Why Didn’t “The Secret” Work?

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Trevor Emdon - International Success Coach
  • From The Desk Of: Trevor Emdon, International Success Coach...
I can show you how to manifest your most heartfelt desires, find peace of mind - even let go of anxious thoughts and leave behind painful memories. Yes, without visualisation techniques that even a saint would struggle to get right, without the need for positive thinking, (which clearly hasn’t worked), or even mindfulness or meditation which, let’s face it, can take decades to get right - if ever!

I’m talking about having the Law Of Attraction reliably working for you in your life more or less like the way you rely on a light switch to turn on or off the light in your home.

And if you act today, you can practically STEAL it for just $25!
  • Here’s How It Works:
Inside the Members’ Area of “Law Of Attraction Maestro” you’ll find 7 video trainings and a further 8 live coaching calls with a real client you can “eavesdrop” on.


This was originally an 8 week program and the least it cost anyone to get in was $1,697.

The client you’ll hear, (Jeff), gave me permission to record and broadcast our conversations.
LOA Maestro members area
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  • This Is Just A Sample Of What’s Inside “Law Of Attraction Maestro…”
  • Mastering Your Mind IS Controlling Your Destiny - simple processes you can learn in minutes that short-circuit what it takes some monks decades to achieve!
  • How to see possibilities where you only saw the impossible before - and achieve it!
  • What Is and ISN’T Within Your Power! If You’re Going To Create Reality It Helps To Fully Understand What “Reality” Is! (Don’t Worry - You ARE In Charge Of Your Life’s Experience - Which Is Plenty!)
  • Easily & Naturally Stay Calm Even In The Midst Of What Others Experience As Chaos!
  • How To Finally Give Your True Inner Joy Its Freedom - (Without Your “Ego” Telling You “You’re Getting or Doing Something Wrong!)
  • How To Finally Find - And Live - Your True Purpose In Life
  • The Answer To The Deepest Mystery Of Them All - Who ARE You Really?
  • Why The Pursuit Of Happiness Is Pointless - Because It Will Naturally Pursue YOU!
  • How To Listen To And Trust Your Intuition - AKA “Higher Guidance.”
  • How To Fulfil Every Personal Dream You’ve Ever Had - Or Ever Will Have
  • PLUS Much, Much More!
  • Why Am I Offering You This At Such A Stupid Price?
Frankly, because I’d rather keep you as a customer and I firmly believe that once you see and hear the quality of the training inside “Law Of Attraction Maestro” you’ll become a raving fan of mine again.

It’s that selfish.

Except I believe I’ve created a “win-win” here because the effects of “Law Of Attraction Maestro” can be life changing - in all the good ways you’ve ever wished for.

Take It Or Leave It Deal

If you’re looking for a “catch” this is it.

There’s no money back guarantee here. If you’re not willing to invest $25 in yourself - around the same price as a McDonald’s family box I believe - given the incredible value I’m offering, then please don’t press the buy button.

You’ll have your reasons, I’m sure, but all that will happen is that you’ll have access to incredibly powerful training that someone else paid over $1,600 to get their hands on - and you’ll probably never watch it if you don’t even value it at twenty five bucks.

One more thing - when this offer is done, it’s done. No re-openings, no extra time.

I may offer it again at a much higher price, (and you can see that even 10x the price you see today would still be an amazing deal), but what you see here today will be gone for good.
  • Decision Time!
Here it is, then!

Are you in? Great - go ahead and click the big button. You’ll have immediate access to ALL the material I promised.

LOA Maestro Is The Deepest Dive Into What Makes The Law Of Attraction "Tick" Yet...

Still Hesitating?

Okay - I get it. The most likely reason for that is because you’re wondering, “Will this really work for me?”

I know. We all do that.

What if you’ve heard it all before?

First, let me say this. When I teach, I teach from instinct and inner wisdom as much as from knowledge and training, so you’ve never heard most of this before.

Secondly, even if the ideas aren’t all new to you, (and let’s face it, what IS new under the sun?), you won’t have heard them presented this way before, which means the chances are new insights will occur to you, pennies will drop that never have before.

And thirdly and finally - have you ever heard the expression, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear?”

I’d like to suggest that you’re still reading this for a reason. Something is resonating deep inside you.

What if your teacher just appeared?

I think that’s worth a teensy $25 gamble on, don’t you?

So go ahead. Get off that fence and buy now.
Disclaimer: Results vary. No guarantee of success is made or should be implied from use of the material in this program.
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