Where Is Your Mind’s “Success Button?”

get a success mindset

I’m going to tell you where your mind’s success button is.

Once you know where it is, you’ll be able to achieve anything you want:

Lose weight.
Get in shape.
Master your emotions
Quit smoking or other addictions.
Be successful at anything … including business, relationships …

First, I’m going tell you a story about Michael Jackson.

Back in 1983/4, after Coca Cola turned down the idea, Michael Jackson signed a $5 million dollar deal to advertise Pepsi.

Here’s one of the ads:

Amongst the many interesting facts about the story is that Jackson refused to drink the soda. He wouldn’t hold a can of it, and didn’t want his image on any promotional material.

Despite it being public knowledge that he wouldn’t drink any soda drinks, Pepsi went ahead with what was for its time, one of the most expensive advertising campaigns in history.


Because, with “Thriller” under his belt, Michael Jackson had become the best selling musical artiste of all time.

The smart people at Pepsi understood that if they could get the good feelings fans felt when they heard their idol sing or saw him dance associated with their drink, sales would sky-rocket.

Indeed, Jackson himself is reported to have said, “I’m going to make Coca Cola wish they were Pepsi.”

He didn’t have to drink the product or appear on the cans or posters.

He only had to be associated with it – and the good feelings his fans felt about him would be transferred to the drink.

It worked. Sales rocketed.

Now, what does this have to do with the success button in your mind?
Well, it works because the feeling you associate with anything – if you do it consistently – will be what you act upon.

If you know about NLP, you’ll recognise this as “anchoring” – but it actually goes deeper than that.

It’s been said that a belief is just a thought that you think again and again.

Like a habit.

The problem is, some of them are so familiar that we don’t even notice them.

Little ones that flit across your mind in tiny fractions of a second. You know …

“I can never do those …”
“I’ve never been any good at …”
“I probably won’t make it.”

Yours may be different, but you get the idea.

These are effectively, subliminal thoughts you give yourself.
Each one carries a little jolt of emotion with it.

And you accept it as normal. It’s just how you are.

Darn it – it’s who you are!

Do Old Habits Really Die Hard?

It’s why change appears to be difficult.

Difficult to do and difficult to keep up.

You know all those areas of your life where you feel stuck?

The problems that won’t go away?

Or that keep coming back … like a turd that won’t flush?

(Sorry to be gross … but I want you to get this)

It’s only because you subliminally keep telling yourself the same things over and over again … and they feel true to you, not because they are, but because they’re familiar.

Change The Messages … How?

Now, there are several possible ways to change those messages in your head – the ones that limit you.

Hypnosis is good because it speaks directly to your subconscious. But it can work out expensive and you need to find a good hypnotherapist who’ll uproot your personal negative messages.

Meditation definitely helps because it brings peace of mind, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a remedy for limiting beliefs and thoughts. It can take years.

Besides, it’s meditation, not medication!

But guess what?

We’re in the 21st Century – and we have technology to help!

Imagine you could just subliminally feed your mind the exact messages you chose to counter those areas where you’re stuck?

Finances, fitness, dieting, dating confidence … whatever you want?

And suppose you could set your computer to condition your mind in the background while you’re checking your emails, or logging into Facebook?

The repetition will overwrite the old programming automatically.

You’ll start to feel better, make better decisions … without even knowing why!

You Want to check it out?

It’s called “Mindmaster” … and it’s working now for a lot of people.

Click the image below to see the full 8 minute interview and read testimonials from real users…

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