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Get Over Lost Love for single moms

 All your past relationships always ended up hurting one or both of you.
 Breaking up hurt worse and  you just wanted them back all the time like crazy.
When you finally moved on  the next relationship was just as bad as the one before – or worse.
 You want to forgive and forget, but you just don’t seem able to.

These patterns are more common than you probably realise. So many of us want love only to find it hurts more than it heals, sometimes to the point where you give up on love and romance altogether.

That just condemns you to a lonely and often bitter life – and that hurts too!

As I said, these are common patterns, and I fell into them myself for quite a few years … before finally finding the way out. And that, let me tell you, was like emerging into glorious sunshine after what seemed like forever in gloom and darkness.

There IS A Way Out Of Heartbreak. (The Question That Changed Everything)

Let me tell you a little of my story so you know who you’re dealing with…

My name is Trevor Emdon. (Yes, I’m a man, but hear me out, okay?)

Love was not my strong suit for many years. By my early 40s I had two divorces to my name and a string of “ex’s” in between. Oh, and long, very long periods of loneliness. (I called myself “a happy bachelor” – but deep down I was hurting because I really thought no one wanted me).

After my second marriage ended in 2001 I spent five years living alone, deliberately making no attempt to find love or deep commitment in that time. I learned a great deal in that time – and now I can report I’ve been very happily married since 2006.

That journey wasn’t all plain sailing as you can imagine. But I did remember to use my own training as a psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, life coach, you-name-it on myself. (I’ve tried a lot of things that can restore happiness and emotional well-being)

I asked myself, “If I was my own client, what would I advise myself to do?” That question changed everything!

When I was brave enough to answer myself honestly, here was the answer I gave myself:

Fix yourself first because if you don’t then you’ll never be able to give or receive love!


That was tough to swallow, let me tell you. It had been so easy, even comforting to blame the women who, until then, I said had hurt me.

There was nowhere to hide – no sympathy seeking any more. But I knew it was right. Spending my life bitter and angry was making me lonely and loveless. I didn’t like myself as an angry person and I certainly didn’t like the lonely lifestyle.

So I not only swallowed it, I digested it. Then I worked with it and I came up trumps.

I also came up with a well lit path that anyone can follow. Having a lit path means you can easily walk it – a lot faster and easier than I did!

That well-lit path is what I’ve poured into “The Magic Of Moving On – Getting Over Your Ex.”

These days I’m happy, whole, I have peace of mind, I like who I am – and I found the true love of my life. (We married in April 2008 and we are still like kids in a candy store to this day!) Here’s a picture of us taking a ride in a horse and trap…

author and wife - happily married

But I’ve Got Kids – And He Hasn’t!

“Love me – love my kids” right?  Let me give you a man’s perspective.

You and your kids come as a package and if he loves you he will accept your kids.  He may even love your kids.  But there’s a bigger issue.

He’s afraid your kids won’t feel the same about him.

Being a good man for you is something good men know how to do.  It comes naturally.  But the question of whether he can measure up to Daddy in their eyes is a big fear – and the chances are he’s not going to tell you!  He’s a man and surely he can win a kid’s heart?

You know better, of course.  Kids are the toughest of all crowds to please and your new guy is an impostor in their eyes!

Here’s the answer:

The answer comes in two – no, make that three – parts.

1. Get the message clear to your kids: he wants to be their friend, but they don’t have to like him!  (It gives them permission to make up their own minds because otherwise they’ll try to like him to please you!)

2. The message to your man is: They don’t expect you to replace Daddy.  No one can replace Daddy.  Being yourself with them is the best thing you can do for all of us.

3. The message to yourself – (and this is the hardest) – is let him get on with it. Yes, you’re their Mom and you’re protective of their happiness – but the truth is kids are generally better at sorting out what makes them feel good better than grown ups.  They don’t have the baggage yet, do they?  So trust them to find their own relationship and practice a little letting go.

When you relax, everyone in the family – the new family (even if you don’t live together) – feels better.  As a single mom you have to be in charge and in control.  As a dating mom, you have a lot more sharing to do than perhaps you realised!

Will it be easy for you?

Everyone’s different, and ever reader of this page is going to be in a slightly different place from every other person, so there’s no definitive answer to that.

What I can say is that I’m sure you’ll find this a lot easier than anything else you’ve tried.

Warning: Unusual Methods!

