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If you have ever felt that life was supposed to deliver more than it has, you’re probably living in fear.

Not abject terror like someone afraid of a zombie attack, perhaps. But fear, nevertheless.

Look at these 3 common fear myths – and ask yourself how much any of them might be keeping you from the life you’d secretly love to live:

1. Fear of Failure – Disguised as “Common Sense.”

Have you ever thought about taking a risk in business, only to drop the idea like a hot potato as soon as the thought, “What if it all goes wrong?” hit you

(Myth-busting fact: The chances are things will go right. Statistically, most things are all right most of the time – even during the so-called bad times!)

2. Fear of punching above your weight (aka Fear of Success)

This might apply to dating someone gorgeous, richer and/or smarter than you. But it equally applies to not asking for the promotion you want, the big loan you need or going for a high ranking position in the company.

And then you stand helplessly by and watch some whipper-snapper take the lot!

 (Myth busting thought from Nora Roberts: “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”)

 3. Fear of Looking Foolish – So You Never Try!

Can you draw? If you’re someone who can, you’ll say yes, but everyone else will answer with a pretty categorical “No.”

As if there are people who simply lack the ability! Would you answer the same way if someone asked if you could read?

(Myth busting fact: As long ago as 1979, Betty Edwards showed in her then ground-breaking book, “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” that almost everyone can draw. It’s a matter of learning a simple shift in perception).

What do you habitually say – and believe – you can’t do? Maybe some things you’ve never even tried … but secretly envy!

The truth is none of us really knows our own limits and it’s so easy to let life slip past … never realising your dreams … and then one day, it’s too late.

Fear – of all kinds, from mild worry to major phobias – are actually easily overcome. Like Betty Edwards’ magnificent discovery that the ability to draw is based on a simple shift of perception, managing fear is also a tiny tweak of the mind away.

In this life-changing report – which is completely free – you will learn a process you can use today that will erase fears, freeing you to open up your life to vistas you thought were closed to you forever.

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Just imagine:

  •  Having the confidence to follow a dream or passion!
  • Being an inspiration to others – an example to follow instead of a warning to avoid.
  • Living life as an adventure instead of daily drudgery!



With more confidence you will knock on opportunity’s doors – and find more of them will open for you.

People will be more drawn to you – friends, promotions, even a new lover (if that’s what you want), are more likely to show up for you in this state.

Fear can cripple you – and rob you of the life you deserve. It doesn’t have to.

Download this free report today and experience for yourself the incredible power within you to free yourself to have the life you’ve always known deep down that you can!
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