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Magic Of Moving On sp2016

Imagine An End To Loneliness & Fear Of Having Your Heart Broken Once & For All!

New empowering program reveals...
  • The overlooked power you have to free yourself from emotional pain ... instantly!
  • The REAL reason love hurts (& why it won't ever hurt YOU again!)
  • The one thing you MUST get right before you even CONSIDER going on another date!
  • And MUCH more!

Don't Let The Painful Past Haunt Your Future Love Life!

"The past is OVER - unless you live there!"

You Have The POWER to Free Yourself From Emotional Pain!

Inside the main PDF manual you'll learn a simple process that will put you back on your feet almost instantly!

Free Yourself To Love Again

Believe it or not, you CAN free to love again ... It's all a matter of letting go of fear. Clear instructions included!

Includes 4 Healing Processes (mp3)

1. Relax and let go ...
2. Finally release the past - naturally and easily

Revealed At Last: The REAL Reason Love Hurts!

Seeing this truth empowers you to ensure it will never happen to you again!

Couldn't We Just Be Friends?

There are pros and cons ... Here's how to make up your mind - and stay in control

More Hypnotic Healing Processes

3. A powerful NLP process to heal traumatic memories
4. To complete the picture - a powerful, hypnotic confidence booster

3 Simple Steps: Relax, Release, Be Free To Love Again

The book shows you the way. Then the hypnotic recordings let your subconscious do the healing
I was once where you are - so hurt by love I swore I'd never risk heartbreak again.
But life without love hurts too, doesn't it?
I discovered that time doesn't heal unless you learn to let go of the past - and that's exactly what I designed this program to enable you to do.
  • Puts you back in control of your love destiny
  • Finally feel good about yourself as a loveable, worthy person once more.
  • Powerful NLP process enables healing of traumatic memories
  • Gives you the freedom to CHOOSE to love again if you desire.
  • KNOW you can never be hurt again - no matter what

I Got The T-shirt On Heartbreak Too!

One heartbreak too many - and I thought I'd never love again!
After two painful divorces - and a number of heartbreaks in between - I was DONE with love!

I chose a bachelor's life for five years. Then one day I realised I didn't want to grow old alone.

If I was ever to allow myself to love again I knew I'd have to do something different - because I was SCARED.

Drawing on my experience as a psychotherapist and NLP practitioner I pieced together a self help program that freed me to meet my wonderful wife in 2006 ... and that can help anyone who's afraid to love again.
happy in love since 2006

Look At These Wonderful Comments...

“I just kept using your program and gradually the anger lessened and I felt as if a huge weight were being lifted off of my shoulders. Anyway, this is a wonderful program that I feel will help a lot of people. I will be recommending it to everyone. Thanks again! :-)”
Michelle Oaks
"Thank you so much for your comments. They are very comforting and you have totally made me look at things differently. ...Your books are worth every penny! ... I have taken all of your great advice into consideration and ... I am moving on. Thank you again and hope to hear from you in the future."

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

You've been hurt - so why should you trust me? That's a perfectly reasonable question which is why I'm prepared to take all the risk.
Simply download "The Magic Of Moving On" today and if, having given it a fair trial, you don't feel you're healing from past hurts then simply email me your purchase details within 30 days for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

P.S. If you’re still undecided, consider this: Not doing anything is the same as making a decision to live with the pain and the loneliness you’re in now. That’s a perfectly fine decision – but I’m willing to bet that if you’ve read all the way to the end of this message, that isn’t a decision you’ll be truly happy with. Listen to your heart for once and give your love life another chance!

Best wishes,


Trevor Emdon - Success Coach and author

Trevor Emdon - Success Coach & Author