Ask, Believe, Receive – Does It Really Work?

Richard Gere speaks about fear and success

Ask, Believe, Receive – Does It Really Work?

I love videos like the one below because when celebrities share their journey to success it shows we all have a chance.

The law of attraction has divided people – especially dyed in the wool scientists from the rest of us – but I’d like you to consider this:

Psychology is a science, too, right?  And although we understand a great deal about the workings of the human mind, it’s also true that we have not yet figured out why we have the ability to imagine.  (It’s not a survival requirement and many species don’t seem able to do it.)

That means you can imagine yourself successful and happy!  Listen to Jim Carrey as he explains to Oprah about his $10,000,000 cheque – which he wrote to himself when he was broke … and then went onto make just as the cheque was coming into date!

Here’s what I know:

It doesn’t matter if you’re a scientist, a psychologist, a priest or an atheist … or anything else.  Everyone wants to be happy.  That means fulfilling your dreams, following your heart and living with passion, doesn’t it?

Happiness is the goal, and it’s the reason why millions of people are drawn to the law of attraction.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if the law of attraction is “real” or not, does it?  What matters is that each of us has the ability, inside our own minds, to choose the destiny we desire.  The alternative, (which far too many people choose), is to keep focussing on things going wrong, on limitations, (imagine if Jim Carrey had said to himself that nobody would ever pay him millions of dollars for acting!)

To choose that is a choice born of fear.  Fear that we won’t be good enough, smart enough … fear, ultimately, of disappointment.

And yet, the biggest disappointment in life is to live unfulfilled, surely?

The law of attraction may or may not be real.  But your ability to change your thoughts most definitely is.  And doing so will, most assuredly, change your life.  Listen to these famous people explaining it … and realise you and I are no different to them.

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