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The Exact "Secrets" That Enabled Me To Get Free Of A Job That Was Killing Me & Live Full Time Online For More Than 5 Years

Find out how a stressed-out health worker became a happy, full-time online entrepreneur without a plan or savings...

My name is Trevor Emdon, (I'm the one on the left in case you were in any doubt!), and back in 2014 I took what many considered to be a HUGE risk.


More than 5 years on, I have a thriving coaching business online, a catalogue of self help programs (more about those in a minute) ... and the only time I have to wake up to an alarm clock is if we're going on holiday and have a plane or cruise ship to catch.

Of course, I've been asked many times how I did it - and even WHY I did it - and mostly I answer with an attempt at summarising the actual deeds I did.

You know ...

  • I made a website
  • I hired a coach
  • I followed a system...

And all those things are true ... except... not one of them would have been possible without a major shift in my INNER world.

In other words, my mindset changed.  (Or you could just say, "I changed my mind" - but that has casual connotations,  a bit like, "Actually, I prefer tea.  Could you cancel the coffee please?"  It wasn't like that.)

You see, without any real plan, (other than I knew I wanted to make my living online - I just didn't know HOW to do that), or financial safety net I had to deal with REAL FEARS.

Big ones - like bears-in-the-woods-that-can-jump-out-and-eat-you kind of fears.

And don't get me wrong.

I'm not here to tell you to do what I did.

I just want you to know that you CAN do anything you want.  That you're not trapped by situations.  EVER.

You may not want to quit your job.  I don't care about that.  I just want to FREE you from the shackles of your fearful thoughts so that when you come to big decisions in life you're not making them by backing out of the alternative (the one you really want), because you're scared of the consequences.

So, the truth is, when people ask me "how" I did it, there were really two things - and no more:

  1.  I managed fear
  2. I believed - without any religious connotations - that I would be guided.

Let me explain a bit about those.

When I say I managed fear, that doesn't mean I eliminated it.  Far from it.  I simply learned to roll with it.  I noticed it, acknowledged it, and got on with my life anyway.

As for the guidance, I confess I lost my "connection" with that at times - especially the tough times, which is, of course, when I needed it most.

It still happens occasionally, but less often nowadays.

But what exactly do I mean by "guidance"?

It comes from inside.  And you know it because you learn to feel it ... you know when something's right - and when it's "off."

It's hard to explain in a short letter.

But it bolstered my confidence.  It bolstered my confidence not only that I was on the right path, but that also I was good enough to sell my coaching and programs and make a living from doing so.

Those Self Help Programs

Remember I mentioned those earlier?

It won't surprise you to know that, as so often is the case, I was teaching what I most needed to learn - paving the way for my freedom, if you will.

There were two landmark programs that I made BEFORE I made the big leap at the end of 2013.

Landmarks for two reasons.

  1. They both sold quite well at the time, which was handy money and reassuring that I was on the right track.
  2. They both stretched ME and the content I came up with, (perhaps was "guided" to create?), were massively important stepping stones towards the freedom I came to enjoy.

The first program is called "Instant Good Fortune" and the other is "Astonishing Self Confidence" (which I later renamed "Esteem Engine" - haha.)

Instant Good Fortune...

... Contains the method I devised for handling any so-called "problem" life throws at you.

It's comprehensive - there are two videos and four audios and a couple of pdf's - and once you've absorbed the ideas you'll never have "that sinking feeling" again - no matter what.

Does it magically make life run smoothly?

Of course not!  (And you'd soon get bored if it did!)

But it does mean you're equipped to handle anything.  No more being a "victim" of circumstance.

(A side note here: In my years as a practicing psychotherapist I became acutely aware that there are people who - despite their protestations to the contrary - LIKE being a victim.  They somehow have the impression that everything would be "their fault" if they didn't take that stance.

Nothing could be further from the truth - blame is not the same as taking responsibility - which simply means "the ability to respond" in any way you choose to anything.

But if you are of the mindset of "nothing will help me" then this isn't for you.  It's a self help program and as such, the only requirement is that you come from a place of believing when YOU change, things around you change along with them.

If you believe the world has to change first, I can only wish you good luck!)

The second program - "Astonishing Self Confidence" does what it says on the tin!


There are no videos with this one, but the pdf and audios pack a powerful punch.

You'll never again believe that you can't do something or that you're not good enough for anything.

It's like wearing an invisible Superman or Superwoman cape - invisible but you know it's there - and anyone who gets in your way will certainly feel the effects of the "new you."

The Offer...


As I told you, these programs were recorded a while ago, but they helped me change my life and I like to think they helped others who bought them at the time too.

The videos inside "Instant Good Fortune" were recorded on an old computer using technology that's dated now, but I've figured out a way you can still make them play - you'll just have to watch them on your browser and I haven't tested them on a mobile phone, so if that's your only device for viewing then that could cause a hiccup.  (Might not though - as I said, I haven't tested them).

The material is as good today as it was when I made it and I'm still proud of both pieces of work - and the results I personally got from applying the ideas in my own life.

Buy Now

There's no "money back guarantee" - this is a take it or leave it deal.  (If you have any trouble with the downloads or playing the videos, just contact me - I'll get that sorted - but I don't think you will).

I've told you everything here ... so it's over to you now. 

Enjoy the programs.  (They could just change your life)


P.S. I'm not sure if I'll ever repeat this offer, but even if I do it's unlikely to be at this price.  Click here to purchase now - you'll get instant access to everything.