The Law Of Attraction”

If, like me, you’ve tried all the self help techniques and “gurus” in an attempt to sort your life out - from NLP to Louise Hay to meditation …

…Or if you’ve just wanted to feel better about yourself …


If nothing’s worked, if life is still basically the “same old same old” it’s not your fault because … and this is a BIG because … every single one of those ideas is based on a false premise.

The SAME false premise.

Let me explain …

Maybe You’ve Followed Some Self Help Instruction To The Letter And It’s Gone Like This:

For a while, you feel great. Sometimes you may even feel empowered, like you could conquer the world.

And then, within a few days - weeks at most - it’s all evaporated and you’re back to the “same old same old.”

Recognise that?

Why does that happen?

Wouldn’t it be better if there was something that was a permanent change without you constantly having to monitor your own thoughts?

What if you could just feel better about life no matter what, day in, day out? Even on the days you don’t have time to meditate; when it rains on your picnic and you get hit with a big unexpected bill.

Yeah. Those days.

Even then.

Price $27 (One Time Only Payment)

Here’s The Truth: All Those Ideas Are Based On A BIG, BIG Misunderstanding!

A Story About A Teddy Bear ...

It’s easier to show you rather than tell you, so here's a summary of a conversation I had with a client recently:

I asked him to imagine a toddler who’s having the mother of all tantrums. She’s inconsolable … until someone hands her her favourite teddy bear.

Within moments, the screaming and sobbing subside, the tears stop flowing as she clutches the bear to her chest.

So I asked my client, “Is the comfort actually coming from the bear?”

He said he thought it was.

Yet he agreed with me that the bear is made of cloth and stuffing. Had we given the bear to, say, the President of the United States when he’s having a bad day, it’s unlikely to have had the same effect!

The comfort doesn’t come from the bear … it comes from the child’s perception of the bear!

All You Need Is A Tiny Shift In Your Understanding. All Your Problems Evaporate & Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Becomes As Easy - And More Fun - As Your Favourite Hobby!

And yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds. It took me around 4 decades to finally discover it.

What might surprise you is that living life on your terms is remarkably easy. In fact it’s the “default setting” of life!

So is happiness.

And liking yourself too - whatever stage of your journey you’re on.

Also peace of mind.

Worry is not only futile, (it never solved a problem in its long life), but completely unnecessary!

Solving Problems And Manifesting Desires Is NOT About Getting Some “Technique” Right Or Meditating More Often …

It's Not What You Think ... It's Not About Thinking At All!

You really don’t have to practice visualising, eliminating negative thoughts, (impossible, by the way - like trying to eliminate rainy days). Nor do you need to meditate daily, recite affirmations … or anything!

Life WILL have challenges - we’d be bored without them - but that does NOT mean we have to struggle, live in fear or with permanent anxiety. It does NOT mean that we have to emotionally, mentally, spiritually or physically fight for our survival.

If you’ve come to believe that you or your life need improving, or that you have to practice certain techniques or rituals in the hope that happiness will eventually show up, then …

You’ve been misinformed!

It’s not your fault - this teaching is everywhere. I know - I went through it all, from NLP and Tony Robbins to the Law Of Attraction and whole host more in between.

And it’s convincing. It looks real, just as it looked as though the teddy bear causes the upset child to be comforted.

Nevertheless, it’s an illusion. Problems dissolve and solutions appear through a natural process - all that’s needed is a slight shift in perception.

Problem solving is NOT brought about by “thinking hard.” And manifesting your heart’s desires is NOT caused by “positive thinking” or visualisation … or any techniques.

It’s about understanding how life works and simply allowing events to unfold. I’ll show you exactly how to do this and how to absolutely trust the process so you’ll be sure it works every time.

It’s easy, fun, rewarding and brings IMMEDIATE relief.

You really don’t have to become an expert meditator, visualise what you want or become your own “thought police” to bring about lasting, positive changes in your life.

Because that’s not how life works!

It’s not your fault. The “myth of personal development” hand in hand with it’s twin, “the law of attraction” has been repeated so often and for so long that most people are confused and think it’s something they can’t do.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What You WON’T Have To Do …

  • You won’t need to learn any techniques, including meditation, visualising, affirmation chanting … nothing!
  • You won’t need to control your thoughts. If negative thoughts arise or doubt creeps in, it makes no difference whatsoever! (This alone was a HUGE relief to me).
  • You won’t need to believe anything that seems out of reach for you - yet you can still have it!
  • You won’t need to accept any religious ideas, and you can keep any you already have too.
  • You won’t need to take a single word I say as true since you can test everything for yourself.
  • You won’t need to take on board any philosophical notions or know stuff about quantum physics. In fact, there’s nothing here that your average 12 year old couldn’t understand.

So What’s On Offer Here?

No Confusion, That's For Sure!

First, I’m going to gently nudge you AWAY from chasing rainbows. We’re going to walk, side by side with me as your guide, down a different path - a path free of trying to master techniques that you can never rely on - such as visualisation - and instead clear a pathway to the truth that’s been hiding in plain sight.

