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A little kitten was chasing his tail.


Round and round he went, but no matter how close he came, he could never quite catch the elusive thing.

A wise old cat was watching the kitten’s antics, perched on top of a nearby wall.  He felt wry amusement at all the effort the kitten was making, as he patiently washed his paws.

Eventually the kitten rested, exhausted and frustrated.

The old cat jumped down from the wall and sauntered over to the kitten.  “Why were you chasing your tail?” he asked.

The little cat looked up in surprise.  “Because,” he began, a little nervously, “I believe that happiness is in my tail … but I just can’t seem to ever quite get it.”

The elder cat let out a chuckle as he explained kindly to his young companion, “I remember when I thought that too.”  He paused to wash behind an ear.

“And then I got tired of all the chasing one day, and I walked away.  And do you know what?”

The kitten shook his head, wide eyed with wonder.

The older cat smiled as he said, “When I walked away, I discovered that my tail … and the happiness … just followed me around.”

I love that story, but it leaves us with a conundrum.

Just how do you “walk away”?

When you want something really badly, the frustration of not having whatever it is can be all-consuming, can’t it?

But, just like the cat, until you learn to let go and walk away, all your desperation will do is to generate more desperation!



You can’t not care, either, if you see what I mean.

The answer really lies in having trust.

If you order something from, let’s say Amazon, it’s unlikely you’ll lay awake at night sweating bullets in case your delivery doesn’t arrive.

They’re a trusted brand, famed for reliability, so you’ll get your goods.

But how do you do that when it’s “the universe” – which maybe you don’t even believe in so much?

That’s what I created “Instant Good Fortune” to solve!

It took me a while – and many frustrated attempts, which was just more tail-chasing on my part of course!

In fact, “Instant Good Fortune” goes a lot further – and deeper – than that.  You’ll truly understand how the law of attraction works from the inside out.

In other words, when you change how you feel inside – and you let go of the desperation – the things you want MUST come to you.

That’s INSTANT good fortune!

This program is priced at $97 but until Monday, you’ll get the entire program, comprising 4 audios, a video where I show you a new way to be successful … and some other nice surprises for just

$17!  That’s $80 Discount as my birthday gift to you!

Just enter the coupon code “manyhappyreturns” (without the quotes) and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

The coupon will expire at midnight on Monday, July 31st, so take advantage and share some of my birthday happiness!

You will be taken directly to the download page immediately upon making your payment.


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