My method isn’t about handling you or your broken heart with kid gloves. It’s about getting results – to move you from heartbroken to enjoying life once more as fast and as painlessly as possible.

There’s no point in wallowing in self pity if you’re going to achieve that. This is a wake-up call – and you’re going to love it!

So here’s what you’re going to get …

First: A step by step guide and manual in two parts.

Part 1 – shows you how to move on from the pain, the heartbreak and the hurting to a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling again – or maybe for the first time.

Part 2 – Takes you through no fewer than 4 fun yet powerful processes to speed your recovery. Based on tried and tested NLP principles, you’ll discover your amazing latent power to heal and live fully once more.

Second: All 4 Healing Processes Recorded on mp3 For You

In addition – I’ve recorded as mp3 files each of those 4 processes so that you can just lie back, close your eyes and listen to each one – as often as you wish.

Here is just a sample of what’s inside this life changing program:

* Where to find – and how to use – your untapped power to change the way you feel about your ex – at will! (page 7)

* How to identify what’s under your control – and then control it! (page 9 onwards)

* Why love hurts – and how to stop it. (page 13)

* What your emotions are truly for (page 17 onwards)

* How to be certain you don’t jump from the “frying pan into the fire.” (page 18)

* A new battle plan for rebuilding your love life – in a way you won’t have thought of before I guarantee! (page 19 onwards)

* Should you let love go altogether? (The answer may surprise you!) (page 26 onwards)

* A fast and easy way to feel great about yourself. (You’re gonna love this!) (page 31 onwards)

* Understanding why we need relationships. (page 34 onwards)

* Why feeling good is your birthright – and how to tune into it at will. (No – you don’t have to use illicit substances – this is totally natural!) (page 40 onwards)

* How to make your own love destiny! (page 44 onwards)

* Love vs. Sex? (This will make you really think!) (page 49 onwards)

* 3 hidden resources you definitely have that can change your life instantly. (And how to use them!) (page 56)

* The 4 healing from heartbreak processes: 1 How to relax again. (page 62)

* 2: How to forget your ex! (page 67)

* 3: Healing from traumatic memories – if you’ve been badly hurt this is VERY powerful. (page 71)

* 4: Re-boost your confidence. (Or boost it for the first time ever!) This is GREAT FUN!! (page 76)

* How to accept yourself. (page 77)

* How to live happy AND single! (page 83 onwards)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried everything – what makes “The Magic Of Moving On…” so different?

Well, first of all, nobody’s tried everything, but it can feel that way sometimes! “The Magic Of Moving On: How to Get Over Your Ex” is unique because it combines several strands of help – counselling, NLP, even a bit of metaphysics – and above all, it’s FUN!

Can’t I get all of this advice free on the net?

In a word, no. There is a ton of free advice on this topic out there, most of it well intentioned, but this is a truly unique program – and very powerful too. Besides, “The Magic Of Moving On” is more than advice – it gives you practical tools and techniques that will bring rapid change and healing, much of it almost immediately – as soon as you put the ideas into practice.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

The ideas in “The Magic Of Moving On” program have been tried and tested over many years – and I’m trained to use them. But I fully accept that first, I can’t know you personally, and second, everyone is different.

About Guarantees

Let me say this clearly and politely: this is self help.  The sad statistic is that it is reckoned that 90% of self help books and courses don’t get read or used.  If you think you’re going to be one of them, don’t buy this.  Seriously, I’m here to help people and I pour my heart and soul – and a ton of experience – into my programs.

That said, I will never turn away someone who’s seriously distressed or who genuinely feels they haven’t gained anything from my work.

I’ve never heard of anyone returning a self help book to a book store – or the author – saying they didn’t like it, or that it didn’t work, so I would ask that you consider this purchase in the same way.  Thanks for understanding.

It’s Decision Time.

Just imagine:

* Getting on with your life without welling up at every reminder

* Waking up looking forward to your day, not dreading it.

* Sleeping peacefully again!

* Being able to think of your ex and feel at peace with your thoughts

* Feeling ready to map out a new future for yourself

* Liking and even loving yourself!

* Feel that life – your life – is worth living and that you are worth loving!

* Plus much, much more…

You can have all of this immediately. As soon as your payment is processed you will be able to download everything and start healing your broken heart today.

At the present time the program is going to cost you just $47.

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