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Get Over Lost Love-2

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  • Do you ever get the feeling your broken heart will never heal?
  • Are you spending your days, (and lonely nights), just longing to have them back?  (No matter how many times you tell yourself it won’t work)?
  • Does forgiving and forgetting seem like something only a saint could ever do?

[/green_tick_1_list] The Magic Of Moving On

Dear Wounded One,

There can be no pain greater in this life than heartbreak.

Believe me, I felt that pain firsthand so many times that I believed the only way to keep my heart (and sanity), safe was to stop getting into relationships altogether.

But the pull of love, (not to mention certain natural urges), is strong, so I was forced in the end to find another solution.

After my second marriage broke up, I deliberately spent five years living alone, making no attempt to find love or deep commitment in that time.

I convinced all my friends, and even myself at times, that I was happy.  I had friends, a job, hobbies … what did I need a relationship for?

But nobody knew how many weekends I spent entirely alone – sometimes never going out from Friday evening till Monday morning, wondering how on earth I was going to fill another hour.

I told no one about the nights I’d play Solitaire on the computer until as late, (or early), as 3 a.m rather  than face sleeplessness in a cold, empty bed.

Sunset Moments

And then there were the “sunset moments” as I called them.  All those moments when nature would take my breath away, or I’d have a brainwave about something … and nobody to share it with.

Don’t even mention holidays!  All that time to fill was just a nightmare.  Mostly, I didn’t take them.  I just kept working, but when I was forced to have some time off, I’d busy myself with trivial projects I didn’t really care about, but which filled the waking hours.

I was heading for my 50th birthday by the time I decided something had to change.

How I Found A Way Out Of Heartbreak. (The Question That Changed Everything)

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “physician heal thyself.”

Well, considering I’m a trained psychotherapist and life coach, you’d think I’d have figured out there was a better way to solve my dilemma, wouldn’t you?

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]But one day, it occurred to me that I was in a trap![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

I was afraid of the pain another relationship, but I was also living with the pain of a lonely, empty life … and an even emptier future.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]Whichever way I looked, there was pain![/headline_cufon_font_centered]

The Question That Changed Everything

That’s when I asked myself the question that changed everything:

“If I was my own client, what would I advise myself to do?” 

It took a while to summon up the courage to answer myself honestly, but when I did the answer that came was:

“Fix yourself first!” 

I suddenly saw that I was blaming relationships for my pain.  As if relationships were a “thing.”  Now, if I’d dropped a brick on my toe, it would be fair enough to blame the brick for the pain.

But I had to admit, I was the only common denominator in all of my relationships.

I suddenly saw a magnificent truth:

Changing yourself doesn’t mean accepting blame for everything that happened.

All of a sudden, I came up with a path to freedom.

In fact, once I saw it, it seemed to illuminate itself – and each step became quickly obvious – and amazingly easy.

Anyone could follow these steps and get over heartbreak, divorce, lost love for any reason, even abusive relationships.  (As long as you’re not still in it).

Not wanting anyone else to have to go through the same kind of pain that I did, I wrote a book – and then created a whole program to make sure that healing from heartbreak is as complete and as fast as possible.

In fact I had two objectives:

  1. Heal from heartbreak as quickly as possible
  2. Move on and get a love of life – and even a love life – back again.

To make sure I achieved both, after I’d finished the book, I added in 4 hypnosis sessions (on mp3 audio) so – if you’d like to follow the path I found and achieve similar results to mine – there’s almost nothing you need to do except relax and let me be your guide.

Hypnosis session 1 is a relaxation session.  You can’t take on new ideas while you’re still full of the thought and emotional patterns that have kept you trapped in pain.

Hypnosis session 2 is a unique method I’ve developed to “forget” your ex.  Of course, erasing memories is neither possible nor desirable.  But you can have a neutral reaction whenever they come to mind – no matter what the reason.

Hypnosis session 3 is an “instant confidence booster.”  When your heart’s been broken, you need to restore your sense of being loveable, worthy of someone else’s love.

You have to be strong inside without wearing a suit of armour outside, if that makes sense!

In other words, you want to be in a position where you’re able to allow love back into your life, but if it doesn’t come your way or work out, you aren’t going to fall apart.

