Why You Can Reclaim Your Lost Personal Power

reclaim your personal power

Why You Can Reclaim Your Lost Personal Power

You have been powerful in your life, I know it.  And you can be again.

You have, I’m sure, been through tough, even frightening times, and you’ve come out the other side.

If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

I’m right, aren’t I?

That power  that got you through didn’t go away when the danger passed.  It was always there, just waiting to be needed.  And it’s still there.

You don’t have to be scared to find it again.  That power holds the key to your dreams, your future achievements, your love of life and the legacy you’ll leave your kids.

It’s why I made reconnecting with it the very first of the three steps in my program, “The Lazy Person’s Guide To Dream Achievement” which you can find out all about HERE …

Finding Your Personal Power …

First, let me tell you what this power is and why it’s so important for you to  reclaim it.

Tony Robbins taught me that “success leaves clues” and that if you can just pick up on a handful of such clues you can model the success of others for yourself.

That saves you not only masses of time, (in some cases, potentially a whole lifetime), but it also means you can leapfrog from somewhere or some way you feel stuck directly to joy, fulfilment and freedom.

So let’s take a quick peek into the lives of just a few super-successful people who are, as far as we know, living not only wonderful lives, but lives they chose for themselves.

I’ve tried to pick world famous names so all my readers will know who I’m talking about, and I’ve also chosen people who are, at the time of writing, very much alive.  But they are by no mean the only ones I could have picked.

Oprah Winfrey - has masses of personal power

I’ve never been in the same room as Oprah Winfrey, but I bet if she walked in right now, even if I had my back to the door, I’d know something had happened.

Oprah has presence.  She has an energy you can feel.  She changes the atmosphere just by being there.

Or at least, I imagine she does.

That’s power.  Real power.

Not the kind of power that’s given to – and can just as easily be taken away from – politicians.  Nor even the president of your local Rotary Club.

That’s not power.  That’s office.

I’m talking about people who make a difference by just being who they are.

Think Tony Robbins.  Or Will Smith.  Or Nicole Scherzinger.


(“Who, ME?  In the same breath as those people?  Aww shucks.  Gimme a break!”)

Yes, you …

Why NOT?

step into your personal power

Let me tell you why you have every right to be there – if you will only reclaim the power that is rightfully yours.

Because the playing field is level, my friend.  You have all the abilities and opportunities those famous folks do to shine in life and be the most magnificent example of your best imagined self you could possibly be.

But if you shrank from the compliment I just paid you, maybe you should ask yourself why you wouldn’t put yourself in the same bracket as those big names.

Of course, they probably have a lot of stuff these days that perhaps you don’t have, such as a lot more zeroes on their bank balances.

But that’s now.

I’m talking about how they got to where they are.

Oprah and Tony had very humble beginnings indeed.  No silver spoons there.

Now, you may argue that Nicole Scherzinger is very beautiful and talented which gives her an advantage.

But how many beautiful, talented people do you suppose are out there who are terrified to showcase their talents, even if they dream of following in Ms. Scherzinger’s footsteps?

I’ll bet the answer to that is in the millions.

As for Will Smith, one of his well known quotes is that he is “not afraid to die on a treadmill.”  He means that in a competitive situation he’ll keep going until either the other guy gives up or he himself drops dead!

The key to that phrase is “I’m not afraid …”

The others may not have said it that way, but that’s the common factor.

I guarantee that you could name any hero or heroine of yours you like, living or dead, and there is no way they got to be whoever they are or became without facing fear of some kind.

Facing it, walking through it, sweating blood if that’s what it took.


How did they do that?  Do they have an extra dose of courage the rest of us aren’t blessed with?

Nope, I don’t think so.  (I haven’t asked them personally so I could be wrong.  But I doubt that.)

You see, I made a big discovery about fear.  Common wisdom has it that the opposite of fear is courage, but that’s not true.

Courage is not to be dismissed, but when you want to achieve beyond the so-called comfort zone you’ve currently got yourself locked into, it’s not courage you need.

It’s faith.

Faith travels in two directions, but it ends up in the same place.

There’s faith in yourself.  The inner knowing that you’re okay just as you are.  That your differences, your background, your history has no bearing on who you are inside and who you want to become.

And then there’s faith in Something Bigger.  I hate how messy terminology gets at this point, because if I use the “G” word there’s a danger some folks will think I’m talking religion.

Or that you need to get religious.

And terms like “The Universe” or “Divine Power” have new agey connotations that put some people off – and I understand that too.

So whatever I call this Thing, at this point I’m in danger of alienating you from a much bigger point which is that you do not exist in isolation.

You may be an individual with your own thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs, but you are also connected, quite literally, to your environment.

Start with that because it’s easy to see.

The air, sunshine, gravity, water and food are all a part of you or you couldn’t exist.  You even depend on bacteria living in your gut for you to live.

And then there’s the unseen part – which I’m going to dare to call spiritual.

I’m including your thoughts, ideas, emotions.  Your sense of passion and compassion.  Your love of music, the joy of dancing and the reason you sing in the shower or the car.

These things – and so many others – are not related to survival, but to your sense that you are part of something far greater than just li’l ol’ you!

Faith means trusting yourself and trusting, oh heck, let’s just call it The Universe.

Because they’ve kept you alive up till now – and there’s more than just the physical you to being alive, isn’t there?

Faith, not courage, is the root of personal power.

The power to be yourself.

The power to follow your dreams no matter what.

The power to love and allow yourself to be loved to the depths of your soul.

And the power to succeed at whatever you choose in life.

That’s why it’s step #1 of just 3.

And it’s easier – much easier – than you think.  (In fact the less you think, the easier it is!)

See  “The Lazy Person’s Guide To Dream Achievement” for yourself and open up to the possibility that reclaiming your personal power is within your grasp now.



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