Goals – Why You Keep Missing Them

do you keep missing your goals?

Goals: Why You Keep Missing Them

“I’m not going to do this any more.”

I probably first came up with that personal mantra when I was a child, but as a grown up I used it whenever I caught myself under-achieving.

I made myself succeed in life.  Success wasn’t natural to me, neither was happiness.

As a teenager, I shrank – and drank – myself into the shadows at parties.  I was painfully shy around the opposite sex.

Later in life, my poor self belief showed up as an ability to accrue debt.

The result was, as Tony Robbins would put it … pain!

Lonely and broke is NOT fun – but I was faced with that squirmful (new word!) combination often enough that I felt compelled to take action.

But what action?

I had all I needed to be happy and successful – I could see that.

Decent job, decent personality, good sense of humour, reasonable looks and good health.  All the boxes that women would need ticked if they were looking for a guy on a dating site these days, I imagine.

(Sorry, ladies – I’m happily spoken for nowadays!)


The problem, I eventually realised, was that all of those things are on the outside.

Inside, I just didn’t believe I had what it took to really succeed at anything.  I’d get so far … (I mean I wasn’t a total loser or anything) … but then I’d hit my glass ceiling.

One day, it struck me that THAT was what it was!

A belief – nothing more – that I didn’t have that mysterious “something” to reach my goals, find lasting love or achieve big dreams.

With that realisation, I then asked myself the BIG question that turned it all around for me.

That question was: What is it that I DO have that’s causing me to succeed as far as I do?


As I let that question marinate in my mind, an answer popped up – as one always does.

It was because I’d always “known” I was intelligent!

Now, WHY did I put “known” in quotes?

The answer to that is the key to your future success … in love, in business, whatever you want … so keep reading because I’m going to explain in a moment.

First, let me point out what may have already struck you as obvious.

You can’t fall in love intellectually.

And it’s not too likely that you’re going to impress a girl at a (somewhat drunken) party by being smart.

In fact, she’ll just see you as a “smart-arse” … and she’d be about right!


Even with my career, I could get good jobs because intelligence will take you a fair way – in interviews and even promotions.

But there comes a point when you need other qualities – confidence, even courage sometimes, spontaneity, a happy disposition!  (Who wants a philosopher at a party?)

So, you see, I may have been bright, but I was also dull!

(And you thought they were opposites!)

Here’s where I tell you about why I put “known” in quotes, (back when I said I’d always “known” I was intelligent – in case you’re skim reading this!)

The reason is because I was told it when I was tiny.  My mother told me.  Some of my first teachers said it – I think.  I vaguely recall that one of them may have said it to my mother at some school parents event, and I overheard.

But no one ever said I was creative or spontaneous or courageous … or any of the qualities I needed to achieve at higher and greater levels.

And that’s when I figured out I could give myself any qualities I needed … using a kind of self hypnosis.

(I was a trained hypnotherapist by then).

And so I came up with a process that gently took me back in time and “installed” the qualities I wanted.

Some stuck pretty much first time, others I had to repeat a handful of times, but as the process only takes around 15 minutes, it’s hardly a chore!

The results speak for themselves.

Today – and for many years now – I’ve been blissfully married.

I do what I love for a living and am beholden to no one.

(Which means I can get up whenever I like and work all day in my carpet slippers – which I frequently do!)

I called the process “The Core Image Process” and I’ve put my utterly biased review in a video for you which you can see below – and so you can get a flavour of what you’re getting.


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