Piece by piece, I’ll reveal a holistic system where everything makes sense, nonsense is finally “deleted” and your own true power to master your life comes into view.

All of this without trying to think positive thoughts, worrying about doubt, attempting to “clear” your subconscious … or anything of that kind.

Simple and focused, I’ll show you exactly what to do, but perhaps more important than that, I’ll show you what YOU DON’T NEED TO DO.

So I’m going to share with you what I know from experience is the single most effective, simplest and fastest route to long term happiness, success, fulfilment and peace of mind.

I’ll share secrets that I’ve discovered about how our minds really work, about where we fit in the Universe … and how a little understanding can eliminate the need for a lifetime of strife and struggle at a stroke.

Here’s a summary of just some of the highlights:

Video 1:

  • What “reality” really is - and what we can and can’t create. (This was a HUGE relief to me!)
  • Why it’s human to desire stuff - but there’s no need to struggle or suffer to get it.
  • How to have peace of mind while you wait for stuff to show up
  • How to deal with the impermanence of things, including loss.
  • How to get what you really want every time.
  • Where happiness comes from. (Expect a “d’uh!” moment!)

Video 2:

  • How reality “works.”
  • Why stuff doesn’t manifest sometimes - it’s NOT your fault!
  • Where everything you want is
  • Why you absolutely don’t need to control your thoughts.
  • A simple truth about loneliness and love
  • “Resetting the needle” on desire

Video 3:

  • An upside down look at happiness
  • A different - and more comfortable way - to look at money issues
  • A BIG secret to lasting happiness in relationships
  • Why managing your thoughts is a waste of time. (And what to do instead)
  • The natural ability we all have that was the source of Einstein’s genius
  • The natural “system” that will always guide us to our goals, dreams and greatest desires - and how to use it.

Video 4:

  • What to do when you can’t see how you can achieve something
  • What to do if you go “wrong” or “off course.”
  • Why you can’t NOT succeed!
  • The obvious truth we all miss about why success is inevitable

BONUS Videos:

  • My “breadcrumbs system” for achieving any goal or dream
  • A true love story that led to the happiest marriage I know. (It’s mine)
  • Step by step walk-through of the entire process. (Tip: DON’T skip to this!)

What EXACTLY Do You Get?

You’ll get 7 easy-to-follow videos totalling around 2 hours of my training which share everything I’ve learned about the metaphysics of manifesting - which of course includes how to solve any problem or dilemma. This is the culmination of thirty plus years of study and some hard knocks in my own life along the way!

I’m making this entire training available to you for a steeply discounted price just this one time. I’m purposely making you this offer as you’ve shown an interest in moving your life forward right now. You will be able to purchase the program later, but it will be roughly double - or possibly more - once you leave this page.

You’ll have instant access to all seven videos all laid out in a clear members’ area so you can work through them at your own pace, or return to any of the lessons as often as you wish.

Each video is compact, clear and fluff-free so you can make the changes to your life quickly and be ready to move forward - starting today.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to join an exclusive Facebook group for members of this program only, where you’ll have the opportunity to interact with me and ask any questions you have, as well as get updates and tips - all for no extra charge. Whilst I can’t promise to be in there seven days a week, I’m pretty quick to respond to questions - usually within a day - and I’ll keep you posted regarding new insights or anything helpful that comes my way.

I’m Offering You Lifelong Peace Of Mind And A Virtual “Get Out Of Jail Free” Card For Pretty Much Any Situation For The Rest Of Your Life!

Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

I’m a trained psychotherapist turned online coach and I make my living making a difference to other people’s lives - mostly online these days.

I use the communication skills I’ve acquired and knowledge accumulated through a lifetime of training and some tough personal experiences to bring about rapid, lasting, positive change in my customers and clients.

But if you’re asking, “Will this work for me?” …then the answer is, that depends on what you do with it.

I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed or be happier if you purchase my program because I can’t make you watch the videos or jump into the Facebook group and post a question if there’s anything you don’t understand. I’m not your mum!

I can promise you that by the end of the program you’ll have everything you need to make immediate, positive changes to your life. Skills and understanding that you’ll have forever.

I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.

The choice is yours.

See you on the inside…

Price $27 (One Time Only Payment)

P.S. Ask yourself this:

Isn’t It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?

Most people stay trapped where they are because they sit around and complain and yet do nothing to change their situation.

You, on the other hand, have my utmost respect because you’ve taken the time to read what I have to say to you … for which I truly thank you.

…you’ve already started to take action - that deserves respect.

Here’s my personal email address - feel free to use it. I hope we’ll speak soon.


Every effort has been made to represent the product and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will experience any changes using the ideas expressed in the program, however. Examples used in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of results.

Furthermore, by its nature, as a recorded program, contents are generic and cannot be expected to be tailored to individual needs, circumstances or conditions. The program promoted here is in NO WAY intended to be a substitute or supplement for professional mental health or medical care or intervention and it should not be used or interpreted as such.

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