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4 Years Of Freedom Sale

4 Years Of Freedom 3 Day Sale

Act now to get amazing discounts off 4 of my best-selling products of 2017! You’ll see descriptions of each below.

From today until the counter hits zero, you have the opportunity to get any or all of these products for a massively reduced price compared to their regular price.

These products have literally changed lives - and all of them were born out of my own desperate need at the time to make some changes to my own life.

Today, as I approach the 4th anniversary of my freedom from slavery to a day job I loathed, and almost the 10th anniversary of a joyful marriage, I want to spread as much of the joy and happiness I've found by letting you have the keys that unlocked it all for me.

What do YOU want 2018 to be like? If you want more dreams to come true, to attract more money, to heal old wounds perhaps, or to feel more worthy of the success you so desire, then check out my end of year deal today.

Massive Discounts On All These...

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Just Use Coupon Code 4ForFreedom Above Each Product's "Buy Now Button" To Claim The Discount

Knowing Where To Knock - Regular Price $27, Sale Price $12

  • Book & audio to knock out limiting beliefs
  • Easily find solutions where you used to only see problems
  • Discover how to prime your "Positivity Pump" to thwart naysayers and "energy vampires"
  • Finally, an end to "victim mentality"
  • Watch your success grow in whatever you choose to turn your hand to.
  • No longer be manipulated by others who don't want you to succeed!
Enter Coupon Code: 4ForFreedom

Manifestation On Steroids. Regular Price $27 ... Sale Price $12

  • Learn how to "laser focus" your thoughts to rapidly manifest your desires
  • Annihilate negative thoughts that have built up over time
  • Instantly changes your energy "polarity" from negative to positive
  • Engage your whole being to amplify the power of your imagination
Enter Coupon Code: 4ForFreedom

Instant Good Fortune. Regular Price $27 ... Sale Price $12

  • Feel good about something you want ... even when you don't believe you can have it!
  • Smash through limitations - and finally understand where they come from in the first place! (So you never need to create another one!)
  • Hypnotic goal setting audio - like having the Law Of Attraction on auto-pilot!
  • Easily handle situations when they don't seem to work out the way you wanted them to...
  • How to handle life's big blows
  • Plus MUCH more. This is one of my most POWERFUL programs to date!
Enter Coupon Code: 4ForFreedom

esteem engine cover jpg-S

Esteem Engine. Regular Price $37 ... Sale Price $22

  • Finally put an end to worrying about what others think of you...
  • Summon up total certainty ... on command!
  • No more worrying that you might "get it wrong"
  • Have crystal clear decision making abilities at your fingertips
  • Command attention without being forceful
  • Enjoy the fruits of natural charisma
  • Includes confidence hypnosis audio PLUS
  • Negative self-talk eliminator (audio)
  • PLUS ...
  • BONUS - How To Trust Everything Will Be Alright
  • PLUS
  • Surprise Bonus!
Enter Coupon Code: 4ForFreedom

You Only Have A Few Days To Act On This! Get In Now Before The Timer Hits Zero! Use Coupon Code 4ForFreedom Before Purchasing To Get The Sale Price On Each Item.

Have a VERY Happy 2018!

Terms: All sale item sales are final. No refunds on past purchases in order to get the sale price on the same item. No swaps.