"When I Stopped Worrying About Money It Just Showed Up."

"Now, I'm Going To Teach You My Secrets..."

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The LEAST You Will Get From This Program Is Peace Of Mind About Money. Read On

Dear Worried Person,

I’m going to tell you a plain fact, right to your face:

You can’t worry and get rich.

They’re mutually exclusive.

That’s because worrying does two things that prevent money coming your way:

1. When your mind is full of tense and negative thoughts you can’t be creative or resourceful.  Your thoughts will just go around in circles worrying about how to pay bills or expenses.

2. Like it or not, other people feel your tension – even if they don’t know why you’re in that mood. Then they keep their distance.  Doors stay closed.  Opportunities don’t come your way.  People like people who naturally feel good to be around – and worry, fear and negativity makes people instinctively keep their distance.

So, worrying about money is the worst thing you can do.

How Can I Stop Worrying About Debts And Bills When I’m Down To My Last Few Cents?

I feel your pain.  I’ve been there more than once in my life.

The first thing to say to you is that there is always a way out.  Yes, a legal one!

The second thing to say to you is that I expect you find that very difficult to believe when you’re struggling for money.

The key lies in controlling not your bank balance – or lack of it – but your mind first.

“You cannot solve a problem in the same state of mind that created it.” – Albert Einstein

Let me be quite clear here.  I can’t promise you that you will receive money when you follow my program.  And I know that’s what you want.  What I can say with great certainty is that you won’t solve your financial situation in your present state of mind.

Here’s exactly what the “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich” program will do for you:

  • End your worrying and replace it with a positive, creative mindset so you can open yourself to attracting abundance
  • Show you how to make other people feel good about you – and some of them will want to pay you to hang around!
  • Explain universal laws and principles so that you start to trust that money will come
  • Enhance your belief in yourself – you won’t receive or keep money long if you don’t feel you deserve it
  • Unveil hidden powers within your own mind that you can apply to many other areas of your life
  • As a result – you’ll relax, you’ll enjoy life more and those closest to you will enjoy being around you more …
  • And the effect will snowball …

Once I figured out how to relax about money – and I was in a lot of debt and with no visible means of income for a long time – money came pouring in.  It just kept on raining dollars and pounds – and it still does.

But let me tell you a story …

It was about the year 2000.  I was just learning the skills you are about to get – and I confess I was still a tad skeptical.

I’d been to Hawaii to attend a wonderful course presented by Anthony Robbins – a real life changer.  (Look him up if you don’t know who he is).  To be honest, he was partly responsible for some of the ideas you’re going to learn in my program … but that’s a digression.

Hawaii – and Tony – are expensive.  I had no regular job and I’d spent everything I had just to be there.  No regrets then or now about that, but when I got home I found the last cheque (check to my American pals), had been returned unpaid by my bank.  There really was no more money.  My girlfriend at the time literally paid to put fuel in my car … and even the week’s food I needed just to survive.

I had no visible means of income – not enough for the rent that was due in about 3 weeks’ time – nothing.

It was then I made a conscious decision – one of the most important I’ve ever made in my life as it turned out.

I remember thinking: “I can either panic now – like I always have, or I can apply the skills I went half way around the world to get.”

I won’t pretend it was easy.  It was tough at times – and almost impossible at other times – but I stuck with it.

Nine long days passed.  Nothing happened except I was eating through the food I’d bought with my girlfriend’s money and burning through the petrol (gas) too.

I confess, there were moments when I wavered, but I decided I would keep to my guns.

On the tenth day the phone rang.  An Irishwoman I’d met only twice before – very briefly – and whose name I wouldn’t have even remembered without a prompt – was on the end of the line.

She happened to be a stop smoking therapist in Dublin and I’d met her on a weekend convention for this small group of UK stop smoking therapists about a year before.  It so happens that that is something I know how to do.  But I didn’t know how she’d thought of me.

She told me that she’d been interviewed on Irish TV and as a result had so many enquiries she was fully booked for the next two and a half years!  She needed urgent help – and so did some of the smokers who were phoning her.  And she invited me to fly out to Dublin and help out.

Seeing smokers in small groups, I was able to see 36 people a day – for ten days.  After expenses and a few deductions we split the proceeds down the middle – and I made over £800 a day!  (Around $1200 at the time)

Back then, I was able to live on that money for well over 6 months!


Well, I can’t ever prove to you that it wasn’t.  But let me tell you what that lady later explained about why she called me.  The truth was she wouldn’t have remembered me either.

She originally had called a mutual friend who had also been on the Anthony Robbins event and who knew what I was learning.  She asked him to take the gig, but he wasn’t able to – so he recommended me.  She protested that she hardly knew me but when our mutual friend told her what I was doing she instantly felt compelled to call me and offer me – without hesitation – that gig and all that money.

“So Why Aren’t You A Millionaire?”

I get asked this a lot.  Perhaps one day I will be – and if I am that will be fine.  But it has never been a particular goal or aspiration of mine.

My goal has always been personal freedom.  I live in a gorgeous rural village with a view of rolling green hills – but our home is small and humble.  I love our home.  We have great neighbours too – the community here is caring and peaceful.  Why would I want a lonely mansion just because it’s big and expensive?

I drive a Mercedes C class – and yes it was my dream car and I did buy it for cash.  (Another incredible story – for another time).  Would I exchange it for something more up-market, expensive or ostentatious?


I love my life.  I have enough money – and when the tide of money goes out a way – as tides do – I know it won’t be long before more washes up on the shore of my life.

It’s easy – and I trust the process.

I have things money can’t buy – a wonderful marriage, a gorgeous view from my window, fantastic neighbours and peace of mind – including about money.

