Law Of Attraction – Get The Thinking Big Habit

The magic of thinking big

Law Of Attraction – Get The Thinking Big Habit

The question is: Why don’t more of us think big more of the time?  

The answer is because we’re scared of disappointment.  And that comes about because we’ve been conditioned to always consider the risks, to imagine the worst case scenario.

Now, I’m not one for charging out in front of oncoming buses, but I’d like to try to offer a different perspective on this “take care” culture of ours.

First of all, at a very logical level, most things are all right most of the time!

The news media would like to have us believe otherwise, but the unvarnished truth is that things only make onto the news because they’re the exception … not the norm!

Most countries are NOT at war.  Most people will never be victims of crime.  People are, on the whole, kind, polite and generous.  (Look at the money charities raise, especially in times of national or international disasters.  And that’s only possible because most people are, by comparison, doing fine, thank you very much!)

Secondly, at a metaphysical level, it’s obvious that the odds are stacked in your favour!

Scientists can tell you about something called the law of entropy, which essentially says that everything, (in the material universe), will fall apart.  This is from your hot cup of tea going cold if you leave it undrunk, to galaxies and stars eventually dying.

But so far they’ve never explained how it all came together in the first place!

The odds against us being here are, well, astronomical.  The fact that there is enough oxygen in our atmosphere … (a fraction less and there’d be no life; a fraction more and the Earth would catch fire).

The fact that we are precisely the right distance from the Sun for life to be here.

There are far too many of these “coincidences” for me to remember or enumerate here, but what it all boils down to is … life shouldn’t exist.  Let alone intelligent, self aware life!

Now, I’m not a scientist and I’m not trying to prove – or disprove – anything.  I am, however, trying to nudge your mindset into a more positive state.

Think of all the times in your life when you couldn’t see a way forward – on anything, big or small – and somehow you came through.  Things worked out.  A way appeared, a friend helped, an unexpected call came, there was a tax refund … a million things!

Consider all the germs your body must have fended off.  Or all the times you cut yourself and your body just healed after a few days.  Heck, someone is growing your fingernails right now, and there’s nothing you need to do about it!

So many things simply work!

So, with the deck stacked so much in your favour … why wouldn’t you dream big?

Believe in yourself.  Allow the possibility that the biggest of your big dreams could really, really come true … and how do you start to feel?

Are you excited?


Here’s A Law Of Attraction Truth

You don’t need to know how it’s all going to happen!  You just need to keep the end in mind – the end result with all its wonderfulness … with you right there, receiving the high fives and the congratulations and the hugs and champagne.

You don’t need to know how, any more than you need to know how to grow your fingernails or how a cut finger heals or how come things somehow worked out in the past.

Yes, I’m talking about trust.  Maybe faith.

But look around you.  You have every reason to have trust and faith in this astonishing universe.

The universe that gave rise to you … the one and only unique you there has ever been or ever shall be.  Even though, according to the scientific odds, you shouldn’t even be here!  And neither should I!

But here we are.

So let’s enjoy ourselves.

Let’s think BIG!




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