Are You Using Affirmations The Wrong Way?


Are You Using Affirmations The Wrong Way?

Picture the scene: There’s a gardener standing knee deep in nettles and undergrowth.  He has his eyes screwed tight shut, his fists pumping and he’s declaring at the top of his voice,

“There are no weeds in my garden.  There are NO weeds in my garden!”

Speaking as an ex psychiatric nurse, I’d have to say that such a person was suffering from delusions.

Affirmations Can’t Force Reality To Change

The law of attraction teachers have misled us into believing that somehow, with enough passion and gusto, we can beat “reality” into submission.  I don’t think they did that deliberately, it must be said.

I have been an affirmation junkie, I have created vision boards and I’ve visualised as vividly as I could muster – all with very little, if any, noticeable effect on my reality.

And yet I am an advocate for the law of attraction.  I have come to the inescapable conclusion that it’s a real phenomenon and it works.

Just not like that.

The problem arises because we put our faith in the tool rather than what it’s designed to do.  It’s akin to purchasing a hammer, chisel and maybe a saw and some wood and then wondering why you still don’t have a magnificent dresser in your kitchen.

The tools have to be used; they can’t build the furniture for you.

Affirmation post-it notes all around the bathroom mirror or your computer screen will never … can never … change your reality.

So … Are Affirmations Useless?

No, I’m not saying that affirmations are useless.  It depends how you use them, just like the carpentry tools.

Let me explain.

The “language” of the Universe is vibration of energy.  If you strike a tuning fork with the pitch of “A” in the vicinity of a properly tuned violin, the instrument’s “A” string will start to vibrate in sympathy.

And if you maintain a consistent enough positive “vibe” that your desires are on their way to you, the Universe – at least the part you influence – will vibrate in sympathy and in due course the objects of your desires will show up.

(Okay – it’s a little more complicated than that, but really not much.  That’s good enough understanding.  This manifestation thing really doesn’t have to be difficult.)

Now, go back to my gardener.  He has the wrong end of the stick entirely.  In effect, he’s screaming at the Universe, “I’ve got a WEEDS problem!”  And that is what the Universe will pick up on.

If you stick affirmations all around your home, car, computer … whatever, they might work … but ONLY if the effect they have on you is that you feel good inside.  If they add to your certainty that your desires are on their way, as if you’d placed an order with Amazon!

When I was an “affirmation junkie” I can now see that all the stickers and positive messages I was trying to feed myself were due to the fact that what I was really focussed on was all the “weeds” in my particular garden.  In other words, they were constant reminders of what I didn’t have – and that is what the Universe “heard.”  And reliably gave back to me.

After 30 or more years of experimenting with the Law Of Attraction, and having tried a huge range of techniques to summon its powers, from chanting sacred sounds to a very physical “hour of power” – and whole bunch of weird and wonderful practices – I can tell you that the one common denominator in all the successful manifestation experiences I’ve had has been simply letting go and trusting that “it’s in the mail.”

The Universe has then taken care of the rest.

I include my wonderful wife, my silver Mercedes as well as huge cash windfalls always at just the right time among my experiences.

Now I do know that this letting go and trusting doesn’t come easy to many people.  (I’m one of them.  We’re so conditioned to believe we must be busy doing, doing and worry if we’re still.  Both the busy-ness and the worrying are counter-productive to successful manifestation, I assure you!)

Eventually, I refined it to a 3 part process, (although they all really blend into one smooth way of being and believing).

If you’d like to know more about that process, which I call “The Lazy Person’s Guide To Dream Achievement,” you’ll find all the details HERE.



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