Here’s what I have in summary and it’s the least you get when you stop worrying about money:

  • Complete freedom regarding how to spend my time – the most precious commodity in the world.  (You can’t have today back, can you?)
  • A world of choices that used to be closed to me.
  • Peace of mind! (To me this one is priceless)

What Will “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich” Do For YOU?

This program is designed to change your mind about your relationship with money.  I’m not one for digging up negative beliefs that may or may not have been buried donkey’s years ago.  That isn’t how this program works.

Inside, you’ll find a book, “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich” – which I’ll tell you now, you can buy from Amazon Kindle on its own.

But in the program, I’ve included hypnosis audios and a host of bonuses that the book alone cannot give you – so you get a complete experience and a total “attitude makeover.”

The result?

Well, I can’t guarantee how quickly money will show up in your life, or how much there’s going to be.

You might find a penny in the street or you might win the lottery – or something else.  What I do know is that as soon as you follow the ideas I lay out in my unique program, (and I do have a very different approach from most other success coaches out there), you’ll feel more relaxed around money and your sense of your own self worth will play a big part in you attracting wealth and opportunities for more wealth than at the moment you could ever dream of.

What’s In The Program?

I want this to be a complete shift for you.  The heart of the program is the book, “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich.”  That will tell you how to stop worrying, why negative thoughts keep you and the wealth you desire apart – and exactly what to do to make that change –now.

But I want to make this so easy for you – you could do it with your eyes shut.

So that’s precisely what I’ve done!

In addition to the book I’ve included a hypnosis audio so you need only close your eyes and listen … and your mind will be automatically “re-programmed” to attract the wealth you need and desire.  (Just don’t use this recording when you’re driving, okay?)


Then I thought … reading a book is a good start.  Listening to a hypnosis mp3 is all very well … BUT … what about ordinary, day to day life?

You need a quick remedy … so I’ve included another process – also recorded on audio – that will teach you a powerful “trick” you can literally use anytime, anywhere … to give yourself a mental boost.


Special Limited Time Bonus If You Order Today

“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles.  The Science Of Getting Rich

You may never have heard of this book or the author.  It’s not very long – you could read it in an afternoon.  And it was written about 100 years ago.

The simple truths within its pages are still changing lives today.  Read them and start applying them – and watch the staggering results roll into your life!

Of course, just owning it won’t do it and just reading it won’t do it either.  You’ll need to open your mind to some rather unusual ideas.

When I first read this book I confess my thoughts ran something like this: “It sounds strange.  I want to believe it … but I don’t know …”  And then I thought, “What if I just pretend it’s true?”

And my life changed.

“The Science of Getting Rich” is yours FREE when you order “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich” for a limited time only.  Don’t delay – order now.

Special Time Limited Bonus #2 – “Top 10 Success Tips From Winners” 

How would you like personal coaching from ten of the most successful people of all time?

People like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Sir David Frost and even Pablo Picasso?

Their timeless wisdom has not only been captured for you, but also analysed so you can figure out ways to start applying these tips from life’s most successful people in your own life.

Start thinking like a winner and you’ll become a winner.

This invaluable report also comes FREE – for a limited time – when you purchase “Stop Worrying & Grow Rich” today.



What’s The Cost?

Imagine the changes to your life when you know you can attract money at will!  Can you remember the last time you had total peace of mind about anything – especially money?

I create programs based on two principles:

First:  I have to have had personal experience of the problem or issue – and to have figured out the solution myself.

Second: The program has to get YOU to the solution fast.

There’s no point in giving you techniques that might work or they might not – I know everything I write or record works because I’ve applied it in my own life.

And there’d be no point either in asking you to do something that’s so complicated it’ll take you forever to master it or that takes years – or even months – to start producing results.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You’ll Get – If You Act Today

  • “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich” – the book itself is the heart of the program. You will learn to use the power of your mind to attract wealth virtually at will.
  • Hypnosis mp3 – so that your mind adopts the wealth attraction state of mind on autopilot!
  • “Coincidences And Miracles” audios and transcripts … harnessing the power of the seemingly miraculous in your life! (Watch your friends’ faces as one “happy accident” after another comes your way!
  • “Happy Anchor Process” – another mp3 using a powerful NLP process you can use anytime, anywhere to lift yourself out of the blues and stay positive – no matter what’s happening around you.
  • “The Science of Getting Rich” book – timeless wisdom over a century old that still works – and always will!
  • “Top 10 Success Tips From Winners” – real, practical coaching you can use in YOUR life from masters who have excelled in theirs…

I’m sure you’d agree that $197 would be about the going rate for programs this powerful (and unique).

Remember too – what you’ll learn in this incredible program doesn’t just work for money.  Apply these principles to love, career success – almost any aspect of life – and they will work for you.

Once you know these principles – and start applying them – your life will change for the better forever.

Whilst I can’t promise you when – or how much – money will show up for you, (especially as everyone is different and works at their own pace), I am confident that these principles and techniques work because they’re based on universal laws and principles that would have worked when we lived in caves – and will still work when we’re all living on space stations!

You aren’t going to pay $197 today.  In fact you’re not even going to fork out $97!

At under 100 bucks this would be an astonishingly good deal, I hope you’d agree on that.

I think you’ll get a great surprise then – because when you push that button you aren’t even going to pay $77, (although I have plans to raise the price to that very soon – so don’t waver on this).

Today – and for a very limited time – the price is just


Be Warned!

If you push the button and the price has gone up – you’ve missed the introductory offer.  Sorry, but them’s the breaks!

Time is ticking by … grab yours now!

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