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Want To Be In The Top 10% Of Successful People?

Want To Be In The Top 10% Of Successful People?

The Other 90% Make It Easy…

A few years ago a well known language course company surveyed their customers.  They simply wanted to know if they could speak the new language.

The response astonished the company.


More than 90% of those who replied sheepishly confessed they’d never played the CD’s beyond the first track of disc 1!

They probably shouldn’t have been surprised.

In the self help industry, it’s a well known phenomenon.

Around 90% of people who buy self help books won’t read them.  Or if they do, they won’t take any action on the content.

The vast majority of people who buy “biz opp” (business opportunity) programs don’t try them at all, or, if they do, they try them once and then completely give up before moving on to the “next shiny object.”

Then they repeat the pattern again.

All of which is GREAT NEWS!

Why do I say that?

Think about it: You only have to take a tiny bit more action than most people to become a leader in any field you choose.

You can succeed in any area of life once you know that most of your so-called competitors will fall  at the first hurdle, or won’t even make it to the starting blocks!

Imagine if you purchased one of those language courses and played even the first two tracks of CD1.  You’d already be in the top ten percent of self taught language learners!

Supposing you gave more than a cursory glance to a self help book, or – heavens above – actually followed through on a business opportunity even when the going got a little rough!

Can you see how empowering this tidbit of knowledge is?

The question then becomes: Why don’t you just take up something you want to succeed at and run with it?

You may not become a gold medallist, but just to qualify for the Olympics would put you WAY above probably 99.9% of most people.

(I’m just using the Olympics as a metaphor of course, although top athletes are excellent examples of people who have broken through the 90% barrier.)

Now, your brain may consider the question I just posed and come up with something like, “Yeah.  Why don’t I just succeed at …?” (You can fill in the blank)

I’ll tell you why.  It isn’t because you can’t.  Trust me, whatever you think the odds are against you making it into the top 10% of whatever, someone else has already broken the tape against much greater odds.

Here’s the real reason.  (And it’s not your fault).

It’s because we’ve been conditioned to be ordinary.

We aren’t supposed to blow our own trumpets, be tall poppies or stand out from the crowd.  Mostly.

Sure, you can collect some certificates and accolades on your journey through life, but so long as there’s a limit, everyone’s fine.

To put it another way, our confidence level has an in-built glass ceiling.

Pause for a moment and consider the number of times you tell yourself – or say to others – phrases such as, “Oh, that’s just not me.”  Or, “I just don’t seem able to …”  Or, “I’m not really any good at…”

Or just plain old, “Who, me?”

Yes, dammit.  YOU!

Why not you?

The key ingredient is confidence.  We all have it, but then most of us are conditioned to stop it at a certain point, as if it were a bone that’s grown to full size, rather than a muscle that can be strengthened and toned virtually indefinitely – and at any time in life.

Thankfully, we are also endowed with self awareness and the ability to choose to make change at any time in our lives.

You don’t have to be a wimp or a shrinking violet to require more confidence, although if you consider yourself to be in either of those categories then you should definitely take some action urgently if you ever want a better quality of life.

Rather, you only need to have a desire that seems a little out of reach.  Or maybe a hero or heroine that you’ve always admired and secretly envied, feeling you could do what they’ve done, (and even better), if only you had the chance …

Well, now’s your chance…

“Astonishing Self Confidence” is a program I created out of frustration when it dawned on me I wasn’t achieving my own goals and dreams.

What I discovered is a simple and universal truth.

It’s almost never that the odds that are stacked so badly against you that you can’t win.  It’s the belief that you’re just “ordinary” that magnifies whatever odds there are, making a grain of salt look like Everest.

Get perspective and your confidence will soar.  And then you can be in the top 10% of whatever you like.

Here’s What To Do Next …

Take a couple of minutes out of your day to find out more about the “Astonishing Self Confidence” program.

Read about it HERE …

If it feels like it’s the right next step for you, go ahead and download a copy.  There’s a 30 day guarantee on it, so even if you don’t like the colour of my eyes you can still get your investment back.

And, as I write this, it’s on offer with a major discount, but I can’t promise that will still be running when you click.

Is There A Catch?

There’s just one.

I’m a one person business – I like it that way; it means I can teach what matters to me in a way I prefer.  No one’s telling me to be more “commercial.”

The downside of that is that my living comes from my wits, my wisdom and my work – nowhere else.  And that means that I can’t keep discounts running indefinitely.

So this offer is time sensitive – and I can’t put an exact date on when the offer will end.

I can only say that if you’ve found this article helpful, please do two things:

  1. Share it with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter … wherever you hang out online.
  2. If, having read this, you feel knowing how to top up your confidence at will would be useful to you, GO HERE NOW.

Thanks for reading.

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