Money Worries – Solving The Unsolvable Money Worry Problem


I’m going to show you how to worry less about money and you’re going to learn how to deal with money worries the right way.

If you’re stressed about money or have money worries for whatever reason, keep reading.

And if you want to know how to be rich – which of course means you’ll also know how to worry less about the future – make sure you read to the end, because you’ll discover how to end money worries and stop worrying about money once and for all.

When you’re a chronic worrier, unsolvable worries can be highly toxic to your physical and mental well-being. If your worries happen to be about money, you may think that your problems are unsolvable.

Different Types Of Problems

You’ve got to learn how to distinguish between those problems you can solve and those you can’t in a realistic manner.

Dealing with worries you can’t possibly solve means that you must be in touch with your emotions and find out why you’re so anxious about something you have no control over.

Worrying about a nuclear war falls under this category. It will likely never happen, but you may be obsessing over it anyway.

When you begin to obsess about a problem, stop a minute and try to answer the following questions:

  1. Is it really true?
  2. Are you sure that it’s true? Are you in imminent danger?
  3. Could you let the way you feel about it go?

Wisdom Of A Sage

An Indian sage once pointed out the following:

“There are only two kinds of problems – those I can do something about and those I can’t.

“If I can do something about them, then there’s no sense in me worrying about them, is there?  And if I can do nothing about them, then there’s no sense in me worrying about them either, is there?”

Do you realise, the odds are actually in favour of everything turning out okay?

Have you been watching too much news?

The news reports on the exceptional.

The truth is, most countries are not at war.  Most planes don’t crash.  Most people will never be the victims of crime … and so on.

That isn’t to say you should be blasé about life, but there’s no need to live in fear, either!

Are you projecting yourself into an imaginary future where catastrophic events are happening?

Be Silly – Seriously!

If you’re running those kind of mental “horror movies,” take their power away by mentally running them backwards, or having Bugs Bunny run across the “screen” in your mind.

The silliness of doing that kind of thing not only takes the emotional sting away, but it puts you in control of your mind, rather than the other way around!

Unsolvable problems have no action that you can take. For example, “What if my child gets into a car accident?” or “What if my husband has an affair?” are problems which haven’t happened and which you can do nothing about. They don’t deserve your focus.

Money worries, however, are always solvable.

But to prevent them recurring, you have to take the sting out of them too.

Solvable worries are those where you have some control and can make a decision to take action.

What most people fail to realise is that external actions are mostly only a kind of band-aid.

First, you must take inner action and change your mindset.

Ask yourself if in this exact moment, you’re in any kind of danger from your financial situation.

For example, if it’s below freezing and your heating is about to be cut off, then yes, you do need to find a way to pay the bill – or stay warm.

But the chances are, right now, you’re warm, clothed and not hungry.

Counter-intuitive though it sounds, let go of your feelings about your financial situation.

Easier said than done?

First, realise that no amount of worrying about money has ever solved a money problem!

Second, have you ever noticed that you can watch your thoughts?

Just try it now.

Close your eyes for a few seconds and just watch your thoughts … about anything.

Did you discover that you can do that?

Well, who’s watching and who’s thinking?

The watcher is detached and relaxed, like when you’re watching a TV soap opera.

You can get caught up in the story, and there’s still a part of you that knows none of it’s real.

You’re on your sofa, safe and well.

You can’t – and never will – solve a money problem while you worry about it!

And if you still can’t let the worry go, get up and move!

Dance, sing a song, play guitar … whatever makes you feel good … but physically move!

Then – and only then – brainstorm for solutions.

Sit with a pen and paper and write down all the ways you can think of for making money.

Don’t censor.

You’ll be amazed how many ideas will pop into your head once you’ve detached from the worry.

Write without stopping for a good ten minutes.

Fill the page.

Or several pages.

Then go back through your ideas and see if you can take action on any of them.

I once got offered a $1000 deal overnight, when I was desperate for money, using this crazy sounding method.

The solution doesn’t have to be a flawless one, but when you’re focused on what you can do about a situation, the worry melts away and a plan of action takes its place.

That’s much more empowering than constant worry.

Taking action dissolves worries quickly.

Rather than crying and feeling sorry for yourself, you’re actually taking the steps needed to rid yourself of unnecessary anguish that’s hard on your body and mind.

You can take this to the next level, because you can actually attract money and opportunities.

Your mind is SO much more powerful than we allow ourselves to believe.

If you’d like to know how to magnetise a flow of cash and have permanent peace of mind about money, please check out my program, “Stop Worrying And Grow Rich”

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