How To Have A Winner’s Mindset

Mo Farah shows he has a winner's mindset

When it comes to winners, it would be hard to come up with a better role model than Sir Mo Farah – the hugely successful Olympic gold medallist.

Have you ever seen or heard Mo interviewed?

Listen to what he says about his state of mind – because although most of us won’t ever become Olympic medallists you CAN learn how to model a champion’s mindset to win at whatever is important to YOU in life.

In the 2016 Olympics, Mo fell in a race and STILL went on to win gold!  And what he said afterwards about his presence of mind and his decision to get up and continue running – when every thousandth of a second counted – is the stuff of legend.

Now, I have a program about mindset – it’s called “Knowing Where To Knock” and I’ve decided to put it on a “race to the finish” basis just for this weekend.

(>>> All the details are HERE…)

Here’s what I’ve done:

The price for the full program is usually $27, but I’ve reduced it just for the next three days. However, each day for the next 3 days it will automatically rise by $2.50 until it caps again at $27, so the sooner you buy it, the less you’ll pay.

Decision makers win, procrastinators lose out.  Simple, eh?

PLUS – I’ve included a special “MoBo Bonus” – inspired by Sir Mo’s incredible thought processes – even in a nightmare situation – but it won’t be there for long.

I won’t keep you any longer because, depending on when you’re reading this, the clock may click over to the next price rise … so download your copy today.

Here’s the link >>>

Happy knocking!

All good things,


P.S. The sales page is a little old fashioned and may not look great if you’re opening it on a phone.  Sorry – but all the links work and you can download everything – including the MoBo Bonus from any device.  Remember, the price will rise $2.50 a day – so get in quick!


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