Hypnosis session 4 may not be for everyone.  That one’s to heal painful or traumatic memories.  (It works for things that aren’t to do with relationships too, of course.)

As for the book itself, here’s what you’re going to get …

A step by step guide and manual in two parts.

Part 1 – shows you how to move on from the pain, the heartbreak and the hurting to a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling again – or maybe for the first time.

Part 2 – Takes you through no fewer than 4 fun yet powerful processes to speed your recovery. Based on tried and tested NLP principles, you’ll discover your amazing latent power to heal and live fully once more.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#cc0000″]All in all, I’ve probably created one of the most comprehensive self help programs for healing from a broken heart and getting over someone there’s ever been.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]


Will It Be Easy For You?

Everyone’s different, and ever reader of this page is going to be in a slightly different place from every other person, so there’s no definitive answer to that.

What I can say is that I’m sure you’ll find this a lot easier than anything else you’ve tried.

Warning: Unusual Methods!

I’m not going to pour sugary sympathy all over you.

You’ve probably had plenty of that anyway.  It’s nice, but it won’t heal you.

My method isn’t about handling you or your broken heart with kid gloves. It’s about getting results – to move you from heartbroken to enjoying life once more as fast and as painlessly as possible.

There’s no point in wallowing in self pity if you’re going to achieve that. This is a wake-up call – and you’re going to love it!

It Worked For Me – Why Not You?

“The Magic Of Moving On” is more than advice – it gives you practical tools and techniques that will bring rapid change and healing, much of it almost immediately – as soon as you put the ideas into practice.

These days I’m happy, whole, I have peace of mind, I like who I am – and I found the true love of my life. (We married in April 2008 and we are still like kids in a candy store to this day!) Here’s a picture of us at a cookery class we went to …



It’s Decision Time.

 Just imagine:

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  • Getting on with your life without welling up at every reminder
  • Waking up looking forward to your day, not dreading it.
  • Sleeping peacefully again!
  • Being able to think of your ex without tearing up – or filling with rage!
  • Finally prepare to map out a new future for yourself
  • Feel that life – your life – is worth living and that you are worth loving!


You can have all of this immediately.

As soon as your payment is processed you will be able to download everything and start healing your broken heart today.

What Is This Going To Cost Me?

Let’s be honest.  If you hired a “shrink” you could expect to spend months, if not years, in psychotherapy at a cost of many thousands of dollars (or pounds if you happen to live in the UK as I do.)

Or you could attend a retreat or workshop of some kind, which would still cost you a few hundred dollars, not to mention the inconvenience of travelling and spending time away from home or work.

I’m sure you’d agree that given my expertise and experience, not to mention the work I’ve put in, a price of just $97 would be more than fair.

However, because I want to collect some testimonials, I’m putting out “The Magic Of Moving On” for a special introductory price of just …

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]$37 [/headline_arial_large_centered]

[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]What if it doesn’t work for me?

The ideas in “The Magic Of Moving On” program have been tried and tested over many years – and I’m trained to use and teach them. But I fully accept that first, I don’t know you personally, and second, everyone is different.

So I’m going to ask you politely – Please DO NOT BUY “The Magic Of Moving On” unless you seriously intend to use it.

It doesn’t work if it just sits on your hard drive, or even if you only read the book and never do any of the processes I describe.

However, if you find for any reason that, having sincerely worked through the entire program that you feel no different from before, (which frankly is highly unlikely), then of course I would gladly refund your payment in full provided you send in your purchase details within 30 days.[/guarantee_box_1]

Nothing Left To Lose

You really have nothing left to lose now … except your pain.  It’s time to press that Buy Button … and change your life.  Do it now … and let the magic begin.

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#cc0000″]Please Note: $37 is the introductory price. May rise at any time without notice.[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Please get in touch to tell me about how “The Magic Of Moving On” helped you relieve the pain of missing someone.

All good things,

Trevor Emdon

P.S. “The Magic Of Moving On” is a complete self help program designed by a trained psychotherapist, (me), who has also been through the painful experience of heartbreak more than once.  As such it is worth far more than the current introductory price which may be increased to the regular price of $97 without notice.

To be sure of getting the program at the introductory offer price, you are advised to take immediate action and